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  1. Awww...it's over. Oh well, I had my dose of sugar to the very end. By the way, no eng sub yet?
  2. That cherry-stealing kiss, reminds me so much of the desperate medicine kiss in Eternal Love 2. While this also gives a different feeling, it's still very diabetic inducing. Can I have more of our boss being topless, please? Ahaks!
  3. OMG, I'm back to Soompi after Eternal Love 2... why? Cuz I'm a sucker for sweet sweet and lovey dovey stuff. Heyya guys!!! *waves*
  4. So, I was having a terrible case of withdrawal and I watched S1 again. And I noticed a couple of things that I did not notice before, prior to watching S2: 1. Physician Lian Cheng has another identity. He was also known as Young Master Sun. I wish they tell us more about Qu Xiang Tan and Physician Lian Cheng. It is said in S1 that Qu Tribe Leader Qu Xiang Tan was a cold and a badass person. 2. Cheng Cheng actually liked it alot when Xiao Tan touched his chest. In a couple of scenes, he actually took her hand to put it on his chest instead of her actually doing it on purpose. I didn't notice it before when I watched S1 last year. Things are actually in reverse in S2 where most of the time, it was Xiao Tan who went ahead and touched his chest. 3.Royal Grandfather's love towards Physician Lian Cheng probably rivaled Xiao Tan's love itself. Gosh, when Physician Lian Cheng died, he was so miserable as if he had lost a lover! 4. Royal Grandfather is super hot and softhearted too. Made me think that this is probably a trait that our Yi Huai Ge Ge inherited before he took the wrong path because of love. 5. In S1 it was mentioned that Xuan Ling Realm is the land of spirit and Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan went there after they died on his 25th birthday due to Xiao Tan's difficult childbirth. Does this mean they were actually in spirit form and not bodily form when they were in Xuan Ling? 6. Cheng Cheng must have love massages. He asked Xiao Tan to do it as Physician Lian Cheng in S1, he asked Xiao tan to do it as 8th Prince in S2 and as Cheng Cheng in S2. LOL! (why the hell am I writing this, I have no idea. Damn drama got to my head) 7. Royal Grandfather is quite friendly with Xiao Tan. If the two team up together and caused mischief, they probably would cause a big headache to Cheng Cheng. I really like how Royal Grandfather treat Xiao Tan. He treated her more like his equal-another tribe leader instead of his Royal Granddaughter. It's quite a refreshing thing, actually. Twisted, though...Cheng Cheng's grandfather is actually his friend, and by rights, when he became Physician Lian Cheng, his hierarchy status is actually higher than his own father and grandmother. He is only young in body but not quite that young in spirit. Regardless, I love S1 and S2. Watching the S1 again, some scenes actually made me cry. I'm just so glad that S2 made me feel all warm, excited and mushy all over.
  5. That's the thing about Eternal Love. I did not think any of the actor and actresses in Eternal Love was super good looking. In fact, they were so ordinary that when S1 came out in my recommended watchlist last year, I clicked in merely out of curiousity and did not think that I will follow the drama til the end. But I did. Simply because the storyline was rather addictive and the humour cracked me up. By S2, I was totally hooked and I did not think that anyone else could pull off being Mo Lian Cheng, Xiao Tan, 14th and even Yu Hao and the Empress Dowager. It's never about good look with this one, surprisingly, as I am a huge pervert with shallow thinking...I love handsome guys in the dramas that I watch. Eternal Love is enchanting because the characters came alive, and we're so drawn into that world they show us.
  6. Reasons why sometimes novel is much better than the drama version. The novels dun break our hearts this way.
  7. So...I was watching Yanxi Palace to pass time. It was absolutely boring and the emperor in the story irks me more than Qu Pan Er and her mother in the first season. Then, I suddenly saw 5th Prince. Then I automatically thought. OMG. Cheng Cheng is in Liu Shang's Mask in Qing Dynasty! The Orb sent him there. *faint* See what this drama have done to my sanity? I'm absolutely insane.
  8. Then don't tell us Xiao Tan and Cheng Cheng's story anymore. Tell us Yu Er's story...or give us Yi Huai Ge Ge and Tan Er. Let my poor Yi Huai Ge Ge at least have a happy ending. Still original cast and I'll take that rather than have someone else be Cheng Cheng.
  9. I really wish they give us Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan's underwater kiss. Such a waste we did not get to see that.
  10. If time traveling to the future really exists, I'll totally abuse it by watching drama. Who cares about ruling the world. LOL~ OMG! I can't believe my addiction has come to this point.
  11. I need the ep 29 and 30 in eng sub. Can't find any so far for the love of God. I am Cheng Cheng and Yi Huai Ge Ge deprived.
  12. I got bored watching Princess Agents and Ashes of Love. Can't seems to hold my interest that well. But I binged on Goblin. Maybe the story was somewhat fresh and funny.
  13. Ye Hua and Bai Qian of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms kisses well. Lolsss...but sorry Ye Hua. I'm Cheng Cheng's fangirl now.
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