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  1. Just to add - I followed this thread from the first week watching the raws, and still loved it. But, I'm watching the viki subs now, and the political aspects of the drama are so nicely done! For example, episode 6, they introduce/explain the ice weapon that JM used to kill XF with. It's a small detail, but I think the writers are great for being conscious of these little details ( another example - the powerful lotus fire power thing that only XF and the Empress can use, which explained why XF was not entirely convinced when JM told him SH killed her father ). All the details and little clues tied together to make the flow of the story logical, and for a wuxia, I admire the efforts of the team for that ( even though on viki, people were still misunderstanding things that were obvious or had been explained lol... but I won't get into that ) Anyway, I'm glad the thread is still thriving and more people are giving their wonderful analysis' on the drama! Personally, HSALF and Goblin were the best dramas I watched during 2018, I'm glad both are getting the attention they deserve
  2. It's no problem - although I won't be very consistent with coming on here, but when I do, I'll post a lot ahah! But...false alarm - it seems DL's comment about 'what's happening???' that he posted today is related to the hot search, something about money, I'm not too sure. But, I'd like to think the use of the reaction image is still interesting and definitely a change of character - normally he would post a selfie, wouldn't he? But, we also don't know if there's another hidden meaning... but the most obvious reason is that he's replying to the hot search topic.
  3. As you can see, I'm so amused by this couple that I can watch videos of the same clips but in different orders and bg music multiple times and still watch it as if it's my first time. Here are a few of my favourites. I really need a life.
  4. In my opinion, I think the latest update is very interesting. YZ suddenly posting that set of pictures and DL's 'response' suggests a shift in their feelings/relationship. They have always said how they are good friends, treat each other as if they were the same sex, have no feelings when kissing etc. It seems because they have such a close child-like relationship, they often don't see each other as 'the opposite sex'. I think after filming HSALF ( not during ), they've slowly come to see each other as a man and a woman to each other. Example - the OPPO event ( after the fliming ) YZ complimented how handsome DL was, and the other host said how closely YZ was watching DL ( because they are good friends ) look at their cute reactions! DL can't control his smile after seeing YZ smiling shyly ahahah. Furthermore, DL never really compliments YZ's physical appearance ( he has complimented her personality on multiple occasions though ) - in my eyes, YZ gets bothered by this,, also maybe because she was criticised for her looks when she was younger, so it seems whenever this is brought up her mood goes down a little ( but when these interviews were happening, they were filming HSALF and YZ had a bf at that time so ofc DL would be cautious ). I see YZ posting those pictures as her way of saying 'Look at me now DL, I dare you to tell me I'm not pretty or that you don't see me as a woman mwahahahah' And DL's reaction is -'What? I go abroad for two days and you've suddenly changed?!' There are many other examples which hint at the progression of their relationship/feelings but I have to browse for the videos/images/gifs and that's going to take some time lol. Whether they are secretly together now or not, we can assume their relationship is only getting better and better!
