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  1. 2 hours ago, kittyna said:

    Welcome, @yukinen - and I also owe @kireeti2 a formal welcome to this forum as well.


    Thank you so much for the welcome, and for the tips as well. I'd be on my best behaviour and not swear. :)


    2 hours ago, kittyna said:

    That's okay - and thanks for your responses! I'm having a lot of fun reading your takes on these characters, and want to invite you to add your spiel more often in the future.


    32 minutes ago, kireeti2 said:

    Thank you for that :) and  I hope we get along :)


    I hope to get along with you guys! I promise to try my best and share my thoughts about things if I can, but pls don't expect too much of me. I've been known to be inactive in most of the forums I join. :sweatingbullets: But I love Joo Won and I'd be happy to tell you guys my insights too (whenever I have them and is able to put them properly into words).


    I've been Joo Won's fan since Bridal Mask and have watched all his other shows (some of them a very long time ago) but it's my first time actually interacting with his other fans online. Recently, I also rewatched The Good Doctor on Netflix. I thought I wasn't going to cry because it's my second time watching it but alas, I did. And I was reminded once again how good of an actor he is. I'm planning to rewatch Bridal Mask next. I was in my teens when I first watched it. It was still airing then and I remember painstakingly waiting for episodes to come out. And whenever I finally get to watch them, it would be so glorious and amazing. I don't know if my younger self is just exaggerating the memory, but that's really how I remembered it. 


    2 hours ago, kittyna said:

    After I did the randomized pairings, I realized this one might be a tough one. ;) Interesting to see two votes for Lee Kang To and for the reasons you guys have given so far.


    After thinking about it some more, I did find it hard to choose. I thought people can argue that since Kang To fights injustice, he'd be worrying a lot too about others who are being treated unfairly during the whole crisis. But to me, the difference is that Kang To can actually be doing things that are extremely useful in his isolation. He can plan and think about big heists or missions on his own. Rob the rich and give them to the poor kind of stuff. He can do all this and minimize contact with others, thanks to his experience as Gaksital. He's used to working alone and when he does work with others, he does so with the bare minimum contact. While doctors need to work on individual people and a case to case basis. They need to be present on site to diagnose and treat patients. And I think it could cause more anxiety to them if they're at their homes thinking they cannot be useful to patients. I'm kind of rambling, please inform me if these doesn't make any sense lol.


    2 hours ago, kittyna said:

    but I do want to point out that while Gyun Woo is a bit of a rebel and a social butterfly, he's also a big stickler for the rules, working towards the greater good, etc. That's how I've observed more social or outgoing people coping with lockdown right now (i.e. "It sucks that I can't go out, but I'll do it for other people.").


    Oh, this makes sense. I can totally see Gyun Woo telling himself it's for the greater good and taking the isolation seriously. I also just remembered, he has a pet! He wouldn't be too lonely in isolation.


    42 minutes ago, kittyna said:

    Going off on a tangent, where are you from, @yukinen?


    I'm from the Philippines. It's been crazy here since the COVID-19 crisis. I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy during these times.

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  2. Hi! I really have no idea how this is supposed to work T_T. I created my account a long time ago and followed this topic about Joo Won. I've been getting weekly email digests and has only caught up with all the updates recently. I'm a bit confused and I apologize in advance if I ever do something inappropriate or weird (?) lol I don't know, but I'm really sorry.


    On 3/30/2020 at 1:01 AM, kittyna said:

    So I want to try something similar here, only with JW's drama characters: If any of them had to stay at home with ONLY their families/partners/whoever-they-live-with for company for an EXTENDED period of time because of "reasons" (whether due to COVID-19 or something else - because I will be including the historical/period characters this time to have an even 8), WHO do you think will do BEST in that environment?


    Anyways, I think this tournament-style isolation poll for Joo Won's characters is really interesting and I wanted to participate. Here are my answers for the first around with a bit of an  explanation. Oh and I was also thinking of sending this through DM, but realized that some people might want to read my thoughts too (maybe?) so here it is. *throws this at you guys, and runs*


    Question: Who do you think will do best in self-isolation?


    My Answers:

    1) a - Lee Kang To

    • Kang To is a survivor. I think he would find it very easy to adapt to a situation where he needs to self-isolate. He does most of his planning and strategizing alone. He's also used to minimizing contact with others to keep his secret identity. He shows no problem in contacting other people through other means (i.e. telephone, cryptic messages etc.) His "partying" or more boisterous side, I think, is mostly just for show anyway and it wouldn't be a surprise to me if he actually thrives in an "isolated" situation with only his thoughts and the most important people in his life.
    • Tae Hyun would do fine in self-isolation, although I think it's inherent in most doctors to be concerned with their patients/other people especially since this is a medical-type crisis (I can't think of other reasons why people would self isolate, so I just assumed it was bc of COVID-19 or some type of sickness/disease for the historical dramas). I think he would spend his time not at work still worrying about others and thinking of ways he can help, that he wouldn't really be able to enjoy the self-isolation time.

    2) b - Hwang Tae Hui

    • Gyun Woo wouldn't do well in self-isolation. I think he's the type to break the rules to go out and socialize with his friends or other people. 
    • Tae Hui would be very concerned with what's going on yes, but he's very practical as well. He'd do his best as a police officer but would also acknowledge his limitations. I think he'd do well while spending time at home with his family. He'd probably use it to recharge and take a break from all the work.

    3) b - Gu Ma Jun

    • I do think that if there isn't an ongoing crisis Shi-on would easily find things to occupy himself with. I remember in the show he says he spends some of his time browsing the web, reading articles and magazines and such. He would also probably find something new to learn (w/c I think is how he survived college given that he didn't have much friends and people tend to isolate him because he's different). But assuming that there is some type of COVID-19 crisis, Shi-on would probably put in all the hours in helping others even if he isn't required to. Like Tae-Hyun, would probably be stressed out thinking about patients and will try so hard to find solutions.
    • Ma Jun, on the other hand, I think would do very well even if there was a crisis like this. If I recall, he was insanely rich (?) so he wouldn't have to worry about food and other physical necessities. If he traveled other countries and get infected, he'd still get the best medical care. With regards to the actual self-isolation, he'd have no problems too I think. I mean he probably spent entire weeks/months isolating himself in the baking kitchen (?) just to perfect the art of baking. He'd just use this time to further improve his craft. I also think that as long as his loved ones are safe he won't worry too much about what's happening out there lol.

    4) b - Cha Yoo Jin

    • Gil Ro would easily be beaten by Yoo Jin in this. He always goes to malls and crowded places, right? To be honest, I didn't finish 7th Grade Civil Servant and couldn't even remember much. But I know for certain he wouldn't be able to take self-isolating for so long. That guy couldn't even stay still for a short period of time!
    • Yoo Jin, on the other hand, would definitely thrive in this kind of situation. All his hobbies can be done in self-isolation. He'd also probably use the time to perfect his musical abilities. I can see him maybe joining online musical concerts and the like to pass the time.
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