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  1. Tbh, im injin shipper so im very disappointed about this comment. Some injin shippers that i have chatted with, they are nice and respect Yejin's decision even they are heartbreaking so I hope this comment wont give negative impression on InJin shippers in general . Hoping she will settle down soon and be happy.
  2. Nope...i mean comment of injin shippers who blame her on taking advantage of their love. I mean where are those comment like that?
  3. Where did you read all that kind of comments? I read a lot but haven't seen any comments like that.
  4. Kkkk...i think your not 90% :))). Im just kidding. But this thread will be peaceful again without me . Keep loving them and supporting as you are doing
  5. You mean that I lost respect to other?!!! Okay fine. I think it is proper time to leave this thread.
  6. Sr if im mistaken your meaning but I wonder if you are mentioning about me. If so, I have to say that I dont dictate anyone to think like me. She showed her thought, i showed mine and i found it was different from mine many times until now. It means we are not on same page so i said i would leave (Maybe there would be nothing happened if i didnt said that). Hope you guys dont get me wrong again
  7. I wont get mad if you are new in shipping them but i think some of you are here and has been following them for a while. Why you didnt feel or still doubt about them. Im wondering that it is not obvious to you and how many evidences will make you believe or satisfy you. Anw...Sorry for being mad as im not a kind of person who can refrain myself well. Hope you guys still continue this thread like before.
  8. Yes..they are free to show their mind and it was so different from me . I wonder how much evidences they need and how long they have been shippers and if they are her fan... Do you see what i focus is that she said it is from one-sided. I just get mad maybe because they still require so much from them. And they still dont accept or recoginze this r.ship. I feel like my shipper mood is going down if i read this thread so im out :))))
  9. Okey...maybe i get mad because i have different thinking from you guys. it is so obvious...why until now...you dont believe it. How this is from one-sided..with all what she gave for shipper ...if it is really only from her side, I feel like she is losing herself-worth. Do you think she is like that ??? I will leave this thread because im not on same way as people here. Plz dont get me wrong :)))
  10. Yes... you should watch a more longer. If you think there is something between them...so that is what relationship ?! because all what you need is concrete evidences so keep being patient.. Anw.. I respect your own opinion :)))
  11. First time seeing her liking comments :)) so surprised. Is she too obvious to put a like on this cmt ?!
  12. Actually through clips of Binjin, if shippers come to think more of it , they will see there is nothing between them :)) Even those clips showed more certainly about Injin r.ship :))). I mean their r.ship was shown more obviously through hints from premiere day :))
  13. She was so different from when she was with Haein....as if she lost a part of mischievous character inside her and became a shy girl :)))
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