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  1. The acting of all actors/actress are good. I just regret that c-ent is very competitive and malicious. The anti-fans if zly attack douban score yesterday and give only one star in the premise that zly's acting is not good. It is ridiculous as Zly only appeared in the last 20 minutes of 4th episodes last night. Plus they also bombard zly's superspeaking with all kinds of posts concerning other actor/actress. Very childish.
  2. Theme song "No knowledge to know whether" real-time MV MV occupy the pinnacle of QQ music list overall standings , the mainland list double crown, CD with time can continue to play, share, download help oh~
  3. https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?containerid=2304444320556208838280&url_type=39&object_type=video&pos=1&luicode=10000011&lfid=1008087b79816b577f176fdd2f78aff12c1bbf_-_feed new clip
  4. Another sweet scene https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?containerid=2304444320459983152360&url_type=39&object_type=video&pos=1&luicode=10000011&lfid=100808eaeae8a326e03f146684f616d6db3ce7_-_feed
  5. http://miaopai.com/show/22UML8GDDgwjLjHwy-aogCA3Rug6q8PlYMyjPg__.htm?showurl=http%3A%2F%2Fmiaopai.com%2Fshow%2F22UML8GDDgwjLjHwy-aogCA3Rug6q8PlYMyjPg__.htm&url_open_direct=1&toolbar_hidden=1&url_type=39&object_type=video&pos=1&containerid=230442c7671f4047adcee65f21f9e89e4726f9&luicode=10000011&lfid=1008087b79816b577f176fdd2f78aff12c1bbf_-_feed&featurecode=10000326 Sweet moments..
  6. Knowledge" theme song MV first exposure Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng sentiment View original page1 hour ago Today, produced by Noon Sunshine Film Co., Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng lead the show, Zhu Yilong, Shi Shi, Zhang Jianing, Cao Cuifen, Liu Wei, Liu Lin, Gao Lu, Wang Renjun, Li Yixiao, Wang Herun, Zhang Xiaoqian, Li Hongtao, Wang Yinan, Chen Yu special Starred in the novel, according to the concern, the novel of the same name, Zeng Yi, Wu Tong as the screenwriter, Zhang Kaizhou directed, Hou Hongliang as the producer of the ancient social family theme drama "I know whether it should be green fat red thin" released the theme song "Know No Know No" MV and double poster. In the poster, Gu Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng) is back to Minglan (Zhao Liying), and the theme song "Knowledge No" is also revolving around the process of acquaintance, mutual understanding and mutual consent, accompanied by low or clear The sound of the MV, the family's grievances and the bumpy love of each other are vividly displayed, and people can't help but look forward to the final launch of the film on December 25. The theme song MV shows a full story, Minglan Ershu is in crisis after marriage The TV series "Knowing whether it should be green, fat and thin" has been on the line before the theme song "Knowing whether it is no" by Hu Xia and Yu Kewei singing, beautiful poetry with the ear-melody has been widely praised. The version in the MV was personally presented by Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, showing another style of song. With their feelings for the characters, the two people perfectly interpret the love story between Sheng Minglan and Gu Tingyu with a deep and affectionate aria. The lyrics of "Drinking the morning glow, the wind and rain are impervious" are the best of Ming Lan and Gu Tingyi's life. annotation. The overall style of the song MV continues the elegant and elegant style of the series through the two editions of the film, echoing the melody of the genre, and also condenses the process of the two from juvenile to married in a few minutes. Presented out, from the spectator's perspective, I saw the sorrows and joys that Sheng Minglan and Gu Tingyi had experienced. The music also blended with the perfection and fascination. "Meditating Nothing" MV shows the development of the relationship between Ming Lan and Gu Tingzhuo. From the beginning of the two people to appreciate each other, and later, Gu Tingyun’s "Heroes Save the Beauty" has gradually warmed up the relationship between him and Minglan. The two eventually came together to make a foreshadowing. Subsequently, the two experienced a stormy marriage, the daily sweetness of the marriage to the teeth, whether it is the "back hug" of the second uncle or Ming Lan's playful and spoiled friends let the netizens look forward to. In addition to the sugar love line, the MV also shows the undercurrent between the Navy family in the capital through several shots: Ming Lan was beaten down by her sister, Gu Tingyu was surrounded by the assassin, and Qi Heng (Zhu Yilong) rebelled The king of the scorpion is also the head of the dagger to fight against the fate; the singularity of the singularity of the singer is beaten, the hair is scattered in the bed, the sergeants and other sergeants in front of the squad are showing that the calm of the capital is nothing but A sign before the storm. In addition, the series of crises that Ming Lan and Gu Tingyu faced after the marriage, Zhu Manniang’s assassination, Gu Tingyi’s imprisonment, and Ming Lan’s wearing a Chinese costume fainted in front of the palace were even more curious. Then, how should Minglan and Gu Tingzhuo survive the crisis, and how do they guard each other in the stormy capital? Let’s take a look at the film on December 25! Noon Sunshine word of mouth brand strength escort "know no" realism costume drama is praised After the TV series "Knowing whether it should be green, fat and thin", it has gained a lot of attention after the file has been set up. The exposed editions of the film have a strong sense of life and also have just the right drama conflict. Therefore, although the drama is based on the ancient life of the ancient costume drama, but the short-term parents are not lacking in watching. There are several family relationships between you and me, and sometimes a turbulent and tense atmosphere; there are parents who have a long-term focus on their children, and there are also a few savvy calculations. Netizens have expressed that the drama "full of life" and "sweet and abusive" is a "big drama worth looking forward to". From the spies of the Republic of China to the legend of costumes, from historical political affairs to commercial themes, the Midday Sunshine Films has provided many excellent film and television works to the audience since its inception, and has never stopped exploring the diversity of the operas in an effort to seek greater Breakthrough, so the upcoming "Whether it knows whether it should be green, fat and thin" makes everyone look forward to it. After the announcement of the episode, the related topics have achieved good results in the top seven on the microblog TV drama list, showing the high popularity and topicality of the show. I believe that the 208 days of intensive cultivation of "Knowing whether it should be green, red and thin" will not disappoint. On December 25th, it locked the Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle solo theater, paying attention to iQiyi, Tencent video, Youku, the midday sun to build, the quality of the actor's strength to join the opening drama "I know whether it should be green fat red thin", waiting for you Come.
  7. https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?containerid=2314144320219880214346&url_type=39&object_type=video&pos=1&luicode=10000011&lfid=100808eaeae8a326e03f146684f616d6db3ce7_-_feed&featurecode=10000326 Yes, they sang the mv. Very nice and strong voice, both of them.
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