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  1. The reaction there was so natural and subtle... that I don't believe it was deliberately designed. I mean, Zhu Yilong is soooo into the role he played and he is Shen Wei at that moment.
  2. @dzareth He's “Ren Yankai (任言恺)” according to google... I've never seen any of his work.
  3. I can find it on bilibili. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av24697919?from=search&seid=14919142680515094027
  4. Well the relationship between SW and ZYL will be even deeper as the story goes on.
  5. I'm so so sooooooooo looking forward to this. AHHHH HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  6. Their relationship is preliminary set in chapter 49-50. It's not a pure sweet moment...actually, it's quite heart wrenching. T_T So prepare yourself...
  7. Yeap, Zhao agrees with you that Shen should be the wifey. However, unfortunately, Zhao fails to win his position in bed. What a sad story! I highly recommend reading this novel. It is very different from the drama and much better.
  8. In the novel, as I remember, shen will accept zhao in a couple of chapters.
  9. Sorry for my poor expression ability. orz valerie86 is right. In epilogue 4, after ZYL and SW died in the drama, which is necessary to break the time capsule, they manage to get back to the novel timeline and live happily together ever since. XD So the author includes drama in the world of novel, and gives them a final happy ending.
  10. I mean, the author implies that the universe in the drama is just a micro-universe deemed as a "failed experimental reincarnations" created by another God during the mythological era. When ZYL and SW in the timeline of the novel (which is considered to be the real world) go into the micro-universe, they will follow the script of the micro-universe until they break it through. So, in the micro-universe (drama), only ZYL and SW are real, and everything else is nonsense. XD
  11. It seems the author suggests that if the duration of the micro-universe is long enough (over 50 years), ZYL will be no longer a bystander, but also involved in and follow the script of the micro-universe. Maybe that explains why ZYL doesn't recognize SW in the drama.
  12. Exactly! THE REAL GODDESS COMES TO THE RESCUE! The writer also suggests that the only real existences in the 81st micro-universe are ZYL and SW themselves, and everything else is fake. Official certification of our two main leads.
  13. 106 chapters + 3 epilogues. The 4th epiloguehas not yet been posted yet. Very look forward to it. Priest promised a sweet epilogue.
  14. It seems there are only 106 chapter for the novel.
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