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  1. omg cant believe that we only have 2 more eps until the drama ends T_T will sure miss the trio a lot as expected, Gwi is the prince, i wonder how they will confront each other in next ep, seems like WJ's angry in the teaser also, the prince's mom in this life turns to be a good person LOL unlike herself in previous life i guess we will have a big fight in the end between Gwi and Wonhyung, hope Gwi will be safe... aww wish for a happy ending!
  2. they keep confusing us about who is the prince... but im pretty sure Gwi is, the way he adores Romeo's pure and true love towards Juliet. however, it seems that WJ has gone through enough to not believe in those things anymore, as she says Juliet is smart and realistic by choosing Romeo's father LOL im looking forward seeing these two facing each other and solve all the misunderstandings also Yeom bujang nim being Won hyung's father is so surpriseddd. but i dont think he's evil after all, he wants to project the trio from his son "i will help you" from him towards his son is not actually he wants to help his son revenge the prince but he wants to set his son free from evil
  3. just finish watching episode 7 and i have this crazy thought: what if Kang Bae is WJ's mother? as Gwi Banjang hints that her mom might be by her side and watching her and then the scence where KB wonders that what wrong he did in the past that leads him to this hard life in the present, because how can an unborned baby did something wrong to receive punishment in the next life?
  4. omg just marathoned the whole 6 eps and.... the drama is sooo goood beyond my expectation. i've read that it finished filming in the end of february, now Sungjae (who plays Kang Bae) has enlisted, it seems that the ending is fixed... however it ends though, i just want a happy ending for the trio also, the chemistry between WJ and GBJ is sooo gooddd, whether GBJ is the prince or not i still want these two to be together hheheh
  5. seems like some of Prison playbook's cast (Krystal, Hwayoung, Sungcheol and Kyuhyung) send support to hospital playlist! love all of them! and Sungcheol has already appeared as cameo in the drama, who will be next hahhah can we have a reunion of Hanyang and Jiwon heheh
  6. they just uploaded this unreleased vid on their youtube. MDD told him that they should be friend/partner because he has good performance (about making ghosts reincarnate) but he lacks of emotion, while she is nice towards the ghosts but lacks of results, so they should come together to form a productive pair then he ran away hahaha as some commented before, i also feel like the last episode was rushed. although it's 1h30m long, there's still unreleased/cut scenes like the clip above. remember when they had to postpone airing ep 13 and 14 one week for better production because of the pandemic? i think that is the reason why
  7. sad, but understandable ending i cry a lot while watching YR and her mom. YR's mom knows that someday YR may leave again, but instead of trying to stop that, she treasures every moments that she can have with YR. how heartbreaking and that last conversation of KH and YR, when KH says his regret is that he cant grow old with YR... my heart aches, these two would've been so beautiful together if that accident didnt happen... also when YR asks KH to promise her that when he thinks of her, dont cry but smile, then KH's tears fall out, while smiling, says that he'll keep that promise T_T seems like the last scene purposely doesnt show their faces, for us to imagine that that happy family silhouettes can be KH YR SW? also SW's "jal ga eoma", i think she knows it when KH talks to her thinking she's asleep and her book says that she's studying film? do u think that it implies something? i dont know just think that the director put that detail in the last scene in order to imply something
  8. if your heart doesnt break while watching ep15 seriously you dont have one... things become so complicated, GH tries everything to save YR, as he couldnt do anything to save her 5 years ago, now he cant watch her leave him again without doing anything, however YR wants to go up because of SW... honestly i dont know how the drama will end, i want a happy ending for all the characters, all are kind and deserve to be happy also, people are saying that the "mama" in the tittle can be about YR's mom, because of her wish to see YR one more time is the start of all this things. but we can see that "mama" can be all the moms in the drama too, YR's mom, YR, MJ, the baseball player's mother, the suicide girl's mother,... each has different way of expressing their love towards their child, however they all can do anything and sacrifice anything for their child i think if YR doesnt go up, she can be a shaman - the connection between two worlds, as she, better than anyone else, knows how human's and ghost's world is. If YR leaves , MJ and GH still cant get back together, MJ deserves someone better than GH. i hope that they let YR's family takes care of SW too, not only standing afar watching SW silently let SW knows she is loved while waiting for her to be mature enough to know about all of this
  9. actually the drama recieves a lot of attention in Korea. all the cut videos from it always place high in naver tv (quite similar to youtube), even some rank 1st, kfans really anticipate Kim Taehee's first drama after her long hiatus. however, as i read kfans' comments, they're angry that she is given a character (Yuri) who is so pitiful, unfortunate and has to suffer a lot. "if yuri doesnt have a happy ending we will stop watching the drama" there're many comments like that, i think thats why the rating drops but in fact, the drama is still considered as wellknown in korea
  10. finishing watching the new 2 eps and finally we get to know more about GH, his secrets, his pain that he tries to hide and pretend to be alright all this time. i've blamed him for being passively stucked between his 2 wives although he must be the key to solve all this things, now we see him confront with his pain, hope that he would be more truthful to his feelings - in the teaser when GH's furious towards YR (we didnt see him like this before) and asks YR that she should have asked why he married - i wonder what the answer is? also, when he says "why die, lets live" in the teaser really melts me i know a happy ending that satisfies everyone is hard, but lets hope for the best for our characters
  11. another heartbreaking episode... GH's trauma is revealed, when he tells Yuri that she should have lived, i think that if GH did Yuri's operation, he would've saved her instead of the baby. maybe that why we dont see many scenes of GH and SW together
  12. wow Go Ara! so surprised when she appears, im curious how she and Ikjun interact hahaa as many actors/actresses from Reply series and Prison Playbook appear as cameos in the drama, kfans are hoping that all the "doctors" appear too (Trash, Bingurae or even Hanyang ) also, im curious how Ikjun will react to Junwan and Iksun's developing relationship. what if because Ikjun knows his friend so well that he doesnt want his sister to suffer? because according to him liking captain Ahn, seems like Ikjun want someone who's reliable and mature to be Iksun's boyfriend. ahh can wait for more stories to be unfolded!
  13. 4 episodes left and many things to be solved... am i the only one who's curious about Gang Bin's death (the baseball player), seems that he doesnt kill himself. also, the VIP patient thing that Ganghwa doesnt sign up, does this have any relation to Yuri's death 5 years ago? cuz thumbs up to the two main leads! their acting is sooo good that make me cry every episodes (especially the flashback scenes) https://www.tvtvnamu.club/watch_playlist/8081/하이바이%2C-마마.html you can find it here!
  14. I decide to watch the drama after knowing its in the same series of Prison Playbook and totally fall for the drama! I love all the characters, from our 5 main leads to supporting doctors. also, anyone remembers Hanyang and Jiwon couple in Prison Playbook? watching Kim Junhan as Ahn Jihong in this drama and Lee Kyuhyung as Cho Kanghwa in Hi, bye mama makes me feel kinda... funny, as two have good chemistry with female characters but i still somehow be remind of their old roles in Prison playbook hahah
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