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  1. @sadiesmith I found out it was on VIKI just recently so I decided to give it a watch. The first episode immediately hooked me in. When I reached the last episode, I didnt want MM to end. I wouldn't have mind if MM was a longer show lol. I just wanted to see more. You're welcome. MM is definitely those shows that sticks with you. It may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it whole-heartedly. There's many great things about MM. Wished I watched the show when it aired lol. LJA & PDH's were so inseparable throughout the show. When they had to part ways near the tracks & LJA asked to hug PDH once, it was so precious. I teared up lol. I love their unconventional comaraderie. They have a kindred spirit in eachother. A strong bond. I loved all their moments. Her relationship with grandma & PDH were two of my favorite things about the show, besides everything else that I mentioned above lol. The use of sign language when she communicates with her grandma is so touching. The relationship LJA & PDH have is definitely one of the stronger & well written relationship between two characters in a while in a drama. Kudos to the screenwriter because the dialogue/conversation & interactions were always engaging onscreen. Never a dull moment. I liked how she could easily recognize PDH by his voice at the end. Also, LJA is so witty & tactical in the way she speaks & thinks. I loved how she fiddled DYJ like a fool, or well almost everyone around her lol. She's so great. Loved her overall characterization. As well as PDH. It's really nice to see a male character who physically/mentally talks & acts like an adult. Loved that he had the upmost respect for LJA's wellbeing & treated her with so much care. The total awareness & maturity they both have in eachother's presence. Also the internal & external conflicts on the show was *chef kiss*. Liked how everything played out. Another note, I like how the characters dont feel superficial/2-D. They genuinely feel like people I'd meet or see in the streets or neighborhood. The writer does a great job at avoiding typical cliche/tropes too. Btw, is there a physical copy of MM's soundtrack or official DVD release of the show with ENG sub?
  2. I'm kicking myself for not watching this drama when it aired two years ago in 2018. A true gem. That year was loaded with lots of tv shows & I only watched Prison Playbook, Mother, Life of Mars, & Mr Sunshine. Yes, I was one of those who was put-off by MM because the idea of romance between the two characters & was skeptical. I actually didn't know what the story was about. I only knew that IU & LSK were the two main actors to lead it. I watched the whole thing on viki the past days & so glad that I did after 2 years lol. Better late than never right. I didn't have any expectation of MM but I knew it was going to make me cry buttload of tears lol. I was pleasantly suprised how good it was & liked it ALOT. From a technical standpoint, fantastic. The directing style, camera work, & editing. The editing is on point. Such an organic flow of storytelling with smooth transitions. It was almost like a long 16 plus hour movie than a show. About the characters themselves, in regards to LJA & PDH. Really great characterization throughout & liked how super flawed they were. I could relate to them whether it be personal or people I know with similar experiences. So many lines exchanged between the PDH & LJA were fantastic. There are too many scenes that I enjoyed. The one that stuck with me was in regards to these two were - I'm not sure what was the writer's intent but I liked that the relationship between LJA & PDH was not romanticized. I'm not sure how to describe PDH & LJA's relationship because it's a mixture of alot of things. So much layer & complexities, cant really put a label on it. One of the better if not best relationship written between two characters I've come across in a show. SH & GH - the brothers PDH & YH and marital problems. I liked how the show illustrate it as not a simplistic as most tv show presents marriage problems to be. The age gap issue. IU & LSK acting Overall, MM was a solid great show from directing to script, strong from beginning to end. MM has a very unconventional storytelling so it really peaked my interest from the get-go. Theres so much more to say but it'll be a whole book if I go on lol. @stella77 I watched & finished it a few days ago too. I'm 2 years late but MM is definitely one of the better dramas that I watched in a while. All the praises that was given to the MM is well deserved. The show really captures the essence what it means to reach out to people & the simple act of kindness & how much impact it can change someone's life.
  3. I hope LOTA airs this month. Plus Viki has rights to it. I'm pretty excited. But no trailer teaser unfortunately.
  4. @raziela Yes, she has that lady elegance vibe about her lol. She also models too so she has that natural beauty & height. I liked her alot since Dr. Frost. She's been relegated to alot of minor or secondary roles. I hope she gets to lead a drama in the near future. @mrsj3n I havent seen any of her work although I am aware of who she is. Yes, everyone's pretty in their own ways. She definitely has a natural charm.
