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  1. He said they were saying nonsense because they were drunk, and just brush it up.. Small waist, I envy..
  2. uwu.. Segye and Dojae matchy looks.. Juhwan never know about Segye's condition. The last time he look at dojae notebook and see name "Han Segye" in few pictures he draw (kid, women, ahjumma, high school boy), he then saw him scribble Han Segye name in the paper hundreds time that he just assumed he just write Han Segye anywhere, because he lovesick Yes, that's why I'm so hype that I do not have patience to wait for soompi to translate it. Beauty inside daebak. @AlexandraReid jaehyun doing his trademark NJTTW pose
  3. From what I can understand, it is a data from independent survey company Korea Gallop Research Institute. They are doing many kinds of research. Korea Gallop has been researching and publishing 'The most beloved TV Programs' every month since January 2013. Unlike TV ratings that measure only the behavior of viewers on certain time slot, the data on this survey which being conduct on randomly selected respondents, the survey based on their emotional feelings about all program that is being broadcast in every tv station, whether it's national/cable, without being restricted to broadcasting time nor the program genre (variety show, drama, news, etc) The survey's result can be download as pdf here Survey Summary- Period: 13th-15th, November 2018- Sampling: Mobile phone randomly selected from the RDD sample frame (home phone RDD 15 (95% confidence level) - Response rate: 14% (1,001 respondents out of 7,039 in total currency response ) - Response method: Telephone interview As for 2049 rating, I remember they were #1 too last week. Beauty inside especially popular in 30s viewers being #1, while the top #1 spot for 40s and 50s viewers are SBS drama Where Star Land and another drama that I forgot. It's for both cable and national channel.
  4. ANDWAEEEEEEEEEE........ omg, the withdrawal too strong. I can't concentrate today...
  5. Me too, I'll still here until my withdrawal cure hahaha Been seeing a few interviews of Junghwan (Lee Taeri) in Naver from the last couple of days, he shared about how good the chemistry and the filming situation are because they get along well. As the youngest cast among the actors (the other were born '85 - '87 while he was '93 line) initially he felt burden and flutter but the hyung and nuna are so nice and kind so it's really good. From a bit that I can understand from the article, he said that they even have plan to go on trip together among the actors early next year. (cr: Naver) I'm thinking it will be great if JTBC give them reward vacation so the actors and staff can go together
  6. I agree, but still the rating is consider great for JTBC drama. and the highest rating during last night episode was 7%. Actually, other than ratings, there's another things that qualify as a measure for Beauty Inside popularity and success rate. credit TOP 10 KOREAN FAVORITE TV PROGRAM (NOVEMBER 2018) 1. New Journey To The West Season 6 (tvN Weekend Variety Show) 2. I Live Alone (MBC Weekend Variety SHow) 3.나는 자연임니다 (MBN news program) - sorry I dunno the english name for this 4. Sseoljeon (JTBC news program) 5. Knowing Brother (JTBC Weekend Variety show) 6. My only one (KBS2 Weekend drama 2018-2019 on-going 40 out of 100 episodes) 7. BEAUTY INSIDE (JTBC Mon-Tues 2018 drama 16 episodes completes) 8. Running man (SBS Weekend variety show) 9. Love till the end (KBS2 Weekday (mon-fri) drama 2018 on-going 67 out of 103 episode) 9. The dictionary of useless knowledge Season 3 (tvN Friday Variety show) See how amazing Beauty Inside is? look at that jump from #18 to #7. this list represent all programs, that is being shown in Korea from all TV station. Congratulation to Beauty Inside Team! Being the only mini series 16-episodes drama among top 10 most beloved variety show and 100-ish weekend and weekday drama. This is really amazing. JTBC should be really proud with Beauty Inside, this is huge success. Beside that, their 2049 rating (the rating for viewers among 20-49) is #1 too especially from the age of 30s, this kind of viewers are the one as the target for product replacement. The sponsors must be loving this so much.
