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  1. One thing thats been bugging me from this week is the choppy editing in some scenes this week especially yesterday’s cooking scene, seems like they are cutting deadlines awfully close these days. It seems like even some seconds of the preview was a little choppy in the audio bits.. I really hope the actors and staff are all getting enough rest between filming.. Kudos to everyone for their 1000% for this drama. we have 2 weeks left! I am dreading the end of it, I have come to be so invested in this drama so I don’t know what I will do when it finishes
  2. Adding to the theory that DM might be adopted I am thinking that EG’s mum and DM’s mum did meet in the OB/GYN but rather than it being DM and EG it may have been DM’s brother, I recall her grandmother to her mum I think in episode 3? Saying you should have had another baby boy before DM and EG came in.. If that was the case, it may have been that DM’s brother passed away for some reason and DM was adopted as mentioned above it could have been because DMs mum may have struggled to conceive another child so they adopted DM who just saw happens to be EG’s and her brother’s age. Another theory can be is that DM’s mum may have met EG’s mum at OB/GYN when maybe EG’s mom was trying to have an abortion? Maybe DM’s mum convinced her to have her saying she will raise him instead when times come hard cos like someone mentioned above she may not have been able to conceive or struggling to do so. Maybe she then adopted DM later on raising the two together. Her memory loss she seems to have may have been caused by an accident or fall of some sort which may tie into the really scary dream DM had when she was younger, mentioned in ep 12 to RG. I don’t think it was DM’s mum that abandoned RG, I could be wrong but it seems more likely it was his own mother since she also had the same hair style. Especially if she really did struggle to conceive. This will all be void if DM really is their daughter, then it probably ties into DM, RG & EG meeting at the orphanage when one of their mom’s were volunteering maybe. I saw that someone said that EG and RG might be brother but it doesn’t seem likely since they all are noted to be the same age according to the character profiles. But in this case anything is possible. One thing for sure though these three ladies are connected to the mystery without a doubt. I just really hope that the writer wraps every thing up nicely and give our OTP a beautiful ending
  3. oh my god NO PREVIEW! Lee Sol is defo SA’s mum by the looks of it! I loved the scenes with RG opening up.. Our couples sweet moments as per usual were the cutest!!! Lee Sol mystery is setting to unveil little by little by the next few episodes!
  4. He’s starting his collectors item collection as a dedicated fanboy! What a good lion
  5. I have been wondering about this scene tooo because of their shocked faces in the second screenshot if SA figured out she was Shin A Gil... (seems like the scene is at Ryan’s house near his door?) The other thing is that DM had an outfit change and it looks like RG’s shirt
  6. Ryan is literally the type of guy I believe that every woman deserves. A man of his nature, one who will respect and honour her compared to other dickheads that quite a lot of kdrama men and well also some boys in real life are.. for me, as a fangirl who has been laughed at and judged for calling my bias my husband (i mean I know he isn’t but) or following him through his schedules crazy etc. I think this is the whole reason why I can’t see any good in Eungi or SJ’s hubs, because they don’t want to accept that crucial part of their life, because to them it is crazy. In Eungi’s case he is deluding himself by thinking he is the only one for DM which is quite...... And then to see a man like Ryan who doesn’t judge DM for that part of her life but embraces it and enjoys her pouring her passion into something she loves and admiring her work is just amazing. But I was on twitter and I came across this post, and honestly words couldn’t describe Ryan better. Not sure if someone has posted this by the way. I know you guys have already covered depths to Ryan’s maturity but ugghhhh! https://twitter.com/poginisehun/status/1126738818172776450?s=21 (Full post : https://rorodawnchorus.tumblr.com/post/184769086735/ryan-gold-in-ep10) I can’t wait for Ryan to open up a little more of’course. That’s where all will piece in, so far DM seems to have a tiny inkling after seeing his secret room. I love love love that he knows when he is in the wrong and take the step forward to actually fix his wrongs and apologise.
  7. Fyi!!! Full sub should be available on viki in the next 30mins or so this is the fastest I have seen it reach 90% in a while
  9. I am multiposting!!! guys the forehead kisses to the wrist kisses to the nose kiss to kisses THEY R ALL SO GOLD AND TINGLING OH MY GOD HOW CAN THEY LOOK SO SO SO GOOD I am not even in DM’s position and even I want to curl up into a ball and disappear!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT KIM JAEWOOK!
  10. I was all scrunched up during the kiss scenes i loved it dearly oh my god i loved it tooooo much! WHERE CAN I ORDER A RYAN GOLD?
  11. Overall a cute ep with the main leads being so so cute but as someone has said above ending was a little meh. i really liked how instead of leaving he said ‘its okay, come out Shin a Gil’ if I recall correctly he said something along this line. Now its time to solve Lee Sol mystery.
  12. Oh my god the preview with DM and RG face off about Shin a Gil.. seems like EG and DI have still NOT GIVEN UP! DM running into SA in the elevator in her fangirl attire at RG’s place..
  13. I couldn’t resist and watched the ep with 87% sub on viki and winged the rest! The lead up to the confession and kiss was 10000000% I was watching the live stream and was just sitting here thinking ok are we going to get anything good or sulking and THEN THE CONFESSION AND THE KISS HAPPENED DAMN. You can literally see how desperate both of them were earning for each other. ALSOOOOOO How GOD SAKING SEXY WAS RG DESCENDING DOWN THOSE STAIRS TO FIND DM IMMMMMMMMMMMM I think EG has sort of had his head knocked in about DM liking RG so we may or may not be seeing him leaving them be. But it seems like DI is being a pompous little bish who can’t seem to let things be.. I honestly thought DI may have been the person who sent RG after DM at the wood-shop.. but it seems more likely that RG followed her and may have been influenced to go forth after receiving DM’s message on the fan-café. I hope we get to see Ryan’s lead up to the kiss tomorrow and hehe I hope he always lifts her up and hides her away to continue the kiss in the wood-shop as per the earlier result If we get a no bg version of the kiss tomorrow we may all just die.
  14. After all the thirsting IT FINALLY HAPPENED AND FOR REAL THIS TIME
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