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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1272551wpp/whats-wrong-secretary-kim-team-reunites-fun-night “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Team Reunites For Fun Night Out Dec 3, 2018 by J. Lim The cast of tvN’s hit drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” recently had a fun reunion! On December 2, singer and actress Yewon took to her personal Instagram account to post a photo with the caption, “We’re a little late but it was so nice for all of us to get together like this, even our director, despite everyone being busy! ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.’ I love you.” Hong Ji Yoon, another cast member of the drama, shared more photos and wrote, “Chansung and Kang Hong Seok were a little late, so they’re on the table. Our ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ team is seriously the best. I love you.” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” aired on tvN from June to July and was one of the most popular dramas of the summer. The drama followed the story of a narcissistic vice president of his family-owned company (Park Seo Joon) and his perfect secretary (Park Min Young) who finally decides to quit her job.
  2. Park Seo Joon Confesses About Difficulties While Filming “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Nov 28, 2018 by sala12
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