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  1. I really like my Vitamix 5200 This brand is nice for all its blenders models in general, so I recommend you to start looking through them for making your choice. Speaking about the model I have, I can say that it's very simple in using, very durable and provides and excellent power. It's also well-built and looks nice aesthetically https://www.amazon.com/Vitamix-5200-Blender-Professional-Grade-Container/dp/B004F9L4EI . But it's the expensive blender (it cost me more than $300) and isn't the dishwasher friendly one. I also used earlier Oster Blender Pro 1200, it's the good one too and I would continue to use it if we didn't move to the other house. It's the powerful model too and works well for various types of tasks, also it's cheaper than the Vitamix blenders https://pickadvisor.org/best-blenders-with-glass-jars/ .
  2. When I lived with my parents, we had a dog and she still lives with them. Personally I after move into my own house got two cats and I love them very much Maybe I'll want to have my own dog later too. Caring for any pets demands being responsible for them and having knowledge about certain rules of caring for certain types of animals. You need to know how to feed them, how to care about their health https://petonbed.com/how-to-protect-paws-of-your-beloved-dog/ , how to provide enrichment for them and so on. All these things demands patience, time and money, yeah having pets can be a really expensive thing too, especially in case of vet's monitoring and treating. But the main thing is love for them, it always makes easier even the hardest things in caring for your pets.
  3. If that's a problem with installing Microsoft Outlook on your device, you can use any other special email converter for this, there's a plenty of them now. Try for example OutlookImport Tools or OutlookConverter Software, also online email conversion can be a good solution too. The online converters are the easiest for using and many of them can be used for free too. The process of using them is very simple, you just need to choose and take out your Gmail files (there's a very convenient tool for this, I mean Google Takeout), archive them, upload into online converter and wait till the end of the conversion https://convertemail.online/gmail-to-pst-conversion/ .
  4. It's one of my favourite sport games together with football and volleyball. I got an interest for it mostly because of my father, he's always been a great fan of golf and taught me how to play it in my teenage years. However it's a rather specific game with many rules and very small amount of physical action so when I was a teen I was just a company for him during the game, my own interest to golf appeared when I became much older. There's a stereotype that golf is mostly the sport for old people, well I can't say that it's truth but on the other hand it's really for the adult people because playing it is long, has many specific features and demands patience My skills in it are rather good but only because I had much practice with playing it. Golf can seem rather easy for newbies but it's not truth in fact and like in any other type of sport you'll need time for developing your skills in order to become a really good player. Main things in its case are developing right and well-balanced posture, holding clubs and making different types of swings https://golfclubguru.net/the-most-common-golf-mistakes-by-beginners/, it's possible for many people but as I said above it really demands much practice. Also if you're a total newbie in this game, it's better to start learning how to play it with a teaching pro because its basics are much easier for learning from scratch than later correcting them https://practical-golf.com/golf-lessons-guide/.
  5. In case of different people not all methods of weight loss can be really effective, however there are some basic tips which are helpful for the most amount of them. They are for example: - eating a healthy diet (it should include more vegetables and fruits, proteins, less salt, soda and sugar etc.) - drinking a plenty of water (it's very helpful for the weight loss and cleansing of the body in addition) - exercising regurarly (it's not necessary to go only to gyms, try to find/create your own programm and follow it without skippings) - using hormonal therapy for fastening the general process of the weight loss or in case of serious hormonal imbalance (fat and cellulite are often an aftermath of it and for example growth hormone therapy is a popular way of treating it) - massaging your body dimples - using of special body scrubs for your skin (like caffeine-filled for example) - using of topical creams and serums (but they're good only for cosmetic purposes because their general effect is very low) - having enough relax and sleeping during nights (their lack causes growth of your fat https://thesleepdoctor.com/2018/04/10/sleep-deprivation/) - avoiding too much stress during your weight loss journey because it makes it harder and slower
  6. There are many methods for this and usually the natural ones solve this problem in case of many people. For example, the most effective methods among them are: - starting to make physical exercises regurarly (they reduce your body's stress hormones, improve your sleep's quality and make you more healthy both physically and mentally) - taking different supplements (such state is often connected with lack of certain minerals/vitamins in your body, also some supplements like green tea, valerian, lemon balm are helpful specially for the stress reduction) - correcting your sleep schedule (the lack of sleep is one of main risk factors for increasing the general level of stress, that's why you need to sleep no less than 8 hours everyday and have the same wake-up time and bedtime https://nuvanna.com/how-can-sleep-reduce-stress/ ) On the other hand the stress and anxiety in case of some people can be treated effectively only in a medical way because they can be connected with hormonal imbalance and many other illnesses. For example, low testosterone https://www.hgha.com/testosterone-deficiency is a common reason for this, as also low human growth hormone, thyroid issues, high cortisol, adrenaline, insulin and so on.
  7. My daughter started to use some of them when she was 4 years old. They were TV and tablet mostly, she didn't have much interest in our laptop during that time. She just watched cartoons and played some games for children, we allowed her to do that because in my opinion there's nothing bad in such activities for children. But of course we controlled her screen time and she spent no more than a couple of hours with her tablet, we used even special app for installing limits of her screen time https://www.verywellfamily.com/tips-for-limiting-electronics-and-screen-time-for-kids-1094870 . Now she's 9 years old, she uses laptop often and tablet so controlling her screen time became harder for us. Anyway we explained her how to use net safely, which dangers and risks the web can contain and how to avoid them (for example, we don't allow at all sharing with your photos in social networks). And yes, we use parental control both for her tablet and our laptop, Family Shield for the first one and Refog Keylogger https://www.refog.com/ for the second one. Both of them work nice for controlling her activities and blocking all inappropriate content.
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