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  1. Its look like theres a flat iron in the pic?? What is the flat iron stands for also? Hehe.. or am i delulu?? Anway please accept my apology ;( Last 3weeks of Hwayugi here in our country. Sooo sad ;( though ive watch it 3x already, but still painful. Actually we cant get over it. ;(
  2. Yeah. But we all know that many people are against to them especially for our coolest partner we all know that our charming friend pass realtionship are still trying to push them together even though it would never be happen again,And my point is no matter what other said you just only listened to your heart. And fight for your love..
  3. I also believe in Destiny coz me and my love meet again after our break up 6yrs.ago and now we have 3 kids. Happy and contented. Im sorry if out of the topic. Well i think its been written By God because its the right time. They met after everything happen in the pass coz now they know what they have to do coz they are matured enough to handle and to fight for their relationship. For me when you finally found your one true Love. YOU WILL FIGHT FOR IT AND YOU WILL NEVER LISTEN TO ANYONE EVEN IF THEY SHOUTED IN YOUR EARS. hehe base on my experience Anyway im excited too.. hope that someone gave us some updates here. Excited to see her with her Goddess Dress.
  4. Yeah. Thats what i think too. If she wear those bling2. Many questions will appear. I think its not yet the right time. But if she will wear it, maybe they talk about it already . And whatever happened tom. Our charming friend will never leave her, and stand for her, protect her because that what he promise right?? But for now lets wait for tomorrow..
  5. Thank you so much @sysupporter .. Tomorrow is 30. Our OYS will attend Sobida Awards. Hope someone will update us here. Hehe So excited!! Our Oys with Goddess dress! The question is, is she going to wear a shiny things???
  6. @YourHighness . i think im not the girl who you referring to .i tried to use my account but its hard to sign up here since my gmail is not active anymore.. hehe .. anyway im just a smple ahjumma that very much in love with our OTP hehe.. @cutestrobery i think so. He is telling to the world that he is no longer single. And very much inlove. Our Mr Showoff is now preparingg the world for a big announcement.. in God's perfect timing. And let the haters hate ★●☆●
  7. @YourHighness . thank you for welcoming me. Yeah im a girl using the account of my partner.. ahjumma with 3 kids all girls dont be confuse
  8. The idea of LoveBangle??? Ohhh very Romantic! Its look like one of our couple is hopelessly romantic.. and Looks like LSG wearing it all the time. Telling to the world that he is taken. And no one can stop him but in his own silent way. Cartier love bangle?? Very expensive yet very romantic!
  9. Its a relief knowing that im not the only one who has a kids here.I have 3 kids all girls. And kdrama is life.. but when i watched this 503 couple, Wow! Just wow! I knew it that im not the only one who notice there chemistry. I really love them. Actually we love them and we just want them to be happy because thats what they deserve.. Anway for those bashers let them be.if thats make them happy. Atleast now we know the rules. The important is our OTP. True Love is when you know how to protect your Love to those who want to ruin the love that they started.. But in the end We know that Love wins all the time..★●●○♡♥
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