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  1. @Stephanie Limand @chantaljaey Unni’s that is the anklet i kept asking u about before whether it is a gift from taemin oppa bec i keep seeing it on her posts and she keeps on showing it even after her bracelet is gone i am so happy someone also noticed it and thinks that it is some taeun special item I didn’t notice taemin oppa did not wear his tosary rings anymore u guys are really spy materials about that negtive comments...i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions...but it is better for us to just love taeun in our own way and just like u unni’s said, we should just silently report the negative comments
  2. @kara1810 yes unni i am thinking what u r thinking! Kyaa~ i am also thinking of how taeun both are starting to be more open towards their fans like taemin oppa who keeps on mentioning his fans and now as well with naeun unni holding a fanmeet and expressing herself. Its as if they are slowly easing their fans for something. Also about that dancer with taemin oppa’s want, its been a while since we saw a girl dancing with him on stage after sunmi unni and koharu sempai and for me there is no chemistry at all for this dancer and oppa, just professional choreo maybe this is also a sign?? Letting fans see him with a girl?? To let them get used to it??? Lol! Aigoo my taeun couple! I wish for the day u both can show your love in the open
  3. @chantaljaey yes unni! For a moment i thought uwaa~ she looks similar to naeun unni with wavy hair and then i was observing whether she was dancing on top pf a piano too hahaha but it was just. Table hahaha!
  4. Hello fellow taeunians!! Long time no see! It’s been ages since i visted! i missed all of u! I couldn’t log in for some reason and there was a prob with my net sim anyway! Happy to be back and yes! My taeunian heart is all over the place!! i saw this kn twitter and i was so happy that he mentioned Taemin oppa!! And naeun unni s reaction was so cutr! ! Also its the same old reaction she has in wgm if she is feeling shy or embarassed with taemin oppa! Aigoo~ my taeun heart is so happy! Also is it just me or the girl on taemin oppa’s new vid looks similar to naeun unni? Hahaha
  5. Btw i read here that naeun unni had a gold rosary ring??? Where did u guys saw it? i checked some of here pics but i did not see taemin oppa still has the same silver ring too
  6. Well some are still in denial about our taeun but they cannot deny that taeun is real! And is going strong! let them hate coz change is coming and more idols are dating and trying to open up their relationships so sooner or later those haters wont have a choice but to accept pur taeun! Either they leave their fandoms or accept their idols dating!
  7. ANd the colors lol! Their themes aigoo~ Taemin oppa: red and black with purple naeun unni: red and black with violet these two really! i wonder how we will be thirsting for more? Hahaha! More taeun feels? More signs? More pove for taeun? if its like that we will be expecting a lot oppa!
  8. Omg we already reached 127 pages! and i am so awol lately been busy with some stuff you guys posting a lot of our naeun unni’s bday and taemin oppa cb coincidences is making me so happy! its been so long since we get to see them show some signs and YES! I do belive this cm will be taemin oppa’s gift to our naeun unni! Aigoo~ these two! i am still thinking of a good bday message for naeun unni coz 1 twitter fan mentioned they will be collecting bday messages for her and posting it! i got lots to say and i can’t compose it properly coz im too excited lol! Also about that shawol who posted about our taeun an getting bashed still some are so against our taeun...it just makes me sad that they can accept any other girl besides our naeun unni which is weird bec they said they dont hate unni at all and that they dont care about their wgm anymore but still they hate her...guess they know in their hearts that taeun is real which is why they are against the two from the start. well we taeunians are celebrating with chicken and coke/beer!
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs74BZGAWEpvIhPqYosF2Apv-3ihWs5o8FrS2E0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=13lrlg90hw7zk our taeun ah ~
  10. I know taemin oppa has a gender neutral face but here he really looks like a girl they are like sister https://www.instagram.com/p/BszUQ4OA1ToAIMKAMofm0Jpb4S81p3D2ai19_A0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1dpjvcb5y3v4p
  11. lol! Taemin oppa shouldn’t u be endorsing reebok??? And not adidas hahaha! Can’t wait to see oppa on stage!
  12. Uwaa~ i was bisy replaying %% of mybeautiful unni’s hehehe check this one guys hahaha the power of editing hehhe
  13. Aigoo~ our taeun is really great at keeping secrets vrom public but yah recently naeun unni’s dating rumors are all around but i don’t see taemin oppa’s name in those prediction accounts i guess they already know that there is only one man for naeun unni and mentioning taemin oppa in those prediction accounts would only strenghten our taueninan hearts and it would be too much of a giveaway lol! The anti’ might go crazy and burn thr prediction accounts hahaha!
  14. All predictionnaccounts are saying good stuff about out taeun! Thank fully this one is the best one! maybe we can really see our taeun beijg happy this year
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