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  1. The last scene is just so sweet. Feel like I'm getting toothache just by watching those two <3
  2. Wow, live stream is so good for me today. The texting scene is so cute and KS is sprouting his gorgeous smiles since the beginning of the ep.
  3. I've lurked here for update since the beginning of the show but only make an account now. I can't contain my giddiness after this episode. The confession and the hand-holding parts make me smile like an idiot And I almost spit out my water when KS said WY deserved to have his teeth brushed It has been a long time since I am obsessed with any show like this one. My favorite part is actually Mirae finally stands up to Soo-ah and goes to bat for herself, for her KS and for their relationship when she realizes Soo-ah has been using her insecurity to mess with KS and her. This was a powerful face-off moment for someone who has been timid and fear of conflict like Mirae. For this reason, I love drama Mirae way more than webtoon Mirae. Wish they can extend 2 more episodes, but after years of watching Kdramas, I know the chance is slim Now I'm just gonna sleep and imagine Ep14 in my head
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