  5. I know the first 2 ep had alot of exposition & info so alot of the things might be incoherent or confusing so I'm going to make a quick rundown comparison of the drama vs webtoon just for insights & put things into perspective.(*spoilers ahead) Kang is a happy married man with a wife. Since he is someone who's deadset in putting Argos away in prison, he was framed by the police. I'm assuming since most of them has some connection with Argos/Red Ants, as Kang told the commissioner higher ups that they are to feeble & silent on Argos. Kang does not know Hwang Deuk Gu. His wife gets murdered by Red Ants. He then goes to prison on these charges. He receives a ear piece by Choi from outside help, thus train his senses to escape. He gets sprayed purposely & transferred to a hospital bed & plans his escape with Choi's help by earpiece. He gets attacked by Red Ants & saved by Taewoong & GwangC & takes him to meet with Choi & Oh at K hospital. In the webtoon - Chairman Ko & Yewon has a wedding but- Argos Chairman Ko was shot by Hwang Deuk Gu because of power struggles to take control over Argos company. In the webtoon- Hwang Deuk Gu kidnaps medical workers of K hospital & puts them in a metal storage crate. The old man is a dean of K hospital who specializes in medical research/procedures. Kang woke up in K hospital when he meets Section Chief Oh & Choi. In the webtoon- Taewoong is the team leader but if you saw the tattoo on his arm, this indicates that he was- @anng @ktcjdrama Song Mina was shot in the head by Hwang Deuk Gu in the drama but it doesnt show how she got to Rugal. In the webtoon she - Rugal is a project to lead enhanced human to take down Argos/Red Ants- Bradley & Suzan are Biochemical Engineers/Mechanic - They're my favorite characters in the webtoon. Lee Gwang Cheol is a cop-drop out - The show shows Kang & Taewoong & Gwang Cheol enter a bathtub- Rugal Base is in the outskirts- Argos/Red Ants have a hierarchy of leaders- If you like the show, the webtoon is super great. It definitely has much more depth in terms of dialogue & characterization, diverse cast of characters, & alot of super engaging events. It's much more grander in scale, more grit too. It might be over the top but it's fun lol with alot of twist & turns. @Latte_Anyday Cho Dong Hyuk is great isnt he lol. If u like him as Tae Woong in here you'll definitely like him as Tae-soo in Badguys. He has a great physicality. Yep, his face & built exudes action-driven characters. There is no romance unfortunately lol. @taeunfighting Park Sun Ho's character Lee Gwang Cheol is a cutie. I like his gym fits. Such neat jackets. @Skyline I know right lol. WOW. The physique is, like Gwang Cheol say, "stunning body, inverted triangle" lol. I prefer the webtoon 100% lol overall. The drama is more of a loose adaptation, which is fine. Theres things that live action can't accomplish from webtoon/comics, unless you have a movie level budget for a tv show. I like the action sequences. Theres alot of prologue moments & heavy exposition. Although dialogues is rough & alot of straight cuts too. The directing is good so far. I really enjoy the music. The sound design is great for the vfx part. The acting is fair.
  6. The music in this drama is just so pleasant. I liked HW & SW's interaction about unrequited love/romantic relationship. SW believes even a piece of that important person is enough to love them forever while SW doesnt see fit to be in relationships because of competitiveness lol. HW wants to belong in someone's heart while SW wants to belong somewhere, thus saying she wants to hear those words 'stay with me'. Love the way those two speak. Like her realization when she finds out that Dawn is HW & how the words 'stay' from him struck her. The dialogues exchanged between the the two has been meaningful. I like how SW just minds her business & continues to do her work/enjoy her love for music. She so thoughtful in her actions & the way she speaks to people is very warm/comforting. I like her interactions with JS too. I'm just sad about what happen to her. Didnt know the writer was going to do that. I love how everything is implied instead of outright told to the viewers. Everything is based on viewers interpretation, which is fun. Btw, Chae Soo Bin is the cutest lil' bean. Ugh, how can one be sooo cute. @Alice Wonderland It's nice to see you here too lol.
  7. @partyon You're welcome. The show might not be for everyone, unless you like action & crime shows lol but it all depends on the directing/writing. It might deviate from the source material but I dont know how much. Although there are some drastic character changes, hopefully the essence of the webtoon is intact within the drama's storytelling.
  8. @partyon There's no romance although there will be plenty of pain & hopefully action lol. I'm not sure if you've read the sypnosis but - (*spoiler ahead) I'm not sure on the comedy but doubt there will be any humor? Although the webtoon wasnt quite humorous there are some fun & engaging moments between Team Rugal & CJH's character detective Kang.
