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  1. Yeah, Encounter is actually already the 11th highest rated cable TV drama! It's not as high as Reply 1988 or Goblin but it's already way way above average. People are just extra critical of Encounter's ratings because the two main leads are extreme popular celebrities
  2. here's a very close-up video of the balcony scene help, i can't move on
  3. @stardustvoid I can't move on either LMAO. It's just so rare to see that type of kissing in kdramas. The type that's so passionate, the couple are actually already swaying and leaning into each other.
  4. At first, I was extremely bothered by negative comments and ratings but now, I'm honestly starting to care less. The ratings aren't consistently increasing, yes, but they're still consistently high. It's even in the top 10 most highest-rated cable tv dramas already. As for negative comments, it's very obvious when the person commenting is genuinely offering constructive criticism (which I appreciate reading) and when the person commenting is just trying to criticize the show without actually watching it by reusing the same old comments that people had even before the show started airing (ex. comments about how weird the couple is, how the show "lacks content", how the show is boring). Every single constructive comment I've seen about the show appreciates how the show seems to subvert kdrama cliches and tropes, and how almost every scene is laced with nuances or symbolisms you can't see just by watching it in its face value. I do understand, however, why this type of show won't appeal to the sensibilities of everyone. These days, people like really fast plot-based shows that spoon feed to the audience what's exactly happening. This drama, however, requires the audience to read between the lines and the dissect the scenes to appreciate it more. There was a comment on ep9 from dramabeans that I really loved: ChinguMode Bitter Killjoy: "This show is so beautiful and what really struck me about this episode was the small moments that showed how much both protagonists have changed because of each other. That show in an earlier episode of the beach with the bench mirrors the lonely girl shot in the painting in her office. In the previous episode, it was her sitting there and then he came into shot and joined her. In this episode, it's now him sitting there alone. In contrast, she's out and about in Seoul, photographing life - observing and living it. Looking at a work of art in the open rather than one trapped in a gallery. He's now stronger and more thoughtful, but less carefree. She's now less bound by the suffocating strictures of her life. And of course her late-night drive to Sokcho mirrors his earlier one. This remains a relationship where each gesture of one is eventually reciprocated by the other in a way that re-enforces their equality despite the differences in age or status between them. And that's why it's one of the most stunning shows I've ever seen - because its beauty is in its simplicity." I love how the couple started out as foils of each other but now they're slowly changing the other and are slowly adopting the good and healthy sides of each other's personalities. SH, who lived her whole life trapped in a world full of restrictions, is now a lot more adventurous and proactive. JH, who lived his whole life contemplating on romanticized ideas from books, not jaded from the bitter realities of the world, now looks at the world with a more realistic lens. In a way, JH brings out the youth that SH lost, while SH brings out the gravitas from JH (that a lot of ppl found that he lacked in the earlier episodes). I think this subtle sharing of each other's personalities can be symbolized by the slowly growing shrine of items of each other that both SH and JH have in their bedrooms. Side note, but do you guys think the balcony makeout scene and the ending scene image of the girl on top of the boy are implying that the couple took their relationship to the next level™ already??
  5. Regarding WS, I don't hate him at all but I don't really have that much sympathy for him. Sure, he's pitiful, but he honestly brought most of his pain on to himself. He's a privileged man who has the capacity to face his own mother and he could have done so much for SH while they were married but he chose to just sit by and watch her suffer. Then he deliberately deceived SH to "set her free" without even asking for her consent, then expects her to come back to him just because he's regretting his decision . He's also always making decisions without SH's consent even after their marriage and even after her repeated rejection of him. He doesn't respect her feelings at all and even belittled what she felt for JH. He keeps trying to woo SH by giving her material things when he should have known by now if he took the time to really get to know SH that she isn't really moved by those gestures.
  6. I'm back on this thread after a very busy December. I just watched episode 10 and i'm honestly still reeling from the after effects. Oh my gosh, I think that was the longest kdrama kiss scene I've ever seen??? After watching Reply 1988 and the last two kissing scenes in Encounter (especially that balcony scene), I can say that Bogum truly is the devouring kisser type.... and I don't know what to do with this information.
  7. Comments seem to be all positive for last night's episode! As for the ratings, if they really went down because of MAMA, I guess we'll see if they'll go up again by tonight's episode I'm really excited to see how Jinhyuk will face the evil mother-in-law. He looks really angry and we haven't seen angry Jinhyuk yet aside from when he was balling up his fists when Soohyun was being harassed in the hotel lobby
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the ratings decrease last night because MAMA (Mnet Music Awards) where PBG was hosting was also being broadcasted?
