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  1. In the preview, at 00:07 while attorney baek was holding a box and heading to her car, there is a woman among the crowd of journalists with a long black hair and wearing something red seen from her back, could she be swh? any one noticed this?
  2. I already started to develop the drama withdral syndrome, when I woke up this morning I felt badly depressed, and I just saw the wrap up photos now, it just worsened it sorry for spreading negative vibes, but I thought sharing my emotions may help relive it.
  3. I used google translation and it translated the caption into "soon", I think IG translation is not accurate because the literal translation of the drama title is "today's detective", so it may have led to that confusion, but I don't know why they have this group photo if it isn't the last day.. may be it's the last day at that particular location only.... i'm already sad cuz only 3 eps left..
  4. attorney Baek used to be suspiscious for me, but when Da il decided to make himself visible to her and asked her to help him, I thought I must have been wrong to suspect her.... but again when she let yeo wool and chae won enter the hospital and it seems like she has already called them, I started to feel the same way again, why didn't she keep her promise with Da Il? Did she have any bad intentions for him? or she was worried about him so she acted like that and i'm just obssessed with her? I really don't know, but every time I see her I find her so weird.
  5. Oh Just watched the raw episode, each scene was just one of breathtaking, it's sooo intense and dynamic, one of the best episodes throughout the drama.. I liked the sequence of scenes very much, but I did't get why da il couldn't kill hye although she's a human now, can she still only be killed by yeo wool? can't wait for subs, and waiting for next week will be just like hell
  6. With all respect to your opinion, but as a lee ji ah fan, I hope you give her a chance, try to watch her old dramas, she is completely different, I think you will change your mind and love her.. have you seen her BTS clip that kbs released? she is so funny and even childish.. isn't she?
  7. I wonder too how did SWH's mom know they were coming to her house, but my theory is may be JDJ had told her if something happens to him or if he doesn't show up for a certain period this means her son is in danger and she must move with him. As for son woo hye and kim geol, they are not siblings, he just lied to the pharmacist to obtain information, but swh's brother is already dead as the pastor mentioned and because of his death his mother devlopped dementia.
  8. To be honest, i'm lee ji ah biased, and they really look so cute together but I don't mind another one with eun bin, let's wait for it
  9. Lee Ji Ah's instagram Choi Daniel& Lee Ji Ah selfie https://www.instagram.com/p/BoswsJFlKhi/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ah6g0xqmw4vw
  10. Whose home did sun woo hye go to after she left the hospital where she was putting on makeup and eating? and who is the girl in the photos? and why that man in the hospital saw sunwoo hye turning in to that guardian or as he said he was a man but he didn't know why he thought it was a wonan? was it just some sort of hallucinations that sunwoo hye used to make to her victims or some thing else? I feel like every small detail has its own relation to the main plot but I don't know how too many mysteries
  11. I was shocked when that man encountered yeo wool at the cafe, they seemed to know each other, you think he tries to free the woman in red, but what if he was the one who possesses her soul and uses her for some purpose.. why does he read such types of stories for her? Is it to help free her or to control her mind more and more??? Any way whether it is your theory or my theory, I totally agree that his role is very important. Let's wait and see.
  12. Your thought about the song "she" is quite similar to mine, I also think it reffers to the woman in red, it is not a random choice to the start the show with for sure. Also, as regards the soldier's suicide, I think this line is closely related to the main plot, I don't know how, but I think it will be unfolded in next episode.
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