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  1. 38 minutes ago, eyjooniesh said:

     You're on the right and safe ship, even though LJ is in military now doing his service for the country in one of the hardest and strongest division which is the 137th Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the 16th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division. (source from iamoutoftime from Twitter


    I still believe Somin will be loyal to him and I think they have made a promise already, they're both MIA (missing in action) during chuseok holidays and we got IG posts from both of them separately and seems like they're going to similar place??




    In second pic of LJj's ig post, he cropped the date...why?

    I'm sorry , i also want to ask you this question and did'nt realize that you posted it already. Yes, why he cropped the date. Hmmm suspicious

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  2. 1 hour ago, eyjooniesh said:



    Yes, this one Chingu. And, i watched BTIMFL, there is no scene where Ji Ho wearing a ring. Se Hee just gave her earrings. And , another hint when  on 9 October when LJ and So min posted their picture on the instagram at the same time and there is one picture of LJ that have a date like Somin photo but he cropped the picture ('17). I think maybe they went out together that day??? What do you think?

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  3. 1 hour ago, eyjooniesh said:

    @irisariadne welcome to this thread, even though this thread is not as havoc as the other JSM's ship thread because the drama just recently ended unlike FIS this drama has ended months ago but the ship still sailing smooth because of the actress's interaction with her recent co star is just purely professional based on work background not more than that. 

    Hi,thanks  @eyjooniesh .

     Although the FIS drama don't have the NG cut like BTIMFL , it does't mean that their interaction is not natural. Remember when KBS cut the part when Somin patted Lee Joon thigh several time. And someone from FIS thread said that Somin said Chagiya to Lee Joon??? I hate it KBS when they cut that part.:confused: I want to know what Lee Joon said to her.

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  4. Hi Joonmin shippers. Silent reader here. But,can i say i'm have been following this thread since it exist? The reason why i  sign up this Soompi forum because of the 'other' thread. They saying that Joonmin act like lovey dovey in the BTS because of the sake of rating (WHATTT???). I dont think so. FIS is no 1 in their time slot .They don't need such act to increase their rating.Even the Dispatch reporter who came to the FIS set (Ep 30) said when the camera turn off, reality is more heart fluttering.  Put aside Lee Joon, JSM is always close with her co star .Example Kim Young Kwang (d-Day) and i think JSM have more chemistry with him than LMK. You can check the BTS and ig. And also I think eyjooniesh as LJ long time fan know that LJ is not very close to his partner like JSM,right?For me, i just respect their opinion. But , time will tell.I hope they will become next Rain and Kim Tae Hee . They have relationship when Rain was still in the army. I  feel very sad for what happened to Joo Won-Boa, and also Lee Min Ho -Suzy. Maybe that the reason why Lee Joon didn't want to  announce their relationship. I believe there is something going on between them , not as close friend but lovers. Sorry for my bad English.

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