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  1. I'm shocked,aspiring actors and models sometimes experience a very difficult reality. I like the delicacy with which this drama has denounced this serious social phenomenon. And I like so much Record Of Youth and the Bo Gum acting.I was also pleasantly surprised by the good chemistry with his costar.
  2. 4 years ago today was Love in the Moonlight's first broadcast. #recordofyouth #parkbogum #
  3. Sorry, because of my bad English I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain better? credit @you_r_love IG
  4. #recordofyouth #themoment TEASER #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNoEceyXbqg https://ahgasewatchtv.com/2020/07/25/park-bo-gum-grace-the-cover-for-vogue-korea-august-issue/#jp-carousel-7841 Actor Park Bo Gum is the crown prince of Korea from his role in 2016 drama, Love in the Moonlight. He wanted to show the beauty of South Korea and hence the photoshoot for Vogue Korea took place in the secret garden at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. Park Bo Gum will be enlisting for the mandatory military service in late August but left fans three projects to anticipate during his hiatus. The upcoming tvN drama, Record of the Youth will be premiering in early September where he is a dreamer that aspire to be a model. Another two projects are both films, Seo Bok and Wonderland. During his interview with Vogue, he mentioned that all three characters are very different and he want to be able to leave the impression of ‘he has this side too?’ and ‘I want to see more of his potential’. Park Bo Gum Parades Like A Prince For Vogue Korea https://www.hellokpop.com/news/park-bo-gum-parades-like-a-prince-for-vogue-korea/ In the backdrop of Changdeokgung Palace, the multi-talented artist models manly looks reminiscent of a modern-day prince. Combining the beauty of the palace with the restrained and poised visual of Park Bo Gum, the preview photos exude elegance. Like emotional strips captured from a film with the actor suiting up as a hero. Park Bo Gum exudes the aura of modern royalty in front of Changdeok palace for 'Vogue' cover pictorial
  5. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/celebrity/article/3088564/backstreet-rookie-star-kim-yoo-jung-how-koreas-little Backstreet Rookie star Kim Yoo-jung – how ‘Korea’s little sister’ graduated from Joseon-era epic Love in the Moonlight to become Korean drama’s next sensation
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1407050wpp/park-bo-gum-to-release-song-for-fans-produced-by-sam-kim Park Bo Gum To Release Song For Fans Produced By Sam Kim Park Bo Gum will be releasing a new song as a gift to fans! On June 16, Park Bo Gum’s agency Blossom Entertainment revealed through Instagram that the actor will be releasing a new song produced by Sam Kim. The post reads as follows: Park Bo Gum is currently filming for the tvN drama “A Record of Youth,” and he is set to appear in the upcoming films “Seo Bok” and “Wonderland.” “All My Love” will be released on August 10. “Reply 1988” Cast Shows Their Long-Lasting Friendship In Photos From Reunion https://www.soompi.com/article/1408359wpp/reply-1988-cast-shows-their-long-lasting-friendship-in-photos-from-reunion
  7. https://www.soompi.com/article/1408940wpp/park-bo-gums-military-enlistment-date-confirmed Park Bo Gum’s Military Enlistment Date Confirmed Park Bo Gum’s mandatory service plans have been confirmed. It was revealed earlier in the month that the actor had applied to join the cultural promotion team of the navy and that he would be enlisting on August 31 if accepted. On June 25, his agency released the following statement: Hello. This is Blossom Entertainment. This is an announcement regarding actor Park Bo Gum’s military enlistment. Actor Park Bo Gum was accepted as a cultural promotion soldier of the navy, and he will be enlisting on August 31, 2020. He will complete filming for the film “Wonderland” and drama “Record of Youth” (literal title) prior to his enlistment. We ask for your support so actor Park Bo Gum can fulfill his military duty in good health. Thank you. In addition to his current projects “Wonderland” and “Record of Youth,” his film “Seo Bok” is set to premiere this year.
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