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  1. The first half of this drama was much better than the second half. After they got married, it's like the writer(s) ran out of ideas or something. Instead of developing the characters and storylines further, they just took the lazy way out: create unnecessary drama through crazy/illogical characters: Manning - makes no sense how she went crazy after she lost her son and wants to kill ML and GTY Step-mother - Goodness I'm so tired of this woman and her endless scheming Aunt Kang - so unnecessary and makes no sense why she would risk so much to poison Granny or why she hates ML so much just because she is successful EQ - another illogical and selfish character Plot just got so tired and the last 30 episodes were basically just people plotting against the main couple....
  2. I think she loved her sister and the Queen the most! The men were secondary hehe.
  3. I'm concerned about that concubine. I thought I saw in one of the previewed a scene where she commits suicide (or tries to). If that's the case, that will bring endless problems for GTY and especially ML. They'll get blamed for mistreating her and the previous scandal with MN hasn't even died down yet. Does anyone else remember seeing this or was it someone else?
  4. I remember GTY picked Yanran because she had a good reputation as a kind and sweet girl (not necessarily weak). He was also sympathetic about her position in her family that is ruled by her mean step-mother and step siblings who bully her (very similar GTY's own and ML's situation). GTY was upfront about everything to ML, including how he is still actively searching for his son. If Yanran's family would have considered him and they moved towards marriage, I think he would have been honest about MN and the kids before the actual wedding.
  5. Let's all keep a civil attitude when posting. No need to call anyone names or insult each other. This is just a drama based on a fictional web novel. None of the characters are real. And we are all just fans that are enjoying the drama. It is fine to have different opinions on the characters and plotline. We can post our thoughts but that doesn't mean that others have to agree with us. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.
  6. ML always called GTY "Er Shu" (2nd Uncle), which is what QH always called him. QH is related to GTY and GTY is the same generation as his parents so that's why he calls him Uncle even though they are not that far apart in age.
  7. Haha, I had the same reaction when I saw MN on this show. I was like Oh No, not her again! The actress is just sooo good at making the audience hate her! Hehe Also agree with you that it's good she isn't a major character in Minglan cuz I got so sick and tired of her and her constant scheming in Legend of Dugu. I had to fast forward all her scenes for half the drama.
  8. I'm not sure if they meant for this to be a serious moment but I couldn't help laughing. I can't take him seriously when he does this sort of thing and even ML looked like she was half laughing.
  9. This is a bit off topic but I just gotta say thank goodness for Daylight Entertainment (producers of this drama). They've only been around for 5 or 6 years but they have totally stepped up the quality of C-dramas. Pretty much every single one of their dramas is award winning/high production and they produce a wide variety of dramas. List of their dramas include: Nirvana in Fire - historical/revenge (won Best Drama of the Year) Candle in the Tomb (The Mummy/Tomb Raider) Ode to Joy 1 & 2 (kinda Sex and the City esq) When a Snail falls in Love - crime/suspense Battle of ChangSha - family drama/war/romance Like a Flowing River (currently airing along with Minglan) Love Me if You Dare - crime/suspense/romance If you like Minglan, you might want to give their others a try. Battle of ChangSha is set during the Japanese invasion period in the 30's and 40's and definitely not my type of genre but the characters/acting/plot was so good that I was hooked from the first episode. They've raised the bar and the change is noticeable in other C-dramas too.
  10. Stepmom's son actually sounds like a reasonable and normal person, who probably has no idea how evil and devious his mother his. CB always claimed that he really does love his brother and always asked about GTY while he was in "exile." But then again CB is kinda naive so I wasn't sure. QH ah, oh boy oh boy. Where to start? It's one thing to pine after another man's wife in his heart but to sink so low as to stir up trouble for him? Doesn't he realize that she will suffer too if GTY gets in trouble? Or does he want to punish her as well for not choosing him? I really can't tell anymore.
  11. That's the first thing I thought of as well. If she does get pregnant, she'll have one more irrefutable claim on him and the entire length of the pregnancy to try and get back on his good side. GTY won't fall for her charms again.
  12. Only recently watched the King's Woman and was really impressed by Vin Zhang, both in terms of looks and his acting chops. Of the younger crop of actors that are gaining popularity, I'm keeping my eye on this one. Hope to see him in more dramas.
  13. I gotta say, all this scheming from jealous other women (and men) is getting a bit tiring. This is such an over done plot in every single C-drama, always using these jealous 2D stock characters to make the main couple look good.
  14. Manniang comes back and the first thing she does is try to blackmail him to make her a concubine before she return his son to him. That golddigging trash! I thought I saw someone post that she was actually sent to him by his step-mother. Is that true?
  15. Oh we knew that about QH's mom already. She's one of those people that thinks title and breeding is everything. What about character? If QH's first marriage wasn't a complete FUBAR and the fact that they no longer have that much favor with the new emperor, she would never have lowered herself to go to the Sheng House for Minglan. If Minglan had actually had married QH, the mom would still look down upon her and treat her badly no matter how much she tries to be a good wife/daughter in law. ML would have to behave how she behaved in the Sheng House, constantly trying not to offend anyone and putting everyone's wants and needs above her own.
  16. During the wedding scene, when GTY was trying to enter the Sheng house to pick up his bride, his brothers in law were teasing him and not letting him in until he came up with a poem. Can someone translate the poem? I'm curious because ML choked on her wine when she heard it and muttered, "how did he know?"
  17. Ah okay thanks. I'll look for that video. Maybe I need to read the whole poem to understand the meaning better.
  18. Not sure if the topic of the name of the show has come up yet on this thread (I only started following around page 70). The full name of the show 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 Zhi Fou Zhi Fou Ying Shi Lv Fei Hong Shou is a line from a poem by a famous Chinese female poet called Li Qing Zhao. Dramawiki translates the line as: Don’t you know? The green should be plump and the red lean. I saw from another site that this line refers to the trees that should be losing it's flowers and becoming fully green or changing of the season from spring to summer. But what does that mean in relations to the show? Is the translation wrong?
  19. It seems like wicked step-mother in law is already making moves against ML in the newest trailer. I hope she learns quickly that ML is no pushover.
  20. Agreed. She is manipulative. Though I would argue that in that time and environment, she had no other recourse but nonetheless she is. And to be honest, I'm glad she is! I hate it when the MC gets trampled by all the bad guys and doesn't stick up for herself/himself. I'm cheering for her all the way. Comparing her with the MC in Yanxi Palace, Wei Ying Luo, who is also super manipulative, ML is more low-key. If Granny wasn't so observant about everything concerning ML, no one would know ML's role in bringing down Concubine Lin.
  21. What Minglan did was nothing compared to what CL did to her mother, who was completely innocent. ML tried to get her father to reopen this issue but he refused. She finally got proof on her own after going through all that investigation to get to the truth. As for the whole Molan affair, ML just made them jealous by hinting that she was going to get married to 6th Liang and that made them panic. She really didn't do anything beyond that except made sure they got caught for the crimes that they came up with themselves.
  22. True. She's been let down by both QH and Dr. He. Probably doesn't want to get her hopes up that such a great guy wants to marry her. With QH she was already reaching (according to the social norms) and got burned badly. The men in her life tends to over promise and under deliver. In the carriage ride with Grandma, ML was already talking about how she was planning to provide for herself if she never gets married. Both ML and Granny looked so sad.
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