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  1. wow! That was really god deal! And your results look so natural! Glad for your experience.
  2. thank you for your review! Lovely results! You didn’t mention the price, so how much was the total you paid?
  3. thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate it!
  4. thx so much for sharing your experience and exposing yourself so openly! your transformation is stunning, like honestly! and your face looks very pretty and I think the angular chin looks pretty I also have an underbite, do you think I’d have to wear braces before the surgery? I haven’t contacted regen yet but I really like dr Oh works
  5. do you still experience any discomfort, pain or swelling? or maybe some other unusual feelings, numbness or whatever it may be? I had a friend she got jaw reduction somewhere in seoul last year and her chin is still numb… she’s afraid if the doctor cut too much and damaged nerves as by this time of recovery all numbness is supposed to disappear (?) the numbness she feels is on her upper teeth when she touches it and a bit more on the bottom teeth and chin.
  6. happy for you! would you mind sharing the cost for your facial surgery? thank you!
  7. hi! does anyone know if regen hospital is safe for v-line surgery? although I’m a bit scared of getting bad results, I really wanna get something more permanent than just botox injections. my face has squared shape and I’m female.
  8. simple, I have a cat and her name is Bonita and she is black... she is a perfection for me and I love her very much
  9. I think anti cellulite gels or creams or whatever... none of them work until you just STOP EATING! exercise more and you can get rid of it
  10. oh... love.... it's been a while since I was in love last time... I think for most who has one-way love might envy me now... but I'm very happy for the moment. Maybe love makes you fly but it also the strongest pain when you fall down
  11. porridge, or boiled eggs with some fried bacon and fresh baguette
  12. Doo-doo-doo-doo .... omg... since it's been release I just can't stop listening to it... I'm very addicted, stilll
  13. look into a plastic surgery I wanna get.... I'm very scared since it's a SURGERY!!! wish me a good luck guys
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