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  1. Can you show me the link? If possible, can you show me how to register too? Sorry for asking too many details.
  2. I am not sure if he has plastic surgery or not, but he seems to look the same to me. However, now he is more mature, and he change his style a bit. I love everything about him, his wrinkles, his pimples, the way he walks..etc. It is funny, but I rather look a t his slender body vs. some hot young well-built model. I think he is hotter. btw, does anyone know who to register a weibo account without using a phone number?
  3. @breezyc You're not the only one. He looks better and better each day. I'm glad he is doing well after all the negative news.
  4. @BreezeC that is the best CF up to date. I like to see him in video more than photos, he’s totally a different a person once the cemrea roll.
  5. He looks so hot!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BpqWdCsBFjo/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  6. @TheRedDragon: thank you for the information. I hope he can take better care of himself. I would love to see him in more series though.
  7. @paopaolong thank you so much. Wow, 35 years contract, that is a super super long contract. I am glad that he has more freedom now. I notice he has his own studio, but even that is mysterious as well.
  8. Does everyone has information about his company? I checks wiki, it seems like he is a freelance artist now.
  9. My first reaction, OMG, his his skin is so smooth and light, so flawless. The frank was rude, but his reaction was cute, just like a shy girl. I can’t imagine if he had no pant on. He tried to cover himself up.
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