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  1. I hope GTY already know how bad his mistress is before trying to win Minglan. I like the drama more than the novel too and from the little clips that i see here and there Minglan seem to like GTY before marrying him but i think after marriage she will love him and trust him more
  2. When he try to win over Minglan did he already discovered the truth about his mistress first? Or was it in the middle that he knows the truth while also try to win Minglan too? Why he wanna win Minglan? And when they did their marriage did Minglan like GTY too or she married him cus of his plan?
  3. I just dont know how to feel about it. When i read that he will married someone else before Minglan, it made me feel not so okay? But people are saying he got rejected so i hope he wont have to married. I really do not know how to explain what i feel and i do not want to write the wrong wordings for it. But yea like i said, i could careless about all the women he had before Minglan. His past, i can accpect it too, everyone got some kinda thing in their past so its fine haha. When things between GTY and Minglan start to actually happens i know ima be fangirling so hard over them <3 And because i am the biggest Feng Shaofeng fan, i know he will tottally melt my heart <3
  4. Just saw preview for eps 17 & 18 Gu Tingy's father is gone.. I hope Gu Tingy find out how bad his mistress is asap
  5. Yea i know Gu Tingy truely love Minglan. I could careless about the women he had before Minglan. I still like them to be together.
  6. From reading here and there i dont know how i will find their love lovely... But saw some little clips of them and it looks pretty lovely too..but like idk how to feel about it???
  7. Oooo :/ i really hope in the drama he doesnt married that woman. Dont like how Gu Tingy got girls before Minglan but i know he really love Minglan later on too
  8. Oh no. I mean i feel like its taking to long for Gu Tingy and Minglan love to start Ohhhh Looking forward to it. I hope it will be earlier in the drama
  9. Do anyone have an idea around what ep will Gu Tingy and Minglan's love start. Almost 20 eps and their love is no where to be found. Left with around 63 eps umm :/. I feel like its too long
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