  5. Sorry for the little hiatus, just started my new semester and was a bit busy moving/settling in - but I've still been browsing weibo for any couple updates! Thank you @legend7spfor the translations, you're amazing!!! Another recent update - cnetz seemed to have cracked down on the case of DL's favourite small bag which he seems to carry around everywhere. According to evidence within interviews/interactions with other stars as well as the time DL was seen carrying the bag, it's heavily assumed that the bag is a bday gift from YZ from last year. Also - DL is in Rome to attend a fashion show. He's been photographed shopping for a lot of things ( assumed to be buying gifts ), cnetz predicts he's buying a winter coat for YZ ( perhaps for her upcoming bday ) as she's going to Mongolia(?) for a shooting in a few months. He even went into a Tiffany and Co. store.... What's a straight, single man doing inside there eh? In the airport, he was seen *intentionally* fiddling on his phone all the time and talking to someone for a few moments ( looking like he was waiting for a call ) and even covered his mouth and kissed to the phone before ending it ( although this is all speculation ). Cnetz even have a picture of him where some of his phone wallpaper is seen ( only like 13% of the screen lol what u can see is questionable ) and people think the bg is of YZ/YZ and him. As he's such a private person usually, it's predicted that he's doing these things intentionally - perhaps to test the waters/tease the shippers?? And the latest news ( today ) which @AnN277 mentioned above - a set of 'revealing' and 'sexy' pictures of YZ were being discussed/trending and YZ posted it on her account without the watermarks with the comment 'I used to have long hair' https://m.weibo.cn/status/4286632435684182 1. Suggesting she definitely knows what's being talked about on the #DengZi weibo page 2. perhaps to entice a certain someone / show her feminine charms as she normally wears conservative and simple outfits - never this revealing, which is why it was trending 3. Definitely shows that she's moved on from her break up from last month. Our male lead then posts something so out of the ordinary, cnetz thought i was photoshop / he was hacked. He used a reaction image and wrote something he would never usually write. 'Two days abroad, what is the situation ? ? ? ? ?' ( written in an informal way? ) with this reaction image: ( sorry idk what the text on the image says ) Cnetz are shocked as his style of 'tweeting' has suddenly changed ( from deep/b&w to cutesy and pink ), and is even imitating the style of a certain someone ahem. It's speculated that the reaction image is sent by that certain someone ( as he has never used any reaction images on his page ) so they are definitely still talking and are on good terms. People think that his comment is related to YZ who also had a sudden change in style ahahah. Cnetz have also pointed out how similar the reaction image is to this picture of YZ, one of the pictures her studio is 'promoting(?)' as when she hits I think 350,000 followers, she'll change her icon. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4286867714785171 All in all, although the couple hasn't officially announced their status ( yet ), c-fans are treating everything like a crime investigation scene and picking out every detail to find some sugar
  6. A montage of Pheonix's various cute expressions https://m.weibo.cn/status/4283517947212115 LOL c-fans are too funny
  7. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av29897432/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.18 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av29429901/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.4 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av31527984?from=1110106030&weiboauthoruid=3311121405
  8. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4282328388250738 Let's compare YZ describes JM as a tiger, also acts like a little tiger, DL's happens to like tigers .... also, DL liked the colour green, now he likes purple.... Somebody should ask him what fruit he likes, I might be able to guess Photoshopped poster for 'What's wrong with secretary Yang?' - looks pretty good!!
  9. I understand and agree that pressuring relationships is destructive. But this is the first time I've shipped an actor and actress outside of the screen and it's only because their relationship is so sweet, it reminds me of the feeling of 'falling in love for the first time'. I think many people can feel that some feelings are involved between the two co-stars, which is probably why they're trending. I think it is also good that the two people know their relationship will be supported, and I've read on weibo fans expressing their support and saying that they will give their blessings even if they don't end up together, which is really nice I think, because, in a way, the success of the drama is also partly due to their chemistry. Regardless, this is not the thread for this kind of topic, and I do apologise for the posts that might have made you guys feel uncomfortable. This will be the last post on this topic!
  10. I have so many theories of those two, but I'm not gonna post it here because it's not related to the topic of the thread and I need to exercise some self-control. Plus, I already look obsessive enough, don't want to embarrass myself even further
  11. @thehumantree I've been going on those tags whenever I have time - it's like an addiction!! Although, I do hope that they don't announce a romantic relationship immediately. I think at this point, both parties are contemplating on the relationship between the two; they've always defined their relationship as 'friendship', but I think it can develop to more than that, they just need to stop convincing themselves as much as they're trying to convince everyone else that they are just 'friends'. It's quite obvious that they have a spark, and I think shooting this drama and seeing all the support from fans have made them realise that their friendship is bordering on possibly something a bit more. Perhaps rekindling some emotions they felt when they shot their first drama at such a young age, because even during the BTS of their first drama, they seemed very comfortable with each other and had the same spark they do in the BTS of HSALF. From reading and watching videos of them, I think they are both very dedicated people who are passionate about acting. HSALF showed us their true potential, and the reason why we fell in love with the drama was that their chemistry was so palpable, it really portrayed the feeling of 'love' to the point it didn't even feel like acting anymore. As of right now, I think they will be focusing on their career, because if they interact with each other too much, people will slander them and say they are riding on the success of HSALF and promoting it by faking their relationship ( esp since YZ just recently broke up ). I wish them the best for the future, and I truly do believe they will reunite again at one point in the future when the initial hype has calmed down, and then we can once again enjoy their dazzling on-screen and off-screen chemistry. I feel like every time I post on here, it's not related to the drama at all and I'm just promoting YZ and DL as a couple lol. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av30963233?from=1110006030&weiboauthoruid=5706540063 Anyway, this is a cute clip of China's national couple. I've put this on the thread to share with you guys but it's also for me to click on when I'm using my phone and want my heart to flutter lol. Selfish, I know @Sary EmLet's do it! Let's create the thread for our Spiritual Couple!!
