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  1. The last scene, it made people think that Hyuk was the culprit. He fought with the crown prince. Then Sunny picked the flower that supposed to be on his suit in the crime scene. However, I think that the culprit wanted people to believe that Hyuk did it. ED and KH are so similar to each other, using their kids to benefit them, not care who will get hurt. Cannot wait to see what Sunny is going to do with the flower.
  2. I think that ED gets MYR out to rock LH’s feeling love toward Sunny. If ED can wrack or break LH and Sunny again, She thinks that she can control him again. I guess that the person Sunny hugged was MYR.
  3. I might be the only one left who doesn’t feel any romantic thing going on between Sunny and WooBin on screen and off screen. I don’t feel the level of love she had with Hyuk. Sunny and Hyuk are capable of showing their love passion toward their partners. With WooBin, I don’t know. I just don’t feel romantic even though i try to look at his eyes. They did not show much of a woman and a man love. It feels more the feeling of sympathy or empathy.
  4. If you still love someone, you still get angry at him/ her. When a woman is quiet, it is dangerous.
  5. Agree. Sunny is different now. She doesn’t try to make him like her. That’s why he wants her. It is new to him. She just makes him want her again without doing a thing differently. Just be herself. A little bit of funny stuff between the emperor and the empress. I did see his expression many times in the past too. Like when Sunny went to his room after he got mad at her about the flower and things about his previous wife, then she said you are small mind. He said “ you are cruel “. When Sunny came back after falling from the Clift, she went crazy. He did push her once, but that’s all. He let her beat Yu Ra then pushed him. He did scare of her. It could be the reason why his grandma wants him to love Sunny so much.
  6. Why the emperor got so upset his mother? Did she do something to Sunny? This time around, will Hyunk being able to protect his empress? I like to read other people analyses. Falling in love and getting out love are not easy. I don’t think the Emperor loves Yu Ra. It is lust. He trusted her to rescue him from his mother. His behavior is typical for rich and powerful kids. Will he turn around and how? The key is what Woo Bin will ask him to do? I am 50/50% not sure whether Woo Bin will survive in the end. Hyunk was saved and Sunny’s Mom died for some reason. I am very excited to watch the next episode. It is so unpredictable.
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