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  1. I cried throughout episode 16. Even though the journey was long and I want to quit watching it, I'm glad I continued. The ending was just perfect. Nothing more nothing less. Just the right amount of things. Tbh it didn't seem too rush of a ending for me.
  2. Haven't watch ep 14 yet but I feel like I'm going to cry watching next week episodes. Even seeing the preview made me teary eyed Thanks for the live recap! You're amazing! @jeonghyang Can't wait to watch it tonight!
  3. I don't know why people are still confused as who is who. They don't directly say who is who but you will know either way. But watching episode 12 had me feeling sad for everyone. My heart Now I can't wait for next week, this week better go by fast! Don't quit on this drama! It seems to be getting interesting even though they do have a lot of side stories but I'm loving it. Lmao we have ourselves KG and OK shippers in the drama too, Shin Seon and Fairy Oh are so funny
  4. Yep ... it just had to have the kiss scene as the ending for ep 12 .. LIKE NOOO WHYYYYYY lol it's okay hopefully they speed things up a bit! Can't wait to watch it with eng subs!
  5. @aoikarin @latuadi Yep seems they are following the webtoon. Which is good haha. I hope the plot moves on fast too! There's still too much for too little time left for the drama. And I hope they don't end ep 12 with OK kissing Prof Jung that would be too predictable Like if they're going to do that let's make this into 18 episodes I'll be satisfied.
  6. Lmao I wasn't the only one who laughed like it was suppose to be serious but lmao. Yeah they should have made her hugged him, then he wakes up to see her and then get inside the car @eleine My theory is that he might have said that because he might have wanted another possibility for him to be the husband. @maggierose that scene is the kiss scene in the webtoon so they're following it pretty accurately hehe hopefully they show that scene quick so we can see OK and KG scenes more
  7. @hazelyeot I thought I was the only one who noticed the full moon. Like it's not just a coincidence that they showed the full moon so clearly like that.
  8. I looked at the webtoon, even though I didn't understand Korean I only make up what the pictures are showing lol. There's a lot that they haven't shown yet and I wonder how they're going to do that in just 6 episodes. Maybe.. extend the episodes to 18 hehe.. or 20 As much as I hate how selfish Prof Jung is, it's hard because you can't but feel sad for him as well. His lives had been nothing. Although that doesn't excuse his actions towards Kim Geum. I don't know how people find Geum annoying or intruding because Prof Jung is the same too Like he's not the only one trying to be with Ok Nam, Prof Jung is too. Both of them are doing everything they can to be with her alone. Now I can't wait for next week, hope it comes by fast!
  9. Anybody feel like they want Kim Geum to have his hair back like how it was in the first episode? Me lol
  10. @aoikarin That's how I feel too. A thought that I have. What if it's just a misunderstanding that Izy thought Bausae betrayed her but he didn't. That's why it's weird how in the beginning of episode 5, she said one day both Izy and Bausae disappeared. Like as if she's implying both of them disappeared at the same time. And we know in the newer episodes, the master of Northern Star did kicked Izy out of the fairy realm.
  11. Omg I can't wait for next week. I hope this week goes by fast. This episode had me feeling sad and happy at the same time.
  12. It's pretty good so far. I think I'll say 8/10. The comedy is cheesy but I like it. Some people aren't much of a fan of it and the CGI. For me I don't mind the CGI at all. It adds some depth to the graphics/visual. That's good that you haven't watch anything about the two leads, it can make you pick your favorite between the two guys. But you'll love both of them when the episodes goes on!! There's the side story about the trios, they're MCW fairy friends in the drama. Their scenes are funny but tbh I don't know what the writer is doing with them so I hope we see more progression of them. Right now I love it!!! @lightbringer06
  13. Like I'm so excited I can't wait any longer to watch it. But I'll have to wait for eng subs @icyphoenix
  14. I read all the comments from the beginning and read people's thoughts and their insights about the webtoon. This is just a thought or theory that came to mind lol. I think the reason why YHM is supposedly the male lead because I read one of the comments that in the webtoon MCW she spends most of her time with the other guy, YHM instead of her real husband, which may be SJH as her husband. And I just think maybe the director did choose SJH, YHM and MCW for those roles for that reason. Idk it was just something I thought of
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