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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you @meechuttso for responding. I am so happy to hear from you. This drama touched me in many ways. It reminded me of my late husband who was such a simple man just like JD who did not know how to express verbally his love to HSJ but express it in his actions. Yet was cheeky and such a teaser. The very same habit that my late husband had. He loved to tease me and made me laugh. So yes that is the reason why MHOJD is meaningful to me. And your insights and comments truly expressed all those sentiments that I feel but not good enough in expressing it, mostly because I do not have the deep understandingnof the nuances of the language I think. So hope to see somewhere else and maybe in this forum sometimes again because I keep on rewatching my favourite eps 10, 11, 20, 23 & 24. Take care.
  2. @meechuttso hi I have been returning to this forum without fail since the last ep of MHOJD hoping against hope to see your insights into the last 2 eps in order to have a closure of this favourite drama of 2018 to date. However - feel dissappointed you have not appeared again nor have I seen you in any other forums of some popular current drama I have visited. I pray that live is getting brighter and lighter for you and hoping to see you in other forums. Currently I only visit the following forum: 1. Shall we live together/ Marry me now - for the old couple LMY & PHS + main lead PYH & JET 2. Wok of love / Greasy Melo - initially because of my heart throb Jang Hyuk & new fav actor Junho but come to love the drama 3. Miss Hamumurabbi 4. Sketch - picked this up by curiosity but now find it intriguing Not necessary in the above order because I always follow all dramas with Jang Hyuk & now Junho of 2PM. Am writing this message in this forum rather than PM to you @meechuttso because there are others in this forum I believe are missing your final insights of this drama. To all others I have seen some of you in other forums. Most important @larus who created this forum and "Shall we live together" thank you.
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