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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o89K1yrCf6g does anyone knows what in what episode this song is being used? because i remember hearing it in the series.
  2. https://youtu.be/_cL6EQfR5LU?t=121 Does anyone remember seeing this scene from the trailer in the series? or is it another deleted scene?
  3. It is a pity if there is no season 2. That TinCan ending scene is chapter 56 of the novel. And 4 chapters later
  4. So the censored version on line right now is just temporary. Thank you!!!
  5. This is exactly the same as the censored version shown on TV. This means there is only the censored version and director's cut (no uncut version). Hopefully we will be able to view the director's cut some time later...
  6. Obviously some stuff have to be cut. We already know for ep1 there is a scene of ae helping pete buy food. In ep 12, the ice cream scene is shorten. There is a close up shot of Can with the ice cream staring at Tin which is not seen in the episode. For ep 13, there is a scene of Can picking a shirt for Tin from the MV which is cut. And i have a feeling Tin crying in his bathroom might belong to an earlier episode which is cut.
  7. may be a spoiler to some regarding a character that already appeared in the series.
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