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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnKICKVHJDa/?hl=ko&tagged=김권 The whole team after recording last episode, it's some nostalgic. Hope it has a good ending.
  2. It's true.. the storyline is going slowly, we have 14 episodes left and we have a lot of things that aren't concluded. Of course an example is what they said above about the partenity of ET when it was already quite obvious and there was no need to extend it so many chapters, the mystery of the beginning was lost. I think the happy ending will be hurried, all the loose ends will be tied in the last episodes and we won't really see the family living together until the final episode, althouh I hope to make a mistake. Pd: I think MS will attend the meeting that the stiff boss mentiones. You know that both are from rich families and more with what MS said when he bought wines, they sure know each other. The three will meet at the meeting.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a new member here. I've watched this drama since the beggining. Now it has 24 chapters left. About the last events, Am I the only one who still likes Moon Sik? I really like MS character and his story, I expected we can see more thoroughly everything that happened with him an his broken family. I want that his bad behavior end soon, but nor before learning the lesson. What I don't like, is how the relationship between MS and HH is leaded. I thought it would be different. I wanted her to put him in his place as DY did, and not on a pedestal for being the MY's son as all the people do.
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