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  1. Hello! We are I C Y and we are a brand new kpop coverist group on YouTube! Please check out our first cover down below (more of our covers can be found on our channel). Members: SabbyZarre, Esmay, JANNY, Andrea, Ritsu, Jessie, RiA, kaez, Tita, Jaehwa, Miyu, Rara, Johnny and Soomi (me). Subscribe? Leave a comment or a thumbs up?
  2. SOOMI

    Performers 411

    NAME: SOOMI (It is a stage name) AGE: N/A GENDER: Female AREA: The Netherlands, Europe CONTACTS: N/A LINKS: https://www.youtube.com/xxsoomi + https://www.youtube.com/icyofficialyt FAVORITE GENRES: EDM, Moombathon, R&B INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: BLACKPINK, NCT 127, SEVENTEEN, ITZY, STRAY KIDS FUTURE PLANS: Working more on my cover group ICY and also working on solo works.
  3. Large with no neighbour houses attached and preferably a recording studio where I can record my covers ^^
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