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  1. KBS will release a new song tomorrow (Thursday). Hoping for the song you (and I) are waiting.
  2. More BTS guys, This is part 7. In this BTS, It looks like both SHS and L are serious. I think this scene was film early before they are more comfort each other.
  3. Updating BTS Part 6 and Next week Ep.13-14 preview with Youtube version. Hope this will help.
  4. "*메이킹(5.17 V앱 단독 공개), 하이라이트(5.21 네이버TV 공개) Verbatim translation is 'Making (May 17th V app exclusive release) , Highlight (May 21st Naver TV release)' Not sure whether it means on May 17th they will show making video of guerilla date or the drama. And also not sure what 'highlight' they will show on May 21st (highlight of press conf or the drama ?) " Sorry I don't know how to quote yet...>"<. @immorethant I think they will release Making Video - Behind the screen Part 2!
  5. Wow. Poor guys. Our girl is amazing with her long legs - high kicks. Now I can understand why she join this drama. Maybe she is training for the film "Tomb Robbery" with LJH later. I hope can see her in leather skin. Haha.
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