  7. Anyeong Anyeong Anyeong Goodbye but I will still hang out here some more to treat my withdrawal.. I've been closely watching SHJ from AOHY and LMK because spellbound n BTIMFL, they are both such versatile actors.
  8. Just like @justrightsaid, the wrap up party is today... As for that one they just doing get together among them. From Dahee update, seems like it's in minki's mom place, dahee wrote that on the caption. I thought so too, that maybe someday she will stop changing, just like it happens out of nowhere, maybe it will disappear someday too suddenly. I think about it, maybe she will change less and less and then when she is really pregnant it will stop altogether, I want to see Segi baby too hahaha.. I'm happy with Segi Couple ending
  9. @farishta yes, yes... the bad is all only in my head due too traumatic experience watching a few drama (the on-going one that I watched every week since the first episode like Beauty Inside) I got bait to the drama for its romcom element n captivated by the deep message within, but suddenly it had U-turn melodrama right in the last 20 minutes before the last episode drama end (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GOBLIN AND AOHY but nevertheless I love both too no matter what) THANK YOU IM MEARI WRITER-NIM...
  10. So I heard ost AOHY What is Love by SHJ and Maybe I by Roy Kim in this last episode.. Great... I love seeing the scene where the 6 of them hang out together n have fun...Oh My God, Woomi is really have a boyfriend, Segye said he has ordinary-looks (which being protest by Woomi that saying her darling is handsome LoL), everyone except Eunho (Dojae, Segye, Sara, and even Junghwan) has seen this mysterious BF of Woomi which make Eunho throw tantrums being the only one who doesnt know (I FELL YOU EUNHO, I'M CURIOUS TOO). Woomi is the first one to married among them then
  11. LOL that drinking scene! I'm ready to flip my table because they are too adorable when they are drunk I can't handle I have my two hands covering my face, I dunno why I feel so embarrassed, it's so adorable but I can't handle I'm screaming internally and my finger and toes curling, but I love it, it's a torture because it's so cheesy but I love them being chessy like that hahahha... Hilarious. I will be honest when Segye was in the road and want to helping the grandma, I was so anxious because I thought the show will U-turn into melodrama again (White Truck of Doom is not welcome here!) hahaha aigoo.. silly me, I should have remember that in the preview Segye meet Dojae that means there should be nothing horrible happen. @aSHJfan I remember seeing post in IG that the preorder will be until December 10, may I suggest you check IG for the update
  12. @Ponyo_mokona @aSHJfan @shjfan23 The ending on the movie is like the trademark and it's indeed befitting to ending the drama like that too..indeed it's lovely... but I can feel the rush editing towards the end ahaha . However, it is a lovely journey and I love every bit of the drama from the start to the end.. ahhh I feel so empty because there will be no Segye and Dojae again for next week.. I wonder too, there's time when it was buffer and maybe I miss some but I swear in this last episode alone I remember seeing 3 or 4 kisses of Segi Couple? I'M NOT COMPLAINING of course,I'm thankful..for them to just give us as much as they can. I might need it for science purpose haha.
  13. This is so accurate, I have this same exact sentiment. hahaha. White Truck of Doom, is a regular on K-Drama. When we think everything is alright, and then Bam! it just come out of nowhere. "no thanks, next", That's what I want to say to WTOD. btw @justright the gif you share been playing nonstop, I dunno how to stop staring, I mean..of course for science purpose, LMAO. @shjfan23 yes yes, I agree...let's not get ahead of ourselves, we need the happy energy to stay happy this is the last episode!