  9. @cococahpi Thank you so much. Wow, that's the cutest thing ever lol. JH turned country bumpkin. Cute! I love them so much I'm glad they got a happy ending they most definitely deserve! I honestly wished the show was a regular 16 or 24 ep show about CA x JH only lol. SA & her shenanigans with JW & TR was just too overbearing to continue the show lol. Even the parents were too much lol. I could not stand them.
  10. I hope the show keeps the twists that's in the webtoon. Love to see how it plays out on the show. It will make the show super exciting. Tomorrow is that day y'all. I love Rugal team white outfits too btw. @booha Lmao, I love those gif reactions . It is basically me too. Waiting 5 months was excruciating but I hope the show delivers in both direction/writing. I know production team & cast put alot into the production & performances.
  11. PSJ & KDM kiss scene. WOW. The bts shot is even better lol. I finished the show already & was wrapping around my overall opinion. All in all, it was entertaining & I enjoyed watching KDM alot. She was my favorite thing about the show because I enjoyed her acting. The cinematography was really good along with the setting & tone, although it quite shifted at the timeskip. I was quite mesmerized by PSJ's performance at the time skip arc. IC is one of the shows that has a distinctive cast of characters & everyone's clothes is just so spot. The music was great. Although I have my fair share of criticism. Character development & how the show & writing handled social issues & certain things specifically in regards to YS were a few of my gripes. Btw, honest critiques are in spoiler tags. About SRY. SRY's is a character I liked that surprisingly took me about 3-4 episodes to really get a feel of his character. PSJ did a great job portraying SRY. I love his nuance performance expressing SRY's awkward nature when he interacts with people, especially in regards to his first date. For a awkward 33 year old man, he sure kisses well lol. About SA. I honestly dont have much to say about SA lol. My opinion about her didnt really change. KN did fine job portraying SA. I liked her performance in the earlier 2 episodes where she was given much more to do. About JDH & JGW Good performance from the both actors. About YS. YS, where do I start lol. Alot of mix feelings. KDM is was a joy to watch through & through. She really put alot of energy & brought YS's character to life. About SRY & YS PSJ & KDM does a fantastic job playing off eachother. I like their performance together. PSJ did a really good job emoting SRY's feelings at the timeskip arc, especially the cafe scene with SA & when he confessed to YS. KDM's rejection scene was so good too. About the social issues highlighted Timeskip ARC I didnt read webtoon but I really enjoyed talking about the IC on this thread. Probably the first kdrama that I was engrossed & watched closely from start to finish. Reading everyone's opinions about the show was fun & insightful, whether it be negative or positive. Hope to see some of you in other threads! There's so much drama airing this month & I can't keep up with all them but it sure was a pleasure discussing the show y'all.
  12. Does my otp get a happy ending CA × JH? I see that the show has ended. All I wanted for them was pure happiness. Even though I didn't continue with the show or this thread, I was always rooting for the two because they were so cute & I love their relationship so much. Glad to see all the discussion happening. Everyone had fun!
  13. It's almost time for the show to hit. I can't believe 5 months passed so quickly. I remember being so excited about the news back in october. The recent teaser looks so clean. I'm so in love with the stage design. Everything looks really nice but not over the top. I think the stage design for the place & settings looks better in the drama than in the webtoon. Although the webtoon, everything appears more gritty & darker. Everything just pops here. The color & lighting. Rugal headquaters looks super flashy. I'm excited to hear the music composition & ost. The music in the teaser sounds so cool.
  14. @Alice Wonderland HW is the founder/CEO of the AI company. From what I'm understand by watching the 1st episode, HW & his colleague/friend is creating an virtual assistant like Siri. HW is inputting all his personal data into the device & testing it to get a reaction point. The only thing is I'm not sure why he needs JS's voice? It's obvious she has depression but I'm not sure is HW knows that because they're basically estranged from eachother. I dont think the manager SH is HW's blood niece. I think HW is someone shes respects so she just calls himself that. Theyre like friends whom I'm assuming known eachother for a long time. She said her grandma supports people? SW is like cupid lol. She likes the story between HW & JS. Interesting lol. I believe her parents die from a flooding so the only remnant of them is a voice message on her phone. Overall I like the first episode. CSB & JHI are really pretty people lol. The story telling isnt straight forward & jumps around a bit but the music/ost in this one is beautiful. The cinematography is nice too. I think theres some overlay filtering happening onscreen. I want to see where the story goes.