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  1. Finally finished the drama ya'll. SC/DMS domestic bliss is so fun to watch! I had really wanted that in the BoF version I have to say this is the favorite so far, but I've only seen BoF haha so now I gotta watch the Japanese and Taiwanese versions to make sure!! What a journey this has been though. This was only the 2nd or 3rd time I've followed a drama while it aired on TV and commented on these forums and everyone's commentaries really enhanced the experience for me. Can't wait to see the other upcoming projects our MG and F4 are going to be in because they are bomb as actors. I loved Shen Yue in My Love So Beautiful, but this drama truly made me love her more!! Ditto. What episode did you give up on @Wotad because it definitely got better and was worth the investment for me.
  2. I'm just at episode 44 guys.. delaying the inevitable haha but ya agree w/ XM/XG/XY omg Xiaogeng is heartbreaking.. I like more in the BoF adaptation where Kim Bum's character's version of Xiaogeng falls in love with his brother (in a weird turn of events) so there is closure for the both of them in ways to move on.. XY/XM didn't get a chance to develop as thoroughly as the XM/XG storyline le sigh. Moving on! ha
  3. Man, haven't seen the episode yet but I did love Ximen and XG ha in that one like 10 minute clip of their history. REALLY REALLY agree and wish they developed XY + Ximen better.. like..they both are tea experts but you only see XY drinking tea but not discussing it in any way haha... why did Ximen start to really like her other than thinking she was cute and calling her cute and vice versa in the earlier episodes. WHHHHYY do they like each other, other than the superficial ways. Ya, why the heck is she so fixated on him other than his good looks and bad boy images? Why would she want to sacrifice herself in that way for this guy? We know she's had boyfriends before (even that jerk of a one).. Their interactions even in the cabin were just surface stuff and the development starts to bloom but never ever blossoms.. le sigh..it could have been so good esp like in the K-drama version.
  4. omg I thought Michelle Chen is cute! I just looked online and saw all the horrible reviews written about her based on her looks. wowzz crazy! Can't wait to see Dylan Wang in something different though. I hope my eyes can transform him into something other than DMS!
  5. The kisses in LoveO2O are also equally as sad and depressing lol. What's Yang Yang got to work with?! Zheng Shuang (who I guess in the remake of Meteor Garden so it's kind of relevant..) dated her co-star Hans Zhang for 5 years so I'm gonna think they didn't stay together for that long with her kissing like a dead fish haha. But yah, goes back to agree with what @insertusernamehere and some others have said where (even in Kdramas) women are the ones who just have to stand there and not move their lips like they can't be enjoying a kiss and still be a nice girl.
  6. Also, can we confirm that Xiayou just cut her hair and it turned out that it made her look exactly like Ximen's lost love? Or was that on purpose?
  7. lol It is hard to move past the next episodes when you're a Lei shipper. le sigh. our poor baby. On another note I balled my eyes out at Ep 41. OMG guys I had just put on eye cream AND a puffy panda eye mask and proceeded to ugly cry during the hot pot scene. I knew it was coming from the comments on here BUT I didn't realize how hard it would hit me even AFTER I knew it was coming. Lei, I keep being torn by him. Is he acting, is he playing, is it a ruse to get DMS and SC together? In BoF JiHoo was like a sad puppy through and through even at the end. You really feel for him. The tables turned for me again and I feel the same is happening to Lei's character. I think he's just resigned to love SC from afar. He silently loves Jing for decades so what's another few decades for SC. I think before I felt like he loved loved her, then I felt like he loved her but not in that way and now it's back to loving her in that way. Either way my heart breaks for him every time SC chooses DMS. Don't get me wrong, that is the OTP but still can't help but feel sadness for Lei. He's so expressive in the eyes! I also agree, think XZ and Lei would work great if XZ is supposed to be the female version of DMS. I mean, the DMS and Lei bromance is truly the best lol. I love love that this friendship was explored more. I mean, in BoF, the friendship between Ximen and Meizou characters are the one that was explored a bit more. But I think XZ deserves to be doted on and Lei would be perfect. Finally he could have a girl who loves him back (if it can play as a reflection of DMS + SC relationship). Ha Hu Yitian character in ALSB is the equivalent of SC now. I haven't gotten to the island episode yet, but I'd be sad too that at THIS point SC is still hesitant to say ILY even if she is supposed to be demure and stuff. Cut the crap! haha I've only watched 7 Chinese dramas and they all either star Dilreba or Shen Yue ha. Ten Miles a Peach blossom her character is overly in love w/ Dong Hua character. Obsessed with Bo Hai in Sweet Dreams. So, sometimes the female leads just gotta go after her man! Wish SC would take just a small initiative haha I'm just confused because sometimes she does (like the tie scene) and sometimes she gives a sad peck on the cheek. boo to that. I've watched ALSB so many times, really wish they focused a bit more on their adult lives too, because you really shouldn't base your love on adolescent love and I really wanted to see how their love evolved and grew over time. But anyways, it's been beautiful to see how DMS has changed over time from the love given by SC. Even though as a viewer watching it can be soo frustrating haha
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