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  1. I agree with you Chinggu, Jiwon doesn't want any conflict with MH considering he will be away for awhile...
  2. Yeah it makes sense, just like I said, Jiwon needs a diversion after Minhyuk's enlistment. Shooting for another drama is a very good diversion! Don't you think?
  3. I doubt if will ever see Minhyuk's update since he will spend most of his time with Jiwon (LOL).
  4. I think Minhyuk already hinted with his enlisment? Remember his song Love is You? There is a portion of the lyrics that says "Will You wait for Me? Will you always stay with me? I think they really planned this all along, see Unnie just confirmed her appearance with Prometheus. After the enlistment, marriage will follow.....
  5. News of Unnie Jiwon's acceptance of drama Prometheus was followed by Minhyuk's military enlistment, so much coincidence for this two..... Unnie needs some diversion while Minhyuks is away. Don't you think the timing is perfect????
  6. I think because of the death of her brother. She's always been busy and didn't have enough time to spend time with him when he was still alive. That's why now, she's spending more of her time with her loved ones!
  7. In HJW's recent interview, there is a portion where she said " I think that the way I see the world as well as travel these days has completely changed. In the past, I would not travel around and sightseeing. Now, the way I walk, see things, I want to feel every moment completely. I woke up this morning and look out the window and think "so this is the Sunshine of Moscow", everything became very fresh. It was the same mentality when I shoot for the magazine. Breeze, sunshine, and even the air must be good to feel for such a wonderful place. - HJW, Grazia Korea, July 2018. It reminded me of episode 40 of Hospital Ship where she said to Nurse Pyo that "Love is Everything". She like someone, just by thinking about him... makes her hands and feet numb. And her heart keeps pounding. The sky being blue, the ocean being beautiful and the patch of grass on the street looking pretty... is all because she have him..- Dr. Song Eun Jae, Hospital Ship 2017. This couple really is something else, they always makes our heart flutters even with simple things they are doing. Been stalking their respective instagram posts just for a little bit of hints of their RELATIONSHIP (even if we shippers are the only one assuming). Really looking forward for more hints from them, hoping KMH will give us more!!!!!
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