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  1. She said that a man/merchant saved her life but yw mom raised her
  2. I think cs sanchez and yoona will eventually find some peace whether it is in the hope of meeting again or thier loved ones going to a better place. In the end its not just about the dead letting go of thier past life but the ones left behind also letting go of the dead. Its okay to remember them but not bind them. And in a way they highlighted that in cs mw story if mw had let go of her grudge maybe cs and mw could have met each other before in mw past life. Or maybe they could have reincarnated together in this life.
  3. I have a theory aboutthe cs mw relationship being so chaste. I thinkit was intentional how the director would let the chemistry simmer and drop the ball so to speak because it highlights how despite having a perfect relationship they are not meant to be they belong in different worlds or realms mw is essentially not really human or even alive and cs is human. So no matter how much they loved each other in this lifetime they cant have a complete relationship. And that what makes the ending so bittersweet for me i didnt want her to go but she had to. Also hotel blue moon looks so cool maybe a season 2 tvn
  4. Well if i were to go by twitter it would appear so people think that MW and CM had some grand romance that ended with tragedy and CM should have been given the happy ending with MW. Also lot of people think CM MW have more chemistry frankly i dont see either of those things and i believe that after 14 episodes the writer tried to show the difference between attraction and love also fate and choices. I think the point is that you might be fated to meet certain people but the relationship and its out come is based on the choices you make.
  5. Aww episode 14 broke my jeart a little bit poor CS. I am glad that soul swap was for a little bit only, because CS in no way should have to give up his body he isnt responsible for the mess. I hope MW comes back soon i also hope she doesn't get a personality transplant after coming back from the bridge. I am glad that CM arc was wrapped up nicely although I still dont get him but i do feel sorry for him that he had such bad judgement. I also hope for being a firefly for 1300 years he gets a good life next time. Also I dont want him to be reincarnated as MW's son cause thats weird. After the end of this arc i dont think MW and CM had some epic tragic love story what they had was attraction because they were so different from each other but they didnt get to know each other enough because if they knew each other their story wouldnt have been a mess. Also i dont agree with people saying he was doing his duty because if he was that dutiful he wouldnt be hanging out with thieves or rebels drinking with them flirting with one of them letting them do whatever until he was asked to do his job. He knew who they were he chased them after they ran away with the princess's bag. If he was doing his duty he should have punished all including MW. He could have planned so that they could run away by staging a fake rescue option when he was talking with YW he could have smuggled him a knife or left his prison door open i still dont think killing her people was the only option. Also does anyone know why he had to marry the princess i still dont know that i mean they would need her dads permission and all they couldnt marry on a whim even if she liked him i know that from other historical dramas. Perhaps they were already engaged. I think CM was just a young and inexperienced newly made captain who couldnt handle the situation well. I would really feel sorry for him if we find out that everything needed to happen that wau so CS and MW could meet. I also think its one of the few dramas that have highlighted that intense attraction does not lead to strong relationship you need more than that.
  6. I agree with you about Cs he is one of the most resolute and clear headed character in the sea of confused souls. I love the way his character have unpacked over the episodes
  7. So i have binged watch HDL in the last two 3 days so might be missing a few details. But I cant for the life of me understand why every one on my twitter tl is going gaga over CM and why CS is so much under praised or people think he is boring or have no passion. In my personal opinion i find CM a bit annoying since the beginning. I find selfish and self serving and i still dont understand why everyone MW considered family had to die and even if they why did he think MW would be okay with it or did he think she would appreciate being left alive while watching her people die. I dont understand his thought process. He then decides to die in the most selfish way. Chooses to remain as a firefly while robbing MW a chance of resolution. I would have sympathised with him more if mago kept him that way in order to protect MW from going full evil. But he chooses this himself and in past 1000+ never realised that him not letting go is hurting MW because since he cant reincarnate MW cant find peace. Also the body switch is weird because if he just wanted to talk with MW there would be no misunderstanding he could just tell her the truth and leave but from the preview it seems like he chooses to hang around in CS
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