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  1. hello @Lawyerh ! ** SPOILER WARNING AGAIN ** yes MCW even pointed that out about SJH. She said that he's so young, but he looks matured because he is tall, he is even taller than YHM.
  2. So far, as of episode 6, I think the drama is still sticking on the webtoon and I'm excited that more interesting scenes will surely happen in the next episodes! As for the 'who's the husband' game ... ** spoiler warning! PLEASE don't dare open this if you don't want to be spoiled. I warned you guys! ** For the age difference of SJH and MCW, I hope we don't dwell much in that while watching the drama. Because technically, Sun Ok Nam in the drama is 699 years old, she's really way way way older than everyone else! hahaha. And Kim Geum is just right a few years younger than Prof Jung because he was his student. Kim Geum is really the youngest among them.
  3. Han So Hee reposted this video on her instagram! They are so cute, both can't remember the pouch color! LOL. I need Kim Jaeyoung and Han Sohee to appear in another drama together!
  4. they complaint about YHM, only who knows/read the webtoon well. they are comparing to his character to the one from the webtoon. But for me, i found no problems with his portrayal of his character as i did not read the webtoon. In fact i was surprised when i saw all those netizens comments on YHM. Hope there is no backlash in the ratings becoz of these comments and be more popular as its former drama. Hwaiting!!!! Can somebody confirm if there is no DC Gallery for this drama? I have been searching so bad, but cannot find it. Also were there any ratings promise by the main cast yesterday on V-live? if there was one, what was it? Edit: GDS nim was fantastic. Thats why she is a veteran, isnt it? The transition between her scenes to MCW was also done nicely. No hiccups, so far. Thanks for pointing that out chingu! What I meant is, the people who knows the webtoon might "tolerate" his portrayal even tho they have issues with it, because they know the story. But yes they are also complaining about the difference of his portrayal to the webtoon. Good to know if you find him okay chingu, I'm worried to those who finds him annoying. Let's hope they will continue to watch the show because it's really interesting!
  5. Exactly chingu @Wotad! I hope they give chance for the story to unfold in the next episodes. I think knowing and not knowing the webtoon both has an advantage and disadvantage for this drama. Someone who knows the webtoon will understand Yihyun's character and might tolerate his portrayal, but will be very observant even on the little details for accuracy. But for someone who doesn't know the webtoon, I can totally see them complaining on Yihyun's character right away like "what kind of male lead is this, how am I suppose to ship this with our fairy??", but they will appreciate the cinematography without thinking if it's accurate or not. I think it's too early to judge the drama in their first episode alone. So I'm getting my hopes up that everything will be done and explained smoothly in the next episodes.
  6. I still have to watch the whole episode later, although I already saw clips on Instagram and I have to agree on YHM's portrayal. His acting was kind of too comical to the point that he is exaggerating his expressions instead of just letting the comedic vibe to naturally flow. My understanding of Yihyun in the webtoon appears to be easily-irritated, snob, and mean, but he is still calm and reserved. SJH on the other hand I think is very loveable. His portrayal of Kim Geum is so adorable to watch. As a viewer, I already felt how kind-hearted his character is. I can see more viewers will be effortlessly rooting for him that Yihyun on this. Although I understand why people are noticing YHM more, because basically he is the male lead. I just hope those people who were upset of YHM's portrayal will stay a little more, because his character has a good backstory. And if they will follow THAT major twist in the webtoon, I think episode 1 is still on the right track :)
  7. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20181101070012118 Han So Hee did a recent interview and shared her thoughts about the Crown Princess. But since I can't understand Korean, can you help us understand this article chingu @stroppyse? It seemed interesting because I tried translating some parts and it says that it's only her and Kim Jae Young who knew that the baby daddy is Moo Yeon. The other cast are curious about it too but they kept it a secret until it was revealed in the filming.
  8. Agree! We'd all love a baby wonshim/yoolseo after everything is fixed and settled. I'm looking forward to a proper marriage version 2.0 too, and that should come before baby wonshim/yoolseo. One is enough indeed. Although even the CPss baby was created "ilegally" (), I'm just relieved that the kid is conceived out of CPss & MY's love, and not because it's originally part of KCE's plan. I would feel sorry for the baby if he/she was created only to be used as another pawn. One reason why I wish CPss & MY should survive and could just be exiled as their punishment, I don't like the innocent child to be an orphan in the end. (after all, the "parents are killed then the child will be raised by someone else" plot is kind of a cliche already so i hope they try to stay away from that) I also hope it will not be miscarried. it's funny if they made the whole 'baby daddy' a big buzz all throughout the drama then the baby will just be gone in the end. The only character I wish to be gone in the end is KCE. He's the only true evil in this drama.
  9. Same here, I'm kinda confused with the 'special episode', but I think it's like 'Descendants of the Sun'. DOTS has 16 eps + 3 special episodes with total of 19eps. So I assume it's another whole episode that continues the story or just like what you said, probably more like an epilogue. I dont get why they still have to call it 'special' tho. Hello chingus, enlighten us please!
  10. I agree that Mr. Dimples wasn't utilized properly. Sad but true. To be honest, the only scene where I felt Mr. Dimples is the second male lead is when he accompanied Hongshim in the bridge and they made a wish so Hongshim can see her brother soon. I find him charming and really nice in that scene. But after that, I was like "Did Tvn just played on us, made us think Mr. Dimples is the second male lead, but it's actually Moo Yeon after all??"
  11. Hi chingu @nrllee, I just watched the episode and I think the baby daddy is really Moo Yeon. There is a very huge clue that they dropped in this episode which I guess most of us just ignored. I did too, until my crazy chingu who loves noticing details pointed this out to me. This is her tweet: So they have this dandelion thing all along, meaning Moo Yeon and the crown princess are secretly in love with each other for real. As for the baby daddy, when Moo Yeon met the princess, he said that he wants to confirm why she ordered Beom to shoot him, then the princess said... "Is that the only thing you want to confirm?" Moo Yeon replied, "No." (then the scene fades out) I think Moo Yeon just realized that he might really be the father, and that's the other thing he wants to confirm to the princess! I'm now 99% sure it's Moo Yeon, but I'm leaving the remaining 1% to the princess if she confirms it tonight.
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