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  1. Thats me !!! I stopped responding on this thread bc I forgot my password . But I have been lurking around here and of course I am still an avid reader of fanfic. I got sucked into my ajhussi again bc of all the hot apearences LSK has been making where he looks half his age !! he just looks so cute / adorable / sexy in all his recent apparences that I had to go back to fanfic to see him get naughty over there meanwhile I have been enjoying your recent fanfic and eagerly waiting for new chapters.
  2. I like encounter as my next series . People are complaining that it’s slow but that’s the beauty of such dramas. Slow, melancholy and it takes you to a different world. What is fates and furies about ?
  3. Let’s not forget the one .. cough .. cough scene he gave in the car. I know that was not a gentle love making stuff but man .... LSK was hot and rough !!!
  4. So I can fairly say I have moved on a bit. I enjoyed terius behind me and I don’t mind catching up on other dramas. But alas now I don’t have time to do so with real life catching up on me. But I think I might squeeze in some time to watch new song hye Kyo drama which also has similar vibe about love and longing !! but whenever I stumble upon such pictures my heart just stops . It’s like first love which couldn’t be fulfilled. It brings back floodgates of memories and I have to remind myself to come back to reality . Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate this gorgeousness. The man responsible for reducing us to giggling schoolgirls and making us go crazy !!!
  5. Ok everyone just take a deep breathe !!! And remember he is a happily married man and you are too !!! on a side note , the previous ad he did he looked like an actual ajhussi , but this one oh my god !!! This is just too hot and classy to handle. At this rate I won’t have any ovaries left to explode !!!!
  6. Anddddddd...... He is back to being his dorky self !! his wife is actually taking care of 3 kids !!
  7. I don’t care what award he gets as long ad it makes him crawl out of the man cave he has been hiding in. its finally nice to see him being recognised like this . i want him to do an outright romantic movie. He would make a sexy romantic lead !!!!
  8. There is no way he can get a style award.. if he does you know the awards are rigged !!! he is a man child and his idea of style is cargo shorts/pants( season wise) , oversized shirts and don’t forget the icing on cake - those backward turned baseball cap to hide of his manly handsomeness !!!!
  9. Omo omo omo just when I was trying to put him into dorky, adorable , cute character .. he decided to come out looking like that. How do I get over this hotness ?? He is oozing sexiness in that suit !!! sorry my real world hubby , you know I still love you right ??
  10. Hi everyone. New here Do we have any fanfic for this drama to quench our thirst for more romance between the leads ?
  11. Shouldn’t I be over him by now ??? he is getting more adorable by the day !! anyway I don’t plan to rewatch anytime soon until MA becomes a distant memory. I want to enjoy it as a new drama all over again and want to experience all those feelings again. For this to happen unfortunately I have to let go of this drama for some time so that the next time I watch it more or less with a clean slate. Thats one one of the reason I am eagerly waiting for Chinese remake which might/ might not happen. But still there is some hope.
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