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  1. Asian Artist Award is opening for voting on October 14th. Are you guy ready to vote for our Joon Gi!! Tomorrow be ready! https://www.asiaartistawards.com
  2. Guys! Joon Gi is live on IG. I know nothing what he said. We need the translation. https://instagram.com/actor_jg/live/17872416043968639?igshid=2xmt8rfphb0n
  3. Did you guys see Joon Gi IG story? He updated the Moon Lover show on the website. Happy sorry I cannot share the link here.
  4. He has schizophrenia because he kept seeing his dad like the movie Beautiful mind that the mathematician had the delusional friends for his entire life.
  5. I think that most of the casts still Are not yet being able to convey much of emotions and characters. Even with Lee Joon gi and moon char won, they are not there yet. His mother and father are superb actor and Actress . I can see why JG himself worried that he might not be able to portray the character well. The storyline and the beginning is ok. There are many mysteries that the audiences want to find the answers and having us curious about.
  6. He might send food trucks to many people, but IU received the most. I feel like almost every drama. He even went to her concert and appeared on the variety show (Knowing Bro) with her although he did not have anything to promote. They must be super closed and BFF.
  7. one of the best couples I root for. When I look at this picture, I feel like they are walking out from the manga. Ha ha ha so perfect.
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