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  1. Is it just me or the team jacket of K&K look so bloody cool? I honestly would want one for myself.
  2. If I'm guessing the next plot based on the novel then LQ having her own company would be my best bet. Though the drama has made it obvious that they'd want to seprarate themselves with the novel. I'm curious on what's gonna happen. I'm missing Lin Mochen too. I think he's about to make a comeback. I'm excited for thim.
  3. Does anyone knows this song? I think it's the one that Jin Han sang.
  4. I think it's still 50 episodes. None of the 4 pairings aren't together yet, and I doubt they'd be able to to fit those within a couple of episodes if it's really just 30 episodes. Also, in my opinion, one of the novel's highlights is the time when LQ and LZC got together. They have to go through a lot of things before the drama can end, really.
  5. There's a discord server? When you guys tweet about OGT, what hashtag do you use?
  6. I'm on twitter too! Have been rambling about OGT since ep 1 there! What are your twitter handles, guys?
  7. According to the Wikipedia of the show, there seems to be an ost of the drama that's sung by Jin Han. Anyone of you guys have heard it? I wanna listen to it.
  8. There's actually a lot of changes that they did from the novel and I'm pretty sure about it since I've just finished it before the show started. But they way they made the changes is oretty exciting so I'm not complaining at all. I'm convinced that they used the novel as a basis and never planned to copy the whole story all throughout. It's also fun to try and guess where the storyline is about to go when you've read the story. There are little easter eggs too.
  9. Same! Where did you watch ep 6 with subs? I wanna watch it now too. ><
  10. One thing that I liked about this story is how they started it. The novel hasn't shown any background of Li Zhicheng in the army so the way they did it here was pretty good. So far I'm into the changes they're doing in the story, the drama is really fast paced and exciting. Aside from Mochen unfortunately. He should be the supportive brother who loves to play behind the scenes, not this man who goes against Lin Qian's dreams. Though by the end of episode 3 it seems that he's starting to be more supportive of Lin Qian.
  11. Viki is now starting to sub episode 1 and 2! 21% of episode 1 is subbed as of now, and 1% for episode 2.
  12. I've just finished reading the novel and I just realized how much in trouble I am right now. Watching the trailer was enought to tell me that there are changes in the plot story. However, I actually find Jin Han to be a good choice for Li Zhicheng. My only wish is that they won't remove much of the company wars, since I'm pretty the drama would give enough focus on Liying and Jin Han's love story. I love how clever and cunning the companies are in their strategies. That's the part of the story that made it exciting to read tbh.
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