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  1. Haha me too. I followed her since I saw @AnN277 post her instagram post here
  2. @Sary Em @jehnnny99 Thanks for the compliments , and thanks for all the Weibo updates on Lun Zi. Haha, they are so cute together. @AnN277 I also saw the picture of Yang Zi wearing the Phoenix Sweater!!! Is she teasing us Lun Zi fans?? By the way, anyone knows why Yang Zi deleted her comment on Deng Lun's instagram. I know people are saying that he did'nt reply her, but were people saying nasty things to her cause of that? I also came across this article about our "heavenly empress" being cyber bullied till she had to qui weibo, which was kind of sad. Although her character was evil, she also contributed to the show's progress and netizens can't seem to differentiate acting from reality. https://entertainment.toggle.sg/en/entertainment/asianbuzz/article/zhou-hai-mei-ashes-of-love-10666462 By the way I continued translating the video from 3min45s to 6min10s. Parts of this was quite hard to hear due to sudio of them speaking being soft and the background music so there are some parts I'm unable to translate or properly translate. Hope you enjoy. Cheers About Yangzi, we’ve known each other for a long time, that’s why we treat each other like brothers. Yes, we don’t “separate male and female” (literal translation lol, you know what he means) Host: Earlier, your interview above is full of laughter, xxxxxxxx is it big teacher more funny? Xxxxxxxxxx (can barely hear what the host is saying) Deng Lun: Yes, I don’t know, maybe if Yang Zi come, I feel maybe because I am here, maybe she will disturb me even more, “cha” me abit, yes. Xxxxxxx about her will appear more. But, she’s actually a pretty shy girl, if its not someone she’s very familiar with like me who knows her for many years, she will be more reserve. Host: Yesterday or today, at “Friend Circle”, saw your xxx picture. During your birthday, she gave you a big bag of present, but during her birthday, she didn’t receive any present from you. (Probably said by Yang Zi lol, as you can see him replying her below) Deng Lun: A big bag? A big bag, Yang Zi? A big.., but yes its true. She did give me a present. Yes its true, but… its true. Yes, its like this. Host: Than after that, did you return Deng Lun: I didn’t manage to giver her in time. Because her birthday is during after my birthday, didn’t make it in time. That time, maybe everyone was very busy and we didn’t manage to see each other. Of course, if I said this to her, she’ll definitely tell me that you can deliver it, you can deliver it etc. But I feel that when giving presents, you must give from your heart. Right. I feel that, when I see her next time I will definitely return her. Host: Do you feel that you are someone who is good at choosing presents? Den Lun: Not so good. Host: xxxxxx (cant hear) Deng Lun: Who? Yang Zi? She give me anything also can. (Seems like host said something here) Deng Lun: She don’t really pick Host: xxxxx Deng Lun: Important thing is, Zi Sister is more generous. She wont be bothered about this. Have the “heart” is enough, got give or not, not important Host: Plus you know each other for a long time already Deng Lun: Yes, yes. ------ Haha, Deng Lun seems to be just trying to give excuses for not giving Yang Zi her birthday present.
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