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  1. It is sad that after Meteor Garden, Shen Yue & Dylan Wang do not have any contact/interaction anymore in any way even for just a bit. And you could really see that they are intentionally avoiding public contact with each other.  

    Its just sad that this is the kind of set up they’re having just so for the sake of their careers & TV shows with their next leading partner to avoid issues.


    Why do they have to do that tho, its not like the fans can be mislead easily, if they can see them interacting with each other as friends then fans will already happy even knowing that they’re just friends.


    I hope they are not really ignoring each other & not holding back just so they will not compromise their friendship for the sake of career & to avoid rumors

  2. 10 hours ago, mouse007 said:


    @rocky689 same! I also liked that there was much more of DS and SC just having dates and doing mundane things together like studying together, eating together and even supporting their friends together like whenever they kept XY company during karaoke. 


    I also liked that there were a lot of displays of affection between them like forehead kisses, holding hands, hugging and even when they were with their friends, they were sitting together with one of them leaning on the other. I know a lot of us hoped for more passionate kisses but we also have to remember there were more of these other forms of affection than the other versions. 


    yes!! that’s why people would say that the Daomingsi & Shancai in this 2018 version is the sweetest and the most in love compare to all the previous adaptations., they have a lot of sweet scenes and even the smallest sweet gestures from them looks so natural that’s why their chemistry is so palpable :wub:


    regardless of its flaw which all the other previous versions have too, I so love this Meteor Garden 2018 the most than all the previous adaptations because we could really see clearly the love between CaiSi and their character development here :wub:

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  3. 1 hour ago, kellentia said:

    My guess is that:


    1. Lei went to study music in London hence he was with DMS and SC to celebrate the New Year as they were in London as well. 

    2. The frame focuses on him this part because of the background song: it is the original Meteor Rain song sung by the original F4, and particularly this line and part was sung by Zai Zai who played Lei as well in the 2001 version. So I think they want to kinda give some homage to the 2001 version.......

    3. Everyone is shipping Xiao You with Ximen because in MG2001, their arc never got resolved and there was chemistry between Ken Chu and Rainie Yang (the actors)........so everyone wanted XY/XM to end up together. They did get together in this version, but they made the XG story too compelling......in the original, after 1 year XM found out that XG had moved on and had a new boyfriend, so he and XG were done for good. Their story was completely over, leaving room for him to begin something new with XY. This time though, XG never moved on. And yes they should have spent more time where XM shows why he loves XY.......they just got together too suddenly, and this version of XY is way more aggressive than Rainie Yang's one.......she pushed for the relationship and XM passively accepted.....perhaps also not wanting to miss a chance like how he screwed up with XG?  Rainie Yang's version was alot more gentler, understanding and not so obsessive. Then again, their story never progressed so we would never know.....maybe her version would have been written like the 2018 version....? 



    Do watch the original 2001 one if you can. Old is GOLD!!! Its alot more succinct but effect is still there. There's a reason why it was on fire popularity throughout Asia back in the day. Though that version of DMS isn't as bright as this version, haha. But Jerry Yan is as handsome as ever. Zai Zai as well. 


    But all in all, I think MG2018 did tie all the strings for all the stories as best as they could. It answered many unanswered questions from MG2001, so it feels alot more completed. Plus less quarrelling between Caisi. In the original, Barbie and Jerry were quarrelling almost non-stop. Haha. The sweet moments were super super duper sweettttttttttttttt!! So can't complain. Think Angie Chai did a good job in this re-adaption..............unlike Qiong Yau who mutilated Huan Zhu Ge Ge when she remade it in 2011. Arghhh, still can't get over how she destroyed it! 


    There's a rumour that they are going to do a movie with the original F4 cast?!?!? Really? How would that look like? The originals can be the fathers of the new F4 lol. 


    You should watch the Japanese live version tho.

    After watching all the versions for HYD manga, I could say that the Japanese & this Chinese live versions are the best adaptations.


    Honestly, MG 2001 has one of the worst storyline especially in its season 2. plus you don’t want to rewatch it again because it is just so outdated already, so some scenes might be cringeworthy  :(

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  4. so in reponse to those people who are confused with what Daomingsi had plan, here is what I understand on how he will update the Daoming group:


    Daomingsi will launch a start up incubator platform project which will be just one of the businesses of Daoming group.


    And this incubator platform project that Ah Si is launching is a managemement consulting wherein they help those entrepreneurs or those small-sized firms develop their own business. 


    the F3 would also be in partnership with the start up incubator project.


