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  1. I just daw the latest ep and would like to say they really brought their A game after the 2 misleading kisses from earlier episodes Now that theyve done it, they cant seem to stop from giving us more. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? I love the timing of him confessing that he knows about her double life.. Im sorry, but I just habe to say it. In your face ,EG! Sorry, he just hasnt really redeemed himself to me after the earlier fiasco. And can we talk about the next episode teaser? I love how theyre trying to solve their first misunderstanding as an official couple in such a cute way. But whyyyy??? Why was there a scene where RG shed a tear? At what part of the episode will that happen? Will he remember a part of his past that brought those tears? Are we now nearing the next conflict part? After the Si Na Gil and EG conflict? OMG the scenes are getting hotter AND dramatic, is the final countdown tickling? We still have 6 more episodes, I dont want this to end.
  2. Just saw the eng sub, and sobbed at the beautiful ending.... right timing for a steamy hot kiss, thank you pd-nim... I think EG is quickly realizing the depths of DM's feelings for DG. With the next episode's confession, I hope he'll be able to quickly move on and stop that dirty plaything. I never like that attitude for my second lead. If they want me rooting for them or atleast feel bad, they should stop going to a wrong direction by doing a dirty play in the background. Do it smart, hun. For DI, I still cant read her personality. Sometimes she looks sincere, sometimes shes just plain annoying. Shes accusing of EG playing dirty while she played dirtiest. But then again, she did help the two realize their feelings, so Ill give her props for that. Dont you just love how their co workers quickly side on DM? Although, I feel kinda sorry to RG as he is an innocent lion on that one. Haha. And RG feeling jealous of Si Ahn getting all DM's attention is just classic. His expression, like a child who lost his lollipop to other child, did not disappoint. It was shortlived, but I loved it. Im thinking of replaying that scene. Along with the other favorites I have in the episode. Ahh, I think I can sleep now knowing that my favorite couple has reached the end of their misunderstanding. More conflict to solve, I hope theyll be able to pass through it holding each other's hands. AJA FIGHTING!!
  3. No matter they kiss or not, I hope this silly misunderstanding will be put to rest for the next episodes. It was really hard watching the two acting as starcrossed lovers. And may DI find the goodness in her heart to admit the truth to DM (which based on the teaser seem highly unlikely). I still have hope for her character though, just like Sindy.
  4. Exactly. Once you fangirl, you only see him through rose-colored glasses. (Which also happens for new couples) Its already a feat for DM who made SA her life, the center of her universe, to have someone to be able to gain her attention. And he hasnt even done it consciously. Although episode 8 hurts, I think its absolutely needed so that we can proceed to their real relationship. Hope bad timing wont win on the next one. And I hope to see more progress on the bromance of SA and RG. I think its one of those relationships in the drama I look forward too. And of course the character decelopment of Sindy. Ahh soooo many conflicts and mysteries still needed to be solved one episode at a time.
  5. Hi everyone Im so fangirling with this kdrama that I actually want to discuss this with you all. So I read some opinions regarding DM and RG relationship. Id like to just put a little opinion regarding their different feelings. For me, although DM doesnt know that RG supports her 'fanatic' side, deep inside Im sure she knows he'll accept it. Shes just afraid to tell him due to their 'untasteful' first meeting. And I dont really agree that her feelings for RG are low. I mean, she also have seen different sides of RG right and aporeciates it. Like the way he apologizes when he knows he's wrong, the way he protects her through their fake relationship, and plus points with the way he helped the child that was lost during their "date". Im sure that contributed to why she now finds herself editing his pictures. His characteristics plus good lucks did that. And for RG,even though he started their fake relationship for the wrong reason, I love how he really was thorough with it. Everyone must have been shocked with their fake kiss . (Hope their will be a true kiss on the next two episodes). And the way he supports her fangirling moments make me wanna squeal inside. Sorry EG, but DM already found someone who knows her other side and actually ACCEPTS AND SUPPORTS IT. Cant wait for Ep 9 and 10. I think Ill be losing some sleep till the next one. Rewatching episode 8 until then
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