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  1. not sure how i feel about the changes they've made from the source.. or the actor they picked for big bro... but it's quite fun when you can switch that stuff out.
  2. poor excuse! Wishing you safe travels dude! SW is already annoying me to new levels. It's interesting to see how much they're throwing at us in the first couple of weeks. I am curious to see how this one plays out
  3. epic finale Thought they tied it up very well The western soundtrack when jang nailed the white haired dude, literally made me roar, the oppa video and the fact that they played jang right to the trial... and the safe.. I seriously loved every minute of this drama. I am going to miss it.
  4. wish me luck, I am determined to hold off watching todays episode, so i can watch it and the final one together...not sure of my willpower tho
  5. oh my, just watched ep4, that SW is a complete asshat. I don't know how the fl didn't hit him over the head with the bottle.
  6. I can't wait for this!! I'm actually a bit worried that I am anticipating it too much. I hope it lives up to my memories of the book
  7. the mains are interesting so far Tho I am not fully sold on the drama yet. But did laugh at the birth secret straight up, and the role reversal of the male lead being the poor and cheerful one.
  8. i enjoyed the last episode, it was very in line with the way the drama rolled all the way through. And geez our otp were so dang cute to the end. Thanks everyone for the company on the ride!
  9. the writers would have to completely stuff things up in an epic way to peeve us off enough to write 22 pages on the last episode.
  10. I am def going to try the replacing daily.. hopefully it is as fun as the 1st 90 episodes of this one. I am enjoying dailies, the subs come out early morning here, and the 1/2hr helps this non morning person wake up though i need some humour with my drama...
  11. the subs were out early (on the bus,) i watched before heading to work. The other sites are just not too quick getting em up lately.
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