  9. Hi, I also saw that article. I know it's upsetting. However, to put things in perspective, it's from netizenbuzz which is an infamous site known to cherry-pick bad comments. More than that, the main source of netizenbuzz is Nate which is a portal known to attract trolls and bashers because it doesn't use real name verification. If you look at the graph below, only a very small percentage of Koreans use Nate and the most accurate source of general public perception is Naver because it's the portal most koreans use. So, any comments you see on netizenbuzz don't represent the public perception of knetz in any way and are most likely just haters who are jumping at any opportunity to bring down popular celebrities, in this case, Bogum, because he has had a consistently good public image and good projects where his acting has been praised a lot by the public and by critics. You know how haters work. Bogum has always been known as a good actor and one awkward yawning scene that haters are making fun of won't really change that.
  10. @autumnight hahaha your post is making me agree with those comments saying that the stylists have to dress down Jinhyuk quite a bit because he's supposedly poor (although PBG can probably make a potato sack look like runway clothes)
  11. Like others, I think it's still way too early for me to form a positive or negative opinion about the ex-husband. I'll wait for the drama to flesh out his motivations or give more background info, I guess. Personally, I'm not really that charmed by the hidden-love trope anymore after years of watching kdramas. Doing good deeds behind someone's back does not really make you more deserving of a person's love because love is a mutual thing and it must be expressed. It's like the Dukseon/Taek/Junghwan issue in Reply 1988, although this isn't really the place to discuss that. I do feel some sympathy for him though if the fan-speculations are correct about the nature of his relationship with CSH, but it's not much yet to make me develop a second lead syndrome. Anyway, it's only been 4 episodes and the drama already laid out conflicts I expected to happen much later, so I'm really wondering how the rest of the drama will turn out. I hope this won't mean that those conflicts will be dragged out though, but that the scriptwriter has something more in store for us in the coming episodes. The most refreshing thing about this drama so far is that it gives us the traditional tropes but they are executed in new ways. Some people are saying it's predictable or boring but people didn't really expect what happened at the end of episode 4 -- it surprised us all. Most importantly, it gave a new depth to Jinhyuk's character. I've been seeing comments saying he's a flat bubbly character but I don't think those are fair at all because we've yet to see how he seriously responds to conflicts. His decision at the end of the 4th episode showed that there's more to him than we may see. Interfering with the bullying that happened at the end of the 4th episode seems stupid, theoretically. But his decision to protect CSH seemed like a calculated move and not just something he did without thinking at the heat of the moment, so I'm curious how he'll manage challenging authority when he's in a position of subordination? I wonder if he has a trick up his sleeve. I want to get to know Jinhyuk better. I sincerely hope this drama continues to surprise us.
  12. I know it's a waste of time to go on netizenbuzz because that place is filled with haters who will jump at any opportunity to hate on idols/actors, particularly the popular ones but I couldn't stop myself from reading the comments and it's kinda disheartening, not gonna lie. Bogum has always been praised for his acting in his past dramas even on netizenbuzz articles then suddenly it's like they've turned on him... I'm just kind of surprised. but oh well, the more popular you are, the more haters you really get no matter how good you may be I guess . I hope the rest of the episodes of Encounter will end up proving those too-critical people wrong. So far, I'm seeing a lot of polarized reactions about the drama. Some are really positive while some are quite negative.
  13. Okay, the ending of episode 4 totally floored me. I'm scared the drama will become predictable after watching ep 3 then ep 4 happened and it kept me on the edge of my seat argh. Not gonna lie, I was expecting him to either just shut up when Soohyun was being harassed or try to defend her in a fit of rage (which would not end well) but I didn't expect him to do THAT... to just throw everything out in the open. I'm so excited. Jinhyuk, my boy, what are you planning? Anyway, I have to laugh at those comments saying that Jinhyuk seems like a typical flat "candy" character. After every episode, he's becoming more and more interesting. His resolve, determination, sensitivity, and maturity are so refreshing. He doesn't succumb to self-pity either. The way he responds to certain situations aren't predictable as well. It's like they're giving us a common storyline but the way the characters react are totally different and that's what makes this drama fresh for me. Grr, now we have to wait one more week
  14. I agree completely and your comparison with the Taek/Dukseon relationship nailed it. For me, Jinhyuk's confession wasn't out of the blue at all. We've seen in the past 3 episodes how he's been acting around Soohyun if you really pay attention to his body language, his gestures, the random snippets of his inner thoughts. I said this in my short review of episode 2 but what I love about this show is how we don't have to be spoon-fed verbally about what the characters are feeling through dialogue -- it's pretty obvious just looking at their reactions to each other and their body language, which I see that the director explicitly tries to capture every time they're together. For me, it was quite apparent since episode 1 that Jinhyuk was attracted to her and that he's developed quite a strong crush. Same goes with Soohyun. In real life, subtle and nuanced gestures sometimes show more of what you feel than actual words. In other news though, not gonna lie, I'm also scared the drama will follow the traditional melodrama storyline where we'll get devil-incarnate mothers and mothers-in-law with not much depth to their characters aside from being evil and being hellbent on ruining the relationship of the leads for their own gain. I know it's too early to tell but since the plot is moving quite fast, I'm hoping it really won't turn out too cliche. Traditional melodrama storyline isn't bad per se, there's a reason why it's a classic storyline after all, but storylines like these really depend on the depth of each character -- even the villains.
