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  1. It is sad that after Meteor Garden, Shen Yue & Dylan Wang do not have any contact/interaction anymore in any way even for just a bit. And you could really see that they are intentionally avoiding public contact with each other. Its just sad that this is the kind of set up they’re having just so for the sake of their careers & TV shows with their next leading partner to avoid issues. Why do they have to do that tho, its not like the fans can be mislead easily, if they can see them interacting with each other as friends then fans will already happy even knowing that they’re just friends. I hope they are not really ignoring each other & not holding back just so they will not compromise their friendship for the sake of career & to avoid rumors
  2. yes!! that’s why people would say that the Daomingsi & Shancai in this 2018 version is the sweetest and the most in love compare to all the previous adaptations., they have a lot of sweet scenes and even the smallest sweet gestures from them looks so natural that’s why their chemistry is so palpable regardless of its flaw which all the other previous versions have too, I so love this Meteor Garden 2018 the most than all the previous adaptations because we could really see clearly the love between CaiSi and their character development here
  3. You should watch the Japanese live version tho. After watching all the versions for HYD manga, I could say that the Japanese & this Chinese live versions are the best adaptations. Honestly, MG 2001 has one of the worst storyline especially in its season 2. plus you don’t want to rewatch it again because it is just so outdated already, so some scenes might be cringeworthy
  4. so in reponse to those people who are confused with what Daomingsi had plan, here is what I understand on how he will update the Daoming group: Daomingsi will launch a start up incubator platform project which will be just one of the businesses of Daoming group. And this incubator platform project that Ah Si is launching is a managemement consulting wherein they help those entrepreneurs or those small-sized firms develop their own business. the F3 would also be in partnership with the start up incubator project. Then with the help of start up incubator platform, they will expand the special eight treasure sauce of Shancai, this is just one of the start-up businesses that Daomingsi’s start up incubator platform project will help/improve okay that’s it guys!! sorry for the letter size, I’ve typed in my iphone note first then copy pasted it here
  5. Meteor Garden 2018 has the best ending for me of all the previous live versions because it satisfied me plus they showed more scenes of Daomingsi & Shancai after their wedding
  6. I’m still actually hoping for a special episode of Meteor Garden There are bts that we have seen that we wish will include in meteor garden so hopefully it will be in a special episode. I’ve read in twitter that maybe this coming september there will be one
  7. OMG guys have you seen the bts & retakes of the wedding kiss? hahaha
  8. really hoping for a special episode/s of meteor garden 2018. I can’t get enough of it, especially CaiSi
  9. true! I like the ending too! I read that there’s going to be a special episode? not confirm but will wait for any updates
  10. And Dylan Wang’s true voice & accent is really kinda funny no. like anytime he speaks feels like he’s going to make a joke But our boy is truly a funny & jolly guy anyway
  11. OMG guys! Meteor Garden is finally done and I’m gonna miss it so much!! Btw, you see the wedding kiss of Caisi is really good and sweet! its like the one from HYD Final. far from the preview that was shown & Shancai’s lips was moving. That’s why lesson learn from here is that, we should not judge first until every proof is shown to us
  12. guys anyone here have that bts pic wherein Shancai is all dressed up in a black dress and she’s sitting while crying? I need it badly. its that footage thas has not shown up yet. I’ve seen it before but was not able to capture it, now I’m having a hard time finding it
  13. I really think Shen Yue kissed that way in the series because of the director’s instruction & choice. because they already had many takes when they do kissing scenes right, so its impossible that the director would not instruct them how they want the scene to come out. and knowing Shen Yue, even though she’s shy, she is an obedient & professional actress so she would definitely follow how a director wants it to be
  14. so tomorrow is still the hunger strike arc and that’s where DMF will give up and will have no choice but to accept Shancai then comes wedding right. So with, that I’m just wondering where they gonna fit the bts we saw when DMF is cooking for the couple? maybe that’s after the wedding. and also that bts where Shancai is sitting, wearing a black dress & crying. has anyone seen that pic of her? I didn’t get the chance to screenshot that one & I’m so curious why is she crying on that pic plus she was dressed up on that one
  15. oh really. but I just found chinese girls on streets ordinary when I went to Beijing before, like they’re mostly white skinned, slanted eyes and long legged but just average on look. The country where I find the prettiest girls on streets is Japan, almost all the girls I saw on streets of Japan were really pretty that you’ll look twice
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