    Then with the help of start up incubator platform, they will expand the special eight treasure sauce of Shancai, this is just one of the start-up businesses that Daomingsi’s start up incubator platform project will help/improve

    okay that’s it guys!! sorry for the letter size, I’ve typed in my iphone note first then copy pasted it here :D
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  5. 4 hours ago, turtle0217 said:

    Watched the ending raw and I gotta say I am very satisfied with it. Been missing out on this drama and waiting for subs to come out, so I don't spoil anything, but I just had to watch the ending. I am very happy. I really like this version of their happy ending. They are soo adorable being together. It's as if they were a real couple and newly wed, too. :wub:


    Really am going to miss Dylan Wang. I hope he comes out with a new drama soon. :)


    true! I like the ending too! :wub: I read that there’s going to be a special episode? not confirm but will wait for any updates 

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  6. 35 minutes ago, feliset said:

    I agree with everyone Dylan's age really shows in real life vs him as DS. On top of the style, I think it's his voice and the way he speaks too, he sounds much younger than his MG dubbed voice.


    Omg all the previews.. I can't wait to watch the last eps!!!!


    And Dylan Wang’s true voice & accent is really kinda funny no. like anytime he speaks feels like he’s going to make a joke :lol:


    But our boy is truly a funny & jolly guy anyway :wub:

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  7. 4 hours ago, rocky689 said:

    Shen Yue commenting on the live stream...kids, don't watch what you're not supposed to

    Really? is she not embarrassed watching her own lame kisses?



    Dylan also commented during the London arc...DMS is so handsome when he runs :joy:



    I really think Shen Yue kissed that way in the series because of the director’s instruction & choice. because they already had many takes when they do kissing scenes right, so its impossible that the director would not instruct them how they want the scene to come out.

    and knowing Shen Yue, even though she’s shy, she is an obedient & professional actress so she would definitely follow how a director wants it to be

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  8. so tomorrow is still the hunger strike arc and that’s where DMF will give up and will have no choice but to accept Shancai then comes wedding right.


    So with, that I’m just wondering where they gonna fit the bts we saw when DMF is cooking for the couple? maybe that’s after the wedding.

    and also that bts where Shancai is sitting, wearing a black dress & crying. has anyone seen that pic of her? I didn’t get the chance to screenshot that one & I’m so curious why is she crying on that pic plus she was dressed up on that one <_<

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  9. 13 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    me still stuck at ep 30.. haven't moved forward.. how are they treating my lei.. did baby cry a lot?



    Not being mean, but even i think she is quite ordinary to look at..

    i don't know how much generalization can be done, but when i look at chinese girls at restaurants, buses.. just wherever.. damn! they are pretty.. too too too pretty


    i think china and this iran-afghan-pakistan-kashmir muslim belt. are two places full of beauty.. like every girl is pretty.. specially the original muslims.. both men and women.. drop dead gorgeous


    oh really. but I just found chinese girls on streets ordinary when I went to Beijing before, like they’re mostly white skinned, slanted eyes and long legged but just average on look.  The country where I find the prettiest girls on streets is Japan, almost all the girls I saw on streets of Japan were really pretty that you’ll look twice

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  10. 1 hour ago, kokodus said:

    I think repeat pairings are more common in C and TW dramaland than the k dramaland. The most recent example that comes to my mind is Zhang Han nad Janine Chang. ZH actually has done 2 to 3 projects with his other costars as well.


    @mouse007 Dylan Wang is 19, born in December 1998, and Shen Yue is 21, her birthday is on Febrauary 1997. Not much of a age gap.


    In one of the interviews Dylan said, Dilireba is her ideal type. So I wish they do a drama together in the future. Hehe


    oohh. so Dylan Wang’s type is Dilraba Dilmurat huh :lol: she’s soo pretty but not my type of pretty, she’s like matured & her eyes looks cartoonish unreal :o .. For me, i like cute simple pretty girls like Inoue Mao and Shen Yue  #girlcrushes


    Anyway, it still a very good thing we will always have Daomingsi & Shancai in our fantasy world, I’ll stick to them :lol: 

    But looking forward to Dylan & Shen Yue’s future projects. I will always watch out for my two babies of course :wub: 

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  11. 17 minutes ago, kokodus said:

    Forced wedding?!?!?!?! gahhhhhhhhhh hope they give us one ep full of lovey dovey greatness of Si and SC after they get married. 


    ok my bad. just saw in the source that episode 49 will be a special episode. so episode 48 will be the finale then


    43-44 is the island arc

    45-46 is the amnesia arc

    47 - maybe only one episode for the forced wedding

    48 - finale


    I don’t know what they will put in the special episode of 49. maybe just the extension of episodes, interviews or bts. I’m confused! :sweatingbullets:

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  12. 21 minutes ago, feliset said:

    Should be London > island > amnesia :)


    I really hoped that amnesia arc will go first though, just so it will end the misery because I know Daomingsi forgeting Shancai will make me sad & mad with the existent of that Umi girl.

    And I’m already dreading the last kissing scene of Daomingsi with another girl aka Umi.


    I know a kissing scene with Umi is not in the manga but I’m looking at a bigger possibility that they will make one for Daomingsi, because its like all the adaptations had one for amnesia arc :sweatingbullets:


    I only want Shancai with Daomingsi from hereon so im possessive :lol: 

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