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  1. Where has everybody move on? I have move on to 'My only one'. Looks good so far until ep 25. Since it's a KBS drama, I think the drama would be similar to SAT.
  2. Company embezzlement, pushing EA down the steps and leaving her for dead, attempted kidnapping of Yura and bribing a customer to fix HG mum are crimes. Is the writer trying to tell the public it's ok? Embezzlement, corruption , keltocracy and nepotism are very common in today's society. It can bankrupt a country. Imagine when young viewers watching this drama. A crime is a crime whether it is small or big. Maybe we still have 2 episode to go before it 's Sunny again tomorrow.
  3. Yes Park Si-hoo in My Golden Life. All the episodes are available on Youtube KBS.
  4. I am now watching k drama "my only one", on reaching episode 4, I suddenly realised most of KBS drama is about lost/adopted daughter and the episodes drag to 100 episodes over. The other include My golden life , Personal shopper and another which I can't remember ( involves wine tasting and making of wine).
  5. Next week, we will watch the ending of Sunny again tomorrow. I am eagerly waiting how the writer is going to reveal 1. the fake pregnancy of JE, 2.. the stolen video tape and 3. the fight between HG mom and the customer ( was it staged by SH ). Hope 1. no more surprises from the witches, 2. HN becomes SJ, 3. HN and HG marriage, 4. SJ goes to jail and 5. JE get admitted to a mental asylum.
  6. I am quite sure Korean electronics technology is quite advance to make their own ultra sound machine. For the records, all imaging films have to be label for future comparison. I hope the writer does not hood wink the viewers. Although this is a drama, the must be some sense of reality.
  7. I think the next few episodes will be JH fake pregnancy...dragging. If I am not mistaken ultra sound pictures have dates on them to show when they are taken. As usual Dumb Goon did or didn't see that. JH continue bashing HN. When will HN mind her own business or at least shout out at JH? When will HN be reveal as SJ? Episode 120! Hehehe episode on youtube already
  8. I hope JH will reveal SJ as soon as possible. Poor HN does not know what is happening and the 2 witches are getting desperate to get rid of HN.
  9. Since the writer is unpredictable, I think she will change Dumb Goon to a genius.
  10. Everybody look happy in today's episode except the kiss between HN and HG. Also the page number had jumped to 231.
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