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  1. It's called the nesting urge. Only natural he would consider a house for a wife & their children
  3. It's a composite of the many articles from Netizenbuzz. Sometimes, one has to put things together based on different points of view. That's all. Though I am a fan of So Ji-sub, I do not believe in hero-worshipping people. He is human after all. Even if he was someone with many girlfriends, so what? It's his life, isn't it? But for the curious, as is the case for many of us, we do not need a pair of binoculars to speculate do we? The man is still single despite being 40 years old.
  4. Am following Heart Surgeons - somehow something is missing here which I can't quite put my finger on? Goo Soo appears too passive to my liking. Wonder if he would pick the slack as he goes?
  5. I just finished reading all that news abt Lee Jooyeon & Ji Sub - no wonder Min Ah didn't encourage the man! He was very much taken up with his idol then? I bet it was an open secret in the K-entertainment world which is why, probably, there was no follow up on her part. Probably found Woo Bin more devoted to her as a man. I always suspected Ji-Sub as a womaniser; no wonder he remains footloose & fancy free
  6. Hi Electric Blue Nice to have you join in too. Yes, like you I too am a late comer but I remain because I am more fascinated with diehard fans' comments here It's already tail end of 2018, Jisub has been really busy and I note that his latest drama airs today in S Korea. I think Minah too has some new drama coming up. Let's wish them the best.
  7. https://www.dramafever.com/news/so-ji-sub-helps-you-get-warmed-up-for-terius-behind-me/
  8. Just watched Road No 1, 1st episode just now. Ji-Sub looks great & his leading lady
  9. Am so psyched up to watch this. But before it, they are repeating Road No 1 as lead-up! So looking forward to it. One of my favourites!
  10. https://www.lovelysurgery.com/so-ji-sub-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-nose-job/
  11. I still recall how the writers had gleefully added in lines like, ' I live secretively like Batman, glamorously like Iron Man & I am more handsome than Superman', in the Drama. The other scene was in ep 15, when Kang Joo En scoffed at the idea her mother had posed, if he was a player! Clearly, to me anyway, it was a reference to the man himself in real life The other was when he confessed to dating Kang Jooen during that camping trip. This was clearly a jab at his secretive life where he never owns up to any of his relationships he was currently in at that point in time. But in that scene, they made him be the 1st to confess! Brilliant writers
  12. I'm having fun reading up the latest news abt this guy & girl - wish I could say his girl but they both seem to be taken up with others. I believe during & post production, right up to the awards, I think he was pursuing her but obviously she didn't encourage him ): Wonder if it has to do with any unfavourable reputation he already has in the K-entertainment industry? Just my gut feeling ....
  13. I guess this thread is officially quiet now. Just wanted to share a few observations I noticed while watching Oh My Venus - I think the writers had some fun inserting a few pokes at So Ji Sub's lifestyle in the show. Didn't anyone notice?
  14. Wow, you guys are such wonderful die-hard fans. I'm certainly happy to have joined you in celebrating this couple - albeit only in Dramaland
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