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  1. finish the drama in 3 days, all the cases are so good and the main case is also interesting, each case has the twist to draw viewers in. I love how they choose the title of each case, especially the "Only one" of the last 2 episodes. i watch season 5 without watching the previous seasons so i was somehow confusing at the first episode, definitely go watch all the previous seasons of Gods Quiz. the highlight of the drama for me is Hyun Sang-pil. He is ruthless in his revenge but kind-hearted towards his dongsaengs Taejoon-Seungbin and good people (the way he says he is thankful to Dr Jo who is in coma or buys kittens on the street). I bawl my eyes out in the last ep because of the revenge trio Kim Jae-won nailed this role. 1st time seeing him play villains role, he is famous for his angel smile so i dont know that smile can be this maniac and evil hehe. The cast's acting is great. I find Ryu Deok-hwan height is cute hehe but at the same time he can be so charismatic. Havent watched the previous seasons so dont really know about Han-Kang couple relationship progress but they have great chemistry. Also the way they talk formally with each other (he calls her "Kang huyngsa-nim" and she calls him "Han seonsaeng-nim). The proposal scene is so cute tooo. however, there're details that writer nim dont explain well, like why Hanjoo CEO who has MAO-A deficiency dont have serotine and bla bla (i dont remember exactly the name) in his blood and dont have any violent reports for over 30 years? did they find the cure for this disease (not completely cure but partly)? And also HSP's illness, what is it, did it resulted from the experiment when he was in Bokjeon? But overall, the drama is really worth-watching, i love all the cast, look forward to season 6!
  2. grandpa tells HP that he wants to kill GY and Yoon in front of HP but the plan has to change because of PY's suicide so does PY kill himself as he want to save Yoon? he dies instead of Yoon? or what? while he tells Yoon that until now he is free, there is tear in his eyes too? but free of what... after the drama end i still has a lot of questions also does PY follow PID before of after he help PHJ? anyway, the final ep is sooo good. Can i say ep 16 is like a great-acting party LOL The way KDW acts through his eyes! and also Jeon Moo Song nim, he makes grandpa seems like a completely different person!
  3. yeah i notice that too! i hear he said "hyung" but i think CY and HP are same aged? haha so CY is the maknae? why i find this is sooo adorableee hehe
  4. i know this scene supposed to be sad and desperate but... cant stop myself screencap this moment hahaaha
  5. crying now HP takes Yoon's rosary and begins to sink T_T
  6. Woaah the ending scene seems like a zombie movie to me! such a bloody second last ep, i got goosebumps when the camera zooms in the possessed cop face i do scream out loud "NOOO" when another cop finds out then releases the possessed cop and the possessed old man (rip his family hiding in the room...) everything's still so unclear, guess that tomorrow's ep will spill it all! and where is haraboji? he does not show up in this ep
  7. woaahhh tks for your theory! it gives me goosebumps really as it does make sense! honestly i think i will be disappointed if the drama's twist and ending is not as good as yours hahaha
  8. Rewatch ep 14, wow the scene in church when Mateo tries to read along with priest Yang is sooo daebak! Kudos to the editing crew! Besides the plot and actors, i really love the edit of this drama! It feels like im watching a movie with lots of good angles and scenes. Also, the edit successfully deliever the mysterious and tensed feeling of the drama! besides being curious who is the real PID, i also want to know how Park Hong Joo will be arrested. As priest Yang possesses Kim Shin Cha and makes her suicide in front of the police, it will be concluded that Kim Shin Cha kills herself, not Park Hong Joo! (Smart move from cleaner Yang haha) Park Hong Joo again, is proved innocent after killing people. And we can see how GY’s boss scared of her political power despite having the record as evident. so, just curious how PHJ will be arrested. Maybe GY is the one who does that? To complete what her mother couldnt 20 years ago?
  9. LOL Hahaaha this!!! Mo Tae Gu has a really big impact on everyone. But the scene where there were 2 Mateo, his gaze, his laugh while stabbing himself really reminds me of Mo Tae Gu and also there is a quote that "To destroy a demon, you have to become a demon too" dont know if it is really the ending of The Guest, like HP becomes PID to kill PID...
