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  1. This has been a fantastic year for me, as I rediscovered Kdramas and South Korea thanks mostly to My Mister. Have a fantastic 2019, squad. P.S: Watching and loving Alhambra, have ditched Encounter.
  2. I've been to Seoul 3 times, last 2 occasions for media trips. Never felt the urge to return (I've always favoured Japan over S.Korea). But My Mister's a game-changer. I now see Seoul in a different light. Let's see how it goes with this trip; hoping I can find some MA fan-made merchandise.
  3. Haven't moved on. Heading to Korea next week, and I'll be visiting a couple of the MA locations. Wish me luck in finding the spots!
  4. I can't believe I watched WWWSK. Down to last episode, yo! Also enjoying Stranger aka Secret Forest. Not super related to the show, but, has anyone visited My Mister filming sites? I'm heading to Seoul in Sep, just wondering how easy it is to make your way to the locations. I've noted before that there were 2 different songs played for different platforms. On tvN channel itself, this was a Korean song with a male singer; online & in this tvN clip you shared, it's an English song with a female singer.
  5. Not sure about MA, but when I was in Japan last year, I saw a Korean drama on TV. In Korean, with Japanese subtitles.
  6. I'm watching it just for the sake of watching a new Kdrama on TV. I like PSJ, but I agree it's the usual stuff. Guy pulls girl's arm, girl fall into guy's lap, awkward kiss... Most of the time, I'm really just watching WWWSK while surfing the net, cooking etc. Definitely ahjussi get-up. LSG's and LJE's own style are quite different.
  7. Hahah. When I saw the photo, I immediately saw Dong-hoon and Ji-an, NOT LSG and LJE. I imagine DH would totally wear this kinda outfit come summer, and JA would totally wear this kinda outfit after the time jump. And LOOK, LOOOKKKKKKKKKKKK at how they're staring at each other. OMG MY HEART. I DIE. *Side note: Watching WWWSK, and the couple from Because This Is My First Life made a cameo, as husband and wife. I can only hope LSG & LJE will be invited to make an appearance on another show as a couple
  8. Just FYI, I have noted that they're using different songs Dramafever and on tvN. One scene that I can recall: when JH told DH that JA dropped by in the morning. On tvN, it's a Korean song. On Dramafever/ online, it's a Western song. My guess is this is related to copyright issues.
  9. @h2ogirl your gifs should really all go in the fansite! We should compile all 'looking for JA' gifs in 1 post Park Dong-hoon in love is really the cutest thang.
  10. Someone already made this. Lemme check. Edit: FOUND!! @justamom http://parkdonghoons.tumblr.com/tagged/my-mister-edit
  11. Can't recall if all are potential love interests, but yes, I have seen this before.
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