  12. A cute little fact: The Zi in Yang Zi means purple - maybe it's fate that YZ played our favourite little grape fairy? Also, DL's favourite colour/likes the colour purple - coincidence? Also, in both their first drama and HSALF, DL fell in love first and YZ thought they were just 'friends', later they get married. Maybe I'm delusional. But it's a fact that they've gotten married 3 times already Maybe we should start a thread just for those two lol
  13. Trailer? for DL's new drama. I don't want to say this, but this doesn't look very good..... But that's 99% because I'm comparing it to HSALF. Also probably because the actress is *whispers* quite bad. It's funny to say this, but they really look like they're acting. How does a fantasy drama look more realistic than non-fantasy? Also kind of trailer for YZ's upcoming drama Go Go Squid! Looks better than DL's upcoming one but I can't really judge since this is more of a preview of a trailer lol. If I can, I'll definitely crowdfund YZ and DL's adaptation of What's wrong with secretary Kim? I think they would pull that off really well considering the nature of their off-screen relationship. Just not too excited for their upcoming dramas..... I don't really watch c-dramas ( because they're long and the ending is normally unsatisfactory *ahem Princess Agents ahem* ), so I can probably wait until YZ and DL become the lead couple in their next drama. YZ's schedule looks quite full with her upcoming dramas though, but I hope there's some kind of announcement that they will be cast as leads for a drama sometime soon. With all the hype that they're getting, it wouldn't be surprising if a director did cast them, even if the release date is for 2020 I'll still look forward to it.
  14. Not to worry guys, although it is the end of the epic journey that is HSALF, it is not the end for our two silly bestfriends YZ and DL. I am almost certain they're going to star in another drama together *fingers crossed* Look, DL is already training for their upcoming reunion. From all the behind the scenes, you can tell YZ doesn't hold back with DL lol. Like how JM asks XF for lingli and XF finds any excuse to give it to her, DL seeks the abuse YZ gives by teasing her constantly - a masochist perhaps? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4280647222887043 This interaction between YZ and DL, ( For those who can't google translate the page: DL posted 'I don’t know what to say for a long time.... But when I think of Xiangmi’s heart, there will be a lot of words..... I remember that when I finished the robbery, I wrote a paragraph of thought. The finale is not to say. ..... it is not altogether nonsense ..... I believe honey has put all I want to say ... to convey to you the good work, I'm really touched .... honey also like Xiangmi can give you a permanent memory....I can't bear it, it doesn't matter; I can't go back, it doesn't matter, we can start from the beginning.....The sweet honey is always, we will see you again.... #电视剧香蜜沈烬如霜#[heart]' YZ replied ( in the same hour ): ' Just like what we said from the age of 18 to the present, how can two children think that there will be today's achievements, good friends will always support you, we will work hard together!' DL replied ( also in the same hour ): ' Always cheer for you and cheer for good friends. In order to complete the sweet honey, take time to invite me to dinner ' Good friends can always develop into good marital partners, don't you think? Can't wait to see more of them ( together ) in the future! The ship has sailed!
  15. SPOILER https://m.weibo.cn/status/4280286784726323 You know, when I was watching the war scene, all I could think was how could they hear each other talking at a normal tone from that distance? Because they are Gods? Must be nice having super HD hearing.... Last two episodes tomorrow, I'm a bit emotional It was nice going on this wonderful heart-wrenching journey with you guys.
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