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  1. Yeah, the same thought on Folian, like mother like daughter. They are cruel and greedy. Fuyao and Wuji childhood memories are very solid. He gave her hope and happiness, he made her believe there are also good people in the world. He is the first person who taught her to read. Imagine it is always your parents or your close family who teach you to read or write. But she learns everything from him. How meaningful this is to her. As a viewer I am really touched by this. They were supposed to be together since young. He met her again after they grew up but he already became attracted to her from the beginning. Of course, if it is yours, it will be always yours. The conversation between Wuji and the queen impresses me to the core. I want this kind of man, the whole Kingdom is not even equal to one of my hair strand. I really like his facial expressions in that scene, serious, strong, committed, sharp, and fearless.
  2. I like the song and the lyrics very much. Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. Thank you so much for thinking the same and for thinking I am not stupid to be this obsessed. Really appreciate that, I am so touched. Yes, of course I am thinking of going to China as well.
  4. I intended to reply to your status some time before but I just didn't have time yet. So sorry if I am late now. Totally agree with everything you said. I also rewatch Fuyao, and of course I understand more why the story happens the way it is. Of course, there are some details which require some more explanation, but as I can comprehend every logic in one go, such details are not needed for me. There are people who feel the story is lacking but it is just a matter of preference. There is no wrong or right when it comes to preference of what we like or don't like about the drama. Everyone is entitled to each of their own opinion. However, my opinion is I am totally in love with the drama. There can be some inconsistencies or plot holes, but the more plot holes the drama has, the more I love it. Why? That's because despite all the flaws, the drama still keeps me going, still make me go crazy, still make me obsessed, still fascinate me to the core just because of the chemistry of the leads, other character interaction, bromance and friendship, and thus I appreciate the drama even more. Wuji is best male character in my drama history. Wuji and Fuyao are the best couple among all drama couples I have watched. Yang Mi never fails to impress me, and Ethan proves all my prejudice against him wrong. I was reluctant to start the drama at first because I held a biased prejudice that Ethan can't act without never seeing him act before, but my bad, I am totally wrong. What nonsense opinion I had, Ethan acting is brilliant, either his fighting scene, his emotional scene, his chemistry with other characters, or his flirty or serious or comedic scenes. His performance is awesome to the point I feel that this role is tailored made for him only, and no one can beat that. Now I have become his fan completely to the point that I don eat chocolate because it is too sweet and I don like too sweet things, but I tried to find and just bought the chocolates he endorsed. Now I am learning to drive so I could buy a car that he endorsed as well. I know I am like a crazy obsessed fan but it is hard to stop. Of course, I don mind and I understand other people who have different opinions when it comes to like or dislike the star acting since we can never expect people to have the same thought as you but I will really appreciate those who share the same thought as me. I used to say I have a hate and fear relationship with Fuyao and it is true. I hate Fuyao for ending so soon and I fear Fuyao will prevent me from watching other dramas because Fuyao is so good. I am still having drama withdrawal symdrome and still watching Fuyao again but the more I watch, the more I appreciate the drama. Yeah, to add on, the costumes are really good. I like every costumes they wear and they slay them all. I also like the music, quite emotional and fits the story well. Fuyao will be aired in my country some time soon. I will ask my family to watch it and we all will share the same love with Fuyao. Once again, Fuyao and this forum are one of the best things that happen in my life. Love Fuyao and love you guys.
  5. No offense to anyone, but I never like man with facial hair until I see him. He completely changed my perception. How could facial hair make a man sexy and hot like this?
  6. I really like this scene. These two are really lovely dovey. Lolzzz. I love Wuji teasing and playful with her chin. And I love Fuyao's reaction as well. She slightly shoo away his hands, but She doesn't show she dislikes it, which I like even more. Even most, Wuji never fails his chance to tease with Fuyao, touches her, and gazes at her with such longing and loving eyes.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing. I really love it. Really appreciate your effort.
  8. Who can beat the power of Wufu couple? For me, Wufu is the best couple in my drama history.
  9. I am rewatching Fuyao as well. Rewatching the whole episode again and rewatching my favourite scenes. Glad to hear you are also rewatching. I don know when I can move on. I really can't.
  10. Happy birthday to you. Wish you all the best. So sorry that I don have Fuyao gifs as your gifts because all the gifs and photos I have are already shared here, and so I don want to embarrass myself. Anyways, once again wish you and your family all the happiness and success. Oh and Happy birthday to Yang Mi as well. Love you too.
  11. They didn't give him the Golden Horse Award for no reason.
  12. Agree, I can see how much they love each other here. I can see they have really come along way, experience thick and thin together, always trust each other, always understand each other, always sacrifice for one another, always protect and care for each other. Their chemistry and acting are brilliant to the point that when they cry, I cry. They smile, I smile. When they are hurt, I am hurt too. Agree with what you said above, Yang Mi and Ethan is irreplaceable as Fuyao and Wuji. Exactly my thought. It is really rare to find people who have the same common interest like you and understand what you are thinking. I am glad to find you and other fans in this forum. Fuyao and this forum are ones of the best things that happen in my life.
  13. Talking about the scene where Wuji rush this way from the palace to save Fuyao, I still miss his 10x speed move. This is a cool scene. He is really hot and handsome here.
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