  14. @farishta yes, maybe I'm just too sensitive because writer-nim basically give me all I want to watch that I can't help but feel anxious before it's all really end, why am I become such a twisted personality like this all will be unfold in less than 2 hours, I keep feel something in my stomach since few hours ago I dunno why I feel nervous LMAO, it still doesn't feel real that we are all on the last episode tonight. Maybe the withdrawal already creeping into me. protecting their romantic love?! FROM WHAT KIND OF SPECTACLE, EXACTLY? omg.. no no.. I think I'm overreacting. Don't mind me... hahah
  15. Indeed indeed ... I'm just saying it for the last time because this is the last episode I mean they already throw us with so many romantic and cute kisses, already giving me enough butterflies and I'm so thankful... I'm just saying in case they really go all out giving what we want, ahahahahaha... I better stop here. @farishta seems like you take your sweet time watching episode 15, so what do you think about what's left to show for the last episode? I really hope there's no plot twist whatsoever in the second half end, like what happen with Goblin n AOHY, it gives me goosebumps how they provide all the sweet things in episode 15 so smoothly. I swear I'm traumatic when anything happen so smoothly in episode 15 of Kdrama, LoL, I hope beauty inside will be different and just give me my peaceful happy ending.
  16. So, whose wedding it suppose to be?! But at least we know from the still there will be sweet scenes again, maybe we get a level up bed scene but still 15+ rated? ahahha why am I getting my last hope high like this, I shouldn't be like this ahahahha I actually get a strange hunch that the last scene will be like the movie, with many Segye one by one constantly changing, walk and getting closer to Dojae... remember the teaser when Dojae walk to the constantly changing Segye and finally hug her in Segye's form? kind of like that.
  17. That red dress is it really wedding dress? and actually, Dojae's attire seems like his usual business attire too. ahahahahahaha noooooooooo I'm sorry I'm sorry.... I don't want to jinx it either, cancel cancel I'm canceling my own words
  18. hahahaha... I don't know why people want the separation to be drag much longer, knowing the story will not going anywhere unless they back together. But of course, can't please everybody. About Dojae though, I was neutral whether he heal or not, but now that he really heal I like it much better knowing that there will be no problem again about him at work and he made sure he can "hold Segye responsible" of him all his life without making her suffer by his side. Seriously, I'm just happy the Romcom drama is back on its genre...
  19. The title book is 다시 만난 세계 (Dasi mannan Segye => The world (Segye) that I meet again) I love the details and Dojae's line from the ending scene "We've already gone through this.. Just walk (live) your own life..and trust me" Uwoooooo.... Im Meari writernim so good!
  20. Yes, I believe so. I saw "2020" in the spoiler of Segye that you share yesterday (seems like a movie conference) Yes yes, it is very heartwarming and so heartpounding... when I watch the live streaming, butterflies fly everywhere on my stomach.. the translation of the video (not accurate, just from my understanding) S : When you came that time, I ran, but you already gone D : I was running away that time. I don't have confidence to saw your crying face. That's why that day, I ran away. S : is it okay for me to be like this? Shamelessly, hang on to you D : The shameless one is me, risked my life, going to you like this demanding for your responsibility S : I'm regretting my choice, I left you and was not by your side in your hard time. I'm really regretting it. Because of my choice, you and I almost can't see each other again. I really am the bad one D : No, you are just in so much pain and sad (then they fall asleep, dojae seems like having bad dream, Segye awake and comforting the asleep dojae, Segye getting closer to him in his arm cuddling) S : It's okay, I'm here.
  21. Dojae's letter to Segye (not accurate, just my own translating) "I don't want to remember your crying face for the last time That's why I choose not to (meeting you). Because the thought that when I'm going to see you then you'll cry again I will just see in distance and later I'll get going Actually, I'm afraid. But living without you is scaring me more That's why I'll be back. Until I come back, you just have to waiting only for me No matter how, just stay alive" God... can I have a Dojae too in my life? edit : just saw a few clips that I'm missing when live streaming, apparently from Sara-Eunho convo, Eunho study law in Seoul University, aiming to be a Judge? Daebak, so he is Ryu Eun Ho Pansa-nim in the future moreover Seoul University...wow
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