  10. In my watching-dramas experience, when you have yet found out the body then that person’s still alive so hope for YG... i start thinking that what if the YG that HP saw is just like a soul of him :-? He has strong shaman power so maybe because he wants to let HP know what happened, he let the soul out of the body to guide HP? Reading k-netizen comments i can see that YG is well-loved in korea hahaha
  11. @Dramanoona tks for your recap! i tried too stream to but its so lag totally clueless after ep 14, nothing is clarified that priest Yang is PID... and halaboji has waken up??? he sat on the wheel chair in ep 15's review Kim Jae Wook oppa is back with his Mo Tae Gu vibes hahah in the scene where there were 2 Mateo still, one week until the 2 last eps can be the longest waiting week of my life... ps: the scene where HP did not realize that Yuk Gwang hyung is dead... so sad he tried to follow YG's ghost and asking YG YG really leaves us... with this huge amount of people sacrificed to destroy PID... i hope we'll have a happy ending for the trio
  12. Thoughts after ep 13: - Anyone criticizes Jung Eun Chae's acting? Fight me I teared up when she talked to her sunbae's wife and when she tried not to cry when Detective Goh's back to work in the police station - I almost think Mateo is PID... The filming technique of the scene in Yuk Gwang's house make it look like he really got possessed. At that time i suddenly remember Mateo has weird behaviour when he was young and yeah, what if the "PID can be priest" mentioned in the early episodes by Father Yang is about Mateo... But luckily, its not him! - What if the "real" PID is an object but not a person? I wonder if it is... one eye of PID so that describes why HP can see what PID see - Thumbs up to Park Ho San actor nim. The scene when Detective Goh cried when GY tried to wake him up is so heartbreaking. Recently watched him in Prison Playbook and just can say that he is incredible! -The last words Yuk Gwang said is that he told PID not to harm HP... so sad that HP lost his beloved hyung
  13. this!! i almost shut down my laptop... its like he is looking at us Poor Yuk Gwang hyung T_T he seems to be coward at first but turns out he is this brave T_T very curious what is the object related to PID in HP's house
  14. Anyone thinks that the comeback of HP's psychic power can be considered as good thing? As we see, his dad appeared to give HP a hint about that call. How can i say... many good/innocent people have died since the beginning of the drama. They could be a very helpful source if HP could see them. And also i always wonder about HP's mom and grandmom. It is not clear that how they died. And when HP asks Seoyoon if there is someone beside him, Seoyoon's expression is kinda... weird. Like maybe there is someone beside him but they give a sign to Seoyoon to dont let HP know? even though i really want to know who is PID and how the drama will end. But seriously when it does end, i will miss the days like this: guessing, reading other's opinion, discussing about the drama...
  15. aaah thank you! i did not notice this! so from this point, Father Yang really visited Dectective Go in hospital (visitor's steps really sounds like leather shoes too). But dectective Go spoke banmal - informally with the visitor - and as i remember we have not seen these 2 together in one scene before in this drama. So maybe it will turn out that the 2 have already known each other before? like they are in same age and... who knows, everything can happen in this drama... LOL and i notice that scene too! Gil Young said PID is always watching them and suddenly father Yang entered... And also, after watching again ep 12, i dont think GY would die. Until now, her role in the trio is the least important... i feel like the writer has yet shown GY's role in destroying PID, and also i think her role will be emphasized in the next 4 eps as when PID tries to plant doubts in HwaPyung and Yoon, we have GY who just believes in evidence, truth and justice. So she will be the one who solves all this trust-problems between HP and Yoon Detective Go too, i dont think he will die. The belief in justice maybe the one that rescue him from devils PID possesses people by their dark sides. And after all, maybe the thing to destroy PID is not HP's shaman ability, not Yoon's exorcism but is the trust and belief among people - which GY always tries to prove through evidences!
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