  15. Side note but isn't it interesting how people are saying that Jinhyuk is basically Bogum but they also said the same thing about Bogum's Reply 1988 character, Taek. Taek and Jinhyuk are both adorable puppies but I guess Jinhyuk is much more expressive and extroverted while Taek is more introverted, keeping his thoughts to himself most of the time. I see Bogum as a mix of both of them.
  16. Ahhh, the second episode absolutely charmed me. There were already a lot of good insights from what I've read but I'd just like to verbalize my thoughts. First of all, I LOVE the subversion and gender-reversal of the typical cold-hotshot-guy-with-a-troubled-past-falls-in-love-with-a-quirky-girl kdrama trope. They even subverted the usual kdrama scenario where the girl gets drunk and gets taken home by the guy lol. I think it’s very telling that people are criticizing SHK’s consistent stoic and straight-face and even Jinhyuk’s tendency to smile at anything because these aren’t really common archetypes in kdrama land. Usually the smiley guy and the cold girl end up as second leads who are left to pine over the main leads. Usually, the cold guy is the one in a position of power while the quirky girl is the one who will “thaw” his cold heart. In this drama, the dynamic of the leads are so subtle and nuanced that you don’t really have to make them spoon feed the audience what they’re feeling through dialogue — they just have to show it through their smiles and gestures, and I find this beautiful and refreshing. In real life, we pick up what others are feeling or indirectly conveying through their body language and not necessarily through what they’re saying and imo, the actors really nailed that. Like what I said in my comment about the first episode, SHK and PBG really nailed the awkward-and-shy-but-curious-about-each-other vibe and this is why I’m really confused about the people who are saying the scenes looked awkward because, imo, I think that was supposed to be the point. They’re strangers who met due to weird circumstances and found themselves coincidentally seeing each other again — who wouldn’t be awkward? The actors were really good in showing that awkwardness and shy infatuation with each other which you can see through their subtle smiles. Isn’t this how it really is in real life? When you meet someone new that you like, there are a lot of awkward silences and hidden smiles. Honestly, those subtle and nuanced gestures made by the two actors really intensified their chemistry for me. They don’t need to talk nor do they need to verbalize their curiosity about each other; their actions speak for them. And before I forget, although I'm sure there will be A LOT of obstacles and hurdles they have to face because of their (future) relationship, I like how the leads themselves didn't bring that unnecessary tension through denial of their feelings (that's a common trope which I'm so tired of) Other than that, I love how we’re slowly getting more and more snippets of their personalities through their interactions. CSH is very frank but she’s also quite gentle and empathetic. She also loves to tease people with cold one-liners and is strangely curious and innocent despite her stoic exterior. KJH so far is a ball of sunshine with some insecurities. So far, he’s quite transparent about his emotions so I’m curious to see how his character will develop. I’d love to see a different side of him that we’re not expecting and I think we’re gonna see that when conflicts arise throughout the drama.
  17. In general, I'm not that worried about reviews on the first episode of dramas because first episodes usually tend to be slow since they're meant to introduce characters and contexts (unless of course, you're watching a super fast plot-based drama instead of a character-driven one). I remember some people also found the first episode of Love in the Moonlight kind of uneventful. The same thing happened with the first 5 episodes or so of Reply 1988. But both of those dramas, despite being more character-driven, have eventually won over the hearts of viewers. Reviewers at dramabeans, for example, give shows the 2-episode test to see if a drama is really worth watching because the first episode is not really indicative of the drama's quality. Let's just hope the script really turns out good. Nonetheless, I loved the first episode. There were people who were saying they looked awkward but imo, that was the point since they're complete strangers to one another and their personalities are polar opposites. Imo, SHK and PBG captured the awkward-and-shy-but-curious-about-each-other vibe that I think they were supposed to display. It was realistic. At this point though, I hope the drama won't be cliche or cheesy. It's beautiful in terms of cinematography and production but its fate really lies on the script... but I guess we'll see.
  18. I'm not that worried about the ratings tbh. I trust in the "park bogum effect." His dramas and even variety show appearances have consistently high ratings. Knetz also seem to really be excited about the drama judging from their comments. The main leads' names are enough to make people want to tune in (tho of course lets hope the script will live up to people's expectations)
  19. From what I've seen, it seems like knetz have quickly gotten over the oddness of the pairing and they now have generally positive feedback! It's really just those isolated (but very vocal) i-fans that can't seem to accept the pairing. Really can't wait for this drama! The synopsis actually seems a bit simplistic so far but hopefully the show will have its unique charm that'll set it apart from other melodramas. I trust in Hyekyo's and Bogum's judgment
  20. Oh, so the filming will continue until January. I remember reading back then that the show will be fully pre-produced though (tho I may be wrong)
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