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  1. I agree with blademan. And hi everyone Couldn't watch today's episode myself without skipping some of it (for the first time!) for a few reasons which make me so sad, guys! 1. RuDa getting on my nerves. I really liked her character in the first episodes (1-6), and now she's like becoming 2-dimensional, out of her character in a way, different from the beginning. I don't understand her sudden feelings towards Kang (basically there was no explanation as to why she started falling for him). Also I can't quite realize why she reacts to BJS in a bit of a negative way (?) So it seems. Especially after what they have been through and after all of the things he has done. (despite the fact he did all of the good things mainly for her) 2. Kang. He seemed like a nice guy in the beginning. Now he does almost nothing, just hanging around, his character is not progressing much. maybe because of the .... ... 3. Plot. The whole story used to evolve around the time loop. And it was both funny, exciting and unpredictable. Now the plot evolves around couples, or a triangle. The main focus is relationships and conspiracy behind Jin Sang's back. Come on, dear writers, bring back some humor I'm seriously considering to drop this drama if things don't change. I know I won't survive watching Jin Sans suffer and I will be so annoyed if Ruda changes.
  2. I'm really enjoying this drama so far (even registered here to post a message hehe ) last episode made me worried a little bit (yeeah, that hug at the end as well). I actually like the 'bad' part of Baek Jin Sang which LRD is trying to change and how it's slowly changing thanks to her (maybe not yet but for his own sake I hope it's heading this way xD ) I also like the fact their fellow coworkers started to realize the good side of their ex-boss. I think we're going to learn more about that girl at the hospital who was fired by BJS and it's not going to be pretty. I guess these weird messages BJS receives are from the girl's boyfriend/husband/brother(?) with a phone in his hand at the hospital which they showed us this episode. I really really hope BJS realizes soon what he says wrong and why people react so offensive to his words on his own, without help from LRD (because she's not always going to be there). While people are finally starting to appreciate him, it would be disappointing to see if he pushes them all away accidentally. Although I'm focused on the comedy part, I would be really upset if BJS ends up alone or with the evil lady lol. I feel like LRD and BJS fit perfectly, it's exciting to watch them and she's the only one who can tolerate him so far haha.
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