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  1. Would be excited if it's really June 12! But just checked Baidu and no broadcast date is put up there yet(https://baike.baidu.com/item/三生三世枕上书/15821930). Was this photo from somewhere on Weibo???
  2. I think it's called a webdrama because it's being broadcasted through Tencent (Online platform), instead of being broadcasted on TV, doesn't have anything to do with how many episodes it has. I think it'll be like Sweet dreams (or was it the King's Woman) where Tencent VIP people will get to see the episodes earlier than regular users, so will finish the drama faster.
  3. I thought the only part of the books where they both wear masks is during the Maiden festival, FJ struggles with the mask and DH can't help himself but to kiss her....then blames it on still being poisoned
  4. OMG @Sisca_TVXQ more of the waist holding scene! I'm guessing it's when DH is teaching FJ how to fight Miaoluo? Downloaded the video and am playing it in slo mo to figure out where it is Kinda sad she flings off so fast, I was imagining a scene where he's patiently teaching her the moves to fight Miaoluo while holding her waist (If I remember correctly, there's a part where DH says "remember these moves" and proceeds to execute sexy sword moves for FJ to learn?). I want it to be all close-ups and slo-mo's so we can see how much FJ loves the close interaction with DH...will have to see the drama to know though
  5. @loveestpeace the drama will most likely just be called pillowbook or 枕上书, but since it's part of the Three life Three World world, that's officially added in the front. Definitely watch the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms first to see if this is the kind of drama you would be interested in watching!
  6. Caption: In our last life we were destined but had no fate In this life dreams will come true
  7. The last part when his luggage dropped and he was embarrassed Start this video at 0:35
  8. When they release an official trailer/video, I think a bunch of us are going to have a heart attack hahahaha
  9. Omg @Kimberly Amor, that trailer....I am deceased When he goes to touch her face And I found a version on Youtube in case anyone out there is like me and will save this video
  10. This article came out for those that can read Chinese and has more pictures https://star.ettoday.net/news/1310590?fbclid=IwAR07JM1tLfJsQa5vYi0b1Ust_xV9cJcZs885qn86Sek92rMrlfn6BIJFv4s I love the photo where Reba is all cross eyed hahaha so cute
  11. Not sure if any of you have watched these, but someone's cut videos of all DongFeng moments in the drama. So I watch these instead of having to go through every episode and skipping Only sad thing is they haven't made the video for the last part yet But I make do with the ones they already have up.
  12. Reba has also been chosen to be the female mentor for PRODUCE 101 China 创造101 Dunno when it will be out though, maybe sometime next year
  13. Hi! I'm new to this forum and wanted to add some of Reba's stuff for you all to see. Reba made a short clip to promote something, her company made a blooper reel. Leaked behind the scenes footage of Pillowbook filming: I also really love the ad she did for L'Oreal Paris' lipstick and the mini clips for each "personality", great way to show her range
  14. @Sisca_TVXQ There seem to be many actors/actresses that start out having an "accent" but adapt to more a Beijing accent the longer they work longer in the industry. I don't originally speak Mandarin, but I feel Reba and Vengo's Mandarin are quite standard and would be easy to listen to. It may just be a little tick of mine where I get annoyed when people dub over Reba, because obviously their voices are acting too when they're performing. So I feel like it's such a waste to dub over her , and also wonder if the overall feeling would be better if it was all genuinely her. And yes, the actor who plays Siming (王骁) was born in Beijing
  15. Reba's studio posted a blooper reel of a short video she did to promote something: Whenever I see her all silly/playful like this it just reminds me of Fengjiu. They are sometimes so alike and as many have previously mentioned-perfect for the role. Kay, going back to reading Pillowbook to uncover snippets I didn't notice before
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