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  1. They're both wearing sneaker of the same brand, aww.. It's so damn cute!! stay HAPPY forever Mr&Mrs. Obvious... kekeke
  2. Are they wearing the same shoes? http://s1064.photobucket.com/user/Mpaa2213/media/InShot_20180917_160040645_zps39uxtet4.jpg.html
  3. I noticed that you watching gifs @ritausma and select rotate 90 degree views + zoom in. You can nearly see their saliva.
  4. hello, im not in the mood for office work today so I had some time to spend editing gifs @ritausma again. and i found this.....lmao Is it my imagination or what? I dont want to see saliva swapping like that. -please zoom in
  5. Whoaaa @ritausma always finding ways to make everyone blush. This kiss is everything.. They were so afraid to lose each other. Love them~
  6. I think i saw Sugeun ahjussi but i cant be too sure coz team NJTTW S5 reportedly heading to HK&Hokkaido from August 3rd-14th.
  7. To be honest, im not focus about the reflection in OYS' eyes, but when you see clearly and zoom third gif of @klila , you can see the saliva on Ohgong's outer lip. I couldn't believe my eyes. Is it true? or it is true.. Sorry, maybe my eyes aren't very good. YES! IM NOT FOCUSED!!!
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