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  1. Does anyone when will be the press conference? The premiere date is near and still no news.
  2. yo guys, i just read from kfan community that the whole #MyIDisGangnamBeauty team will go to vacation!! i'm so happy for themm!! it's what they deserved!!! cr. twitter
  3. https://www.instagram.com/an_woosoo/ See the latest post on this account Where is that rain scene? I hope it's included in last 2 episodes
  4. can you guys see the sofa behind them? its colour is brown and IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S ON MIRAE'S PARENTS HOUSE... no no no!! please dont let them interrupt their kiss cr dc gal https://mobile.twitter.com/rinrintae/status/1039854566139879424/photo/1
  5. Are they wearing winter clothes? Will there be a time leap? Where is the preview for ep15??
  6. Yes please can you translate ep 5,6,7 of spin off i really want to read it but i don't know hangul please!!☺☺
  7. Hi please can anyone translate ep 5,6,7 of spin off i m new to this so i don't how to do everything
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