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  1. FYI - there will be no recording of this. If the English newspaper picks this up the next day, willl attempt to post it for you all.
  2. does anyone know which channel on china tv would Haloan be on? or is it on iqiyi? if so, how does one watch on 1qiyi? thanks
  3. I agree with Lyserose on both loves of WYL.I personally feel that Fheng is a better match. YL and QL have similar temperaments and outlook in life and both have a very unsentimental side and would use others where necess to achieve their own ends. FH would have bit a better fit emotionally as I think he and YL would balance each other and their romance and love would have had more depth and more endearing. WYL with the mischievous side of her would have made her more adorable in her interactions with FH who is more stoic. Similarly Empress Fuca was a very good fit for QL and their relationship was wonderful to watch and audience gets to see how much he loves her - she was emotionally a better fit for him. This same mischievous streak in WYL's relationship with QL makes her childish and it somehow I feel it doesnt do much for the characterisation. It was like watching a little girl trying to be an adult trying very hard to make herself likeable and i cringed now and then watching the later episodes. Both Empress Fuca and Step Empress (Charmaine Seah) were regal in their roles and carried themselves - physically and emotionally - well in their roles as empresses. Maybe Wu Jinyan is to young and she has that little girl behaviour which didnt quite fit into that role. All said, I agree with the sentiments : amazing series, cast and soundtracks.
  4. My bad about the eye and poster. You wre right and I clicked on to see the overall. On dubbed voices, I think it was only Wu JinYan whose voice was dubbed - read somewhere it wasnt a strong speaking voice. Came across this and thought i'd sharre - pretty good. The skit when Empress came "down" was good but couldnt understand all the way especially what she spoke to Erching and WYL. Would be great if someone can translate that part.
  5. btw, i looked at the posters. It is not WYL who has QL in the eye. i think the poster is that of Step Empress Xian Fei (Charmaine Sheh) -
  6. Does anyone know how old WYL would hve been in Ep 1 when she entered the palace? My favourite scenes : her "personal' conversations and lessons scenes with Empress Fuca. They had such an amazing bond and both actresses portrayed it so well in their eyes , looks etc. Pity they didnt have at least some scenes to show the heartache in the period of WYL's exile to the Bondservant Unit - aside from the time when WYL saw her passing by in the fields, there were hardly any scenes of them together. It would have been so great had the empress been the one to see how badly WYL was treated by Gao (in the sccene whenre she had milk poured over her and her hand stepped on). Imagine the hurt of Empress Fuca. Ah welll.. worth fantasizing!!
  7. In episode 70- finale - why were the Empress and her gang so shocked when WYL's arrival was announced? I tried following the reactions/comments/responses in mandarin but couldn't quite get it. The series is really very good altho I felt that after Empress Fuca's death, it was a bit "empty" in that it felt everyone was gpog through the motions of a story - Qin Lan as Empress Fuca really had an impact/presence on the storyline. I missed her presence so much in the later episodes. (hahaha- i admit i have a crush on her!). Aslo the second half seemed so rushed. The pairing of Empress Fuca and Fuheng as siblings was really good. They are so similar in character and approach. His reaction in his study speaking to his maid (when he came back annd found that WYL is QL's) - his sentiments and sacrifice were so similar to the Empress' on her views of life in many instances. I am so glad I came across this forum and was helped by you all in understanding the series :a heartfelt thank you.
  8. thank yuo @lyserose for your answers. One scene puzzled me tho or rather teh words. In one scene, when WYL admitted to the Empress Dowager that it was a lie about B being the sister (this when evverything was settled), the ED walked away telling WYL that she " was very good" - just these 2 words. Couldnt get the subtext: was she prasing WYL that her scheme worked and congratulating her sarcastically. Without understanding the mandarin fully, I probably could not follow the conversation prior.
  9. Hi thank you so much to everyone in their various responses to this great show.As a non speaker, the views helped. I read in several forums somewhere that the empress fuca had asked WYL to help /or look after the emperor when she died.i have no recollection of this conversation. Anyone knows when or whic hepisode